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Being Responsive 24/7: Good or Bad?

Does you boss (or worse yet do you) send emails on weekends and evenings?  Is there an expectation that you will get right on it? 

How's that working out for you?  Maybe feeling a bit burnt out or perhaps even resentful or cranky? Maybe your team spirit and creativity is low or perhaps abysmal? 

The folks at Harvard Business Review (HBR) advise that leaders should take a hard look an always on work environment. I believe this applies, perhaps even more so, to small business owners. 

For a business of any size to grow and flourish in our rapidly changing environment keeping in constant communication seems like a necessity.  But is it? Does banging out a less than considered late night response make strategic sense?  

Maura Thomas, an international speaker and trainer on productivity, attention, and effectiveness suggests we all focus on attention management and set aside time management which is often being ill used to generate a draining mult-tasking 24/7 mentality. 

No big surprise she emphasis the benefits of presence . That means putting away all devices in meetings to promote single-tasking and full engagement.

Can you do it? I know it's sound advice but my hand is twitching to reach for my Nexus just thinking about it!

This all resonates with me and I am resolving to spend the next month changing my habits.  I already knew my late night emails don't stand up in the light of day. I'll need to re-set a few folks but they'll understand. Next month, I'll let you know how it's working out.

HBR Article by Maura Thomas:

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+Bobbi Jo Woods Thanks for your thoughtful reply.  I hear you. Early morning very early morning is my time fro special tasks & double checking.  I find multi-tasking is addictive, giving me a little kick when it is going well but oh so awful when I drop an important ball.  
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Get Your Ass to Mars

Buzz Aldrin you continue to inspire. 

Need that shirt...I mean one like that. 

#BuzzAldrin     #GetYourAsstoMars  
While at Stonehenge yesterday I decided to send a message to the cosmos. #GYATM (Photo by James O.Davies)
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+George Cohn ​just ordered stop Stonehenge!
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It's Pi Day...hmmm...what shall we make?

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Como le hago para platicar con marilyn
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Happy Moose Juice

File under things I didn't know I wanted until I saw it.

Found in San Francisco in the mission at Bi-Rite grocery. Local. Organic.
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+Dat Moose right up your alley!
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The Joy of an Impromptu Gift

Who doesn't love getting gifts?  Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries...but an impromptu gift made just to delight is a perfect moment. A special exchange for the giver and the receiver. 

This beautiful Kafir Lily is such a gift. It's beauty, brings me into the joy of sharing a special time and place and with a friend.

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So good 
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Remember going to a studio? 

Had on one of my all time favorite sweaters, an aqua angora blend. Loved that sweater. 

#throwbackthrusday   #tbt  
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Beer | Bacon | Beef

Cooking a Beef Stew to live for - join us at 1 pm PST.  Stoverij is so intensely favorful it needs a side of freshly cooked fries to go along. 


#FoodStories #BeerBaconBeef  
In this exciting episode of Food Stories, my favorite G+ couple,+George Cohn and +Marilyn Ritter  will be cooking and serving up a tasty Belgian dish, Stoverij (Carbonnade Flamande).  This is a traditional Belgian sweet-sour beef and onion stew made with beer, and seasoned with thyme, bay-leaf and mustard. Mushrooms or spiced bread can also be added.

In addition, George and Marilyn has a fascinating story behind this dish and I can’t wait for them to share it.  Meanwhile, check out George's recipe here: 

So join us on Sunday 15th, March at 1:00PM(PDT), 4:00PM(EDT & AST) for another fun-filled and must see HOA.  I will have a special guest join us in Marilyn and George's kitchen :)

Reminder: Don't forget to bring along your favorite food and drink.

#belgianbeefstew   #foodstories   #hoa   #hangoutsonair   #STOVERIJ   #larryfournillier  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Larry Fournillier. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Food Stories | Stoverij (Flemish Beef Stew) S02E05
Sun, March 15, 4:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Thanks for the reshare +Marilyn Ritter​ a d I'm looking forward to today's show :) 
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Tartine Bakery

Another reason I love G+ is I might never have discovered San Francisco's legendary Tartine Bakery (in my own back yard!) and eaten the Best Ever sandwich today! Thanks +Larry Fournillier and Chef +Rachida Dukes for the recommendation!

Besides the Best Ever Sandwich, the Sopressata, Fontina, Brocolli Rabe Pesto,  I brought home a Buttermilk Scone - couldn't wait until tomorrow morning to taste the scone and it was also_Best Ever_!

#Bestever   #loveGPlus   #TartineBakery  
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+Marilyn Ritter cool :)
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The Business Value of Mindfulness

Still skeptical? Worth a listen. Bottom-line: the busier you are, the more you can benefit. 

#meditation   #yogapractice   #Prodctivity  
Bloomberg TV interview from this morning
Google Chief Evangelist of Brand Marketing Gopi Kallayil discusses branding and marketing on
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Agreed +Sheila Hensley timeless wisdom well suited to help all of us in our awesome, but crazy busy world.
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Triskaidekaphobia - Fear of Friday the 13th

Don't have full blown Triskaidekaphobia?  But maybe you plan to tread a little lightly today.'s okay  - you have company and for sure really bad things actually happen on Friday the 13th! 

13 Things You Should Definitely Avoid on Friday the 13th!
h/t +Julie Ross Godar from +BlogHer for giving us the dark details on past Friday the 13ths:  

Stay safe and sane on Friday the 13th - Avoid these:
1. The Internet
2. The Stock Market
3. Vegas
4. The movies
5. The streets
6. Work
7. School
8. The air
9. The water
10. The outside 
11. The inside
12. Traveling
13. Staying put

Good luck!

H/t for the awesome .gif  to Giphy

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Marilyn Ritter

Shared publicly  - 
Is it better to "gift" than receive?

Better decide as Valentine's Day is almost upon us!  Or maybe you still think about giving not gifting.

More than a few nouns have moved in the verb status. Language scholars have coined verbing to describe using a noun as a verb.

Gift is one of the nouns now in common usage as verbs. Perhaps that's not a such a "gift" to the English language.  Yet, most of us are working to be more articulate and brief.

Are words like, dialoguing, efforting, and architecting a step forward in the evolution of the English language or do you vote they should be "re-gifted" back into disuse. For me the jury is still out.

10 more nouns now in common use as verbs. from +Meg North Taylor . 
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Oh, I'm not saying everyone in education is perfect, or that I'd agree with things the educated came up with.  I'd just rather see change come from people who are at least vaguely aware of what they're changing.  And those who have been educated are more likely to have that knowledge.
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