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I just fell in love

#caturday    Photo from the web
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So cuddly it will rip your face off. :)
But what a beautiful creature it is! The eyes draw me in.
Mike (+Mike Fenimore), And ... i.t. is not likely, to do you any "real" harm, as it is not either. Regards, Randy 
Negar Hassani, It won't be so lovely when it's chasing you down the freeway for food
Mike (+Mike Fenimore), Consistent with your first post, the contents of the eyes, are indeed an optical fabrication, when you consider closely, the unique orientation of the images in each. Regards, Randy 
+DD Liu Wow t...hat is amazing.  I am so glad to know that!  I am completely mesmerized by this image. Thanks for the link.
I would add credit to the artist in the description BTW. EDIT: +Marilyn Ritter can you please add the credit to the artist in the description?
new meaning to tiger eyes
A painting?  Uh.. I don't see how it could be a painting, brush strokes??
incredible, just incredible; her talent, gift, was neither,  it is so much further by degree's then either, I have to word to describe it.
My puddy cat has blue eyes too, & l think he's a lot friendlier !!!
Magnificent...... Those piercing blue eyes!!
You just fell in love? I call bestiality.
Absolutely gorgeous, just look at those eyes!!!
Wow iv never seen an animal like it, beautiful !
Always nature ends to be the most beautiful always....
So beautiful! The eyes are so full of sadness.

curiosity not only kills the cat but also wastes the time ;-)
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