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You are entering the portal to cyborgization lab in 30 seconds. Choose your eye-color, hair, stature, age and additional modules. After cyborgization no-one can tell you are not an ordinary human. Your conscious will be the same, except for pituitary implant [ *** HDFK ] that will let you receive commands during special operations.
Every 6 month you have to appear at the headquarters for maintaining your system and drills. Receiving code signal you have to follow instructions. All the rest of the time you can live a normal life keeping your superpower in secret.
During modification, you will be in anabiosis, sweet dreams =*
(C) 2016

DOWNLOAD our songs at

Music - Oleksiy Nagornykh

Lyrics - Marina Massanova

Sound Production - Oleksiy Nagornykh, Marina Massanova
Video - Hello, PIGEON
Photographer - Egor Terent'ev

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MusicInUA wrote some interesting facts about our band and the new video=) Check it here

привет .мне нечем поделится!зато я сегодня вкусно поела)
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