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The "trailing-slash or not" question comes up from time to time, so I thought I'd write something short up.
tl;dr: the slash after a hostname or domain name is irrelevant, you can use it or not when referring to the URL, it ends up being the same thing. However, a slash anywhere else is a significant part of the URL and will change the URL if it's there or not. This is not SEO-specific, but just how websites work :).

The first part comes from , where every request you make to a server must contain a URI, and if you're asking for the homepage, that would be "/". You can try this out with "telnet" if you want to feel like a hacker (they're just normal requests, nothing hacker'y about them :-)):

The second part is essentially a question of asking for a subdirectory or file. Many servers automatically redirect there, which makes it look like the same thing, but you can easily see it by asking for a file with an unnecessary slash, eg. vs .


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Hope you can help me...

I am trying to scan folders in Cloud Player. For some reason, it won't scan the folders from Google.Drive despite that fact the Google account is set properly.
Thanks in advance.


Maybe, someone knows the reason I am receiving (no Adblock is installedin Chorme):

An error occurred while the tag was fired: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

Thanks in advance!

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