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Marilyn Ritter

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Worlds within Worlds

These tiny bright green treasures live along side our backyard water lilies.

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¿Que  mas tiene en ese pequeño paisaje.
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Marilyn Ritter

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Here's something you don't see everyday....

#payphone #relic 
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A dinosaur?? 😮
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Marilyn Ritter

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Using the Right Tools = Great Results
That rule applies x 10 for a newbie stepping off the edge into the world of online presence! 

Thanks +Mary Stovall!

#righttools   #onlinenewbie  
7 Awesome Tools To Get Started Online
Simple and reliable tools for new entrepreneurs

1. Purchase a Domain Name:  Google Domains 

2. Get Started on Google+:  Google My Business 

3. Build a Website:  Squarespace

4. Create Images: Canva

5. Optimize for Search Engines: SEO Help - The Book: by_ David Amerland

6. Enhance Your Web Presence:  Google Webmaster Tools

7. Test. Measure. Repeat:  Google Analytics

These are the tools I use and adore. Let me know here if you need help or have other tools you find useful!

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Thank you +Marilyn Ritter​ !
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Marilyn Ritter

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God Loves Fangs

#caturday   #savannahcat  
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+sookie tex thanks so much...our kitties are an endless source of entertainment for us. 
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Marilyn Ritter

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For the Love of Reading

Independent bookstores rock.  Supporting them helps provide a place the odd, the quirky, the not-main-stream and the not-yet-discovered.   

Haven't been to a local independent bookstore in while?  Me neither. I was reminded of the pleasure yesterday evening at Kepler's Books in Menlo Park CA when author Jacqueline Winspear treated fans to fascinating insights on historical and cultural context of her post World War I mystery novels.
How does one choose to write about World World I? Winspear's interest in The Great War (World War I) and the far reaching aftermath was sparked by her beloved grandfather who was troubled by shell shock (now known as PTSD).

The protagonist, Maisie Dobbs, styles herself as a psychologist and investigator and Winspear's extensive research brings her to life as an individual within the greater context of Great Britain during and after World War I with it's traumatic and widespread aftermath and cultural upheaval. 

Winspear's newest novel, A Dangerous Place, set in the tumult of Gibraltor during the Spanish Civil War (1937), is the 11th in this popular series.

#Indybookstores   #keplersbooks   #jacquelinewinspear   #maisiedobbs  
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Ha! You got it.
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Marilyn Ritter

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Fallen Beauty

Morning walk find: still gorgeous delicate blossoms from a Tulip Tree. Unexpectedly, long forgotten memories of my early life in Indiana resurface. 

Anybody else make a leaf collection for High School Biology class? I That's where the Tulip Tree got on my radar. Funny what sticks with you over time. 

So back then I learned the Tulip Tree or Liriodendron tulipifera is indigenous to Eastern Northern America and grows to 90' in height. Hummingbirds love the nectar of it's blossoms and squirrels and other animals which feed on the seeds. 

  #tupliptree   #morningwalk  
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Life to Bloom,
Even off the branch !!
Thanks for sharing Marilyn Ritter.
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Marilyn Ritter

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Ask Women

When bulletproofing a new concept - Be Specific and Ask Women.

Key learning share for aspiring entrepreneurs from +Guy Kawasaki in  _Art of the Start 2.0_ presentation to +Women In Consulting (WIC).  

Smart Guy! 

Living in Silicon Valley, we often get opportunity to hear speakers like Guy Kawaski! Tonight at the +Women In Consulting (WIC) monthly meeting he entertained and enlightened over 100 attendees at a sold out event with tips and wise advice from "Art of the Start 2.0"
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Lucky you +Marilyn Ritter - he seems like a very approachable guy. AND smart too!

Why there are not way more women on boards, I do not understand given women make up something like 70-80% of the buying decisions. 
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Marilyn Ritter

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Squatting in skinny jeans can lead to nerve damage

Cautionary tale: Doctors in Australia report that a 35-year-old woman was hospitalized for four days after experiencing muscle damage, swelling and nerve blockages in her legs after squatting for several hours while wearing skinny jeans. 

Bad bongos this: this gal wore her skinny jeans on while squatting to clean out kitchen cupboards. Later that day walking she lost feeling in her feet and ended up laying on the ground for several hours until discovered and  brought to the hospital. 

Morale of this story: Loosen up!

#skinnyjeans    #loosenup  
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+Karen V Chin  Per the article the pressure of non-giving jeans caused swelling which didn't have anywhere to go but in. Bizarre problem. I usually do housework or projects in more comfortable clothes. Somehow this problem reminds me of those old sitcoms like Leave It to Beaver where the mom wears high heels, pearls and a shirtwaist dress and just dons an apron to cook dinner. Phew! Glad that's not me!
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Marilyn Ritter

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I do that too +Marilyn Ritter although I have to admit I'm getting better the more I learn about Reviews. :)  Never a moment to spare, I so get that.
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Marilyn Ritter

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Fresh Forelle Pears

Each one is a work of art. Planet earth rocks! 

About Forelle Pears: one of the oldest European varieties, believed to have originated in the 1600s in northern Saxony, Germany. The name Forelle means “trout” in German, perhaps given because as it has similar coloring as a Rainbow trout. German immigrants brought Forelle pears to the U.S. in the 1800s. 

#smartphonephotography   #milkpailmarket   #pears  
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These look soo delicious! 
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Marilyn Ritter

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I met the most interesting guy today...maybe a little stiff and old fashioned but great advice just the same.  

Here's what he shared with me:
"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

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Great statue, thanks!  Have a wonderful w/e:)
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Marilyn Ritter

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+Marilyn Ritter    My daughter lives in Portland where she works for the Guide Dogs for the Blind. They recently filmed an episode of Grimm in her neighborhood and paid her $50 a day not to park in her driveway but a bit outside the location. 
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