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I met the most interesting guy today...maybe a little stiff and old fashioned but great advice just the same.  

Here's what he shared with me:
"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

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I'm reminded of those wise words "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train" :)
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Marilyn Ritter

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+Marilyn Ritter    My daughter lives in Portland where she works for the Guide Dogs for the Blind. They recently filmed an episode of Grimm in her neighborhood and paid her $50 a day not to park in her driveway but a bit outside the location. 
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Extending a Helping Hand By Mentoring

Ladies have you thought about #payingtiforward  as a mentor to other women?

Recently the +Silicon Valley Business Journal extended the opportunity to 50 of us to spend the morning mentoring other Silicon Valley Business Women. It was a fabulous and uplifting experience connecting with and mentoring a talented and motivated group of 200+ women.

On March 30 there were   #MentoringMonday  gatherings in 43 locations via - that translates into touching over 10,000 women's lives!

What was it like? Each women selected her top 8 mentor choice and we had only a few minutes with each woman. Many had very specific questions of challenges, some were looking for more general career advice.  I had to dig deep. The idea of the "speed dating" style of short conversations with mentees was intimidating but it worked. All week long there have been email exchanges to follow up our discussions and set up times we can meet again one on one.  

Count me in for next years #MentoringMonday!
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+Greg Cooper it was pretty intense. Most of the women had a lists of questions prepared just for me based on the short bio I provided the organizers.
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White Coconuts

I love fresh coconuts but aren't coconuts supposed to be brown?  

Q: Are white coconuts stripped down versions of the familiar brown coconut?  
A: No! White coconuts are young coconuts. Brown coconuts are mature. And is this case, mature is not necessarily a plus.  In Fiji the old brown coconuts get left on the forest floor in favor of the young/white coconuts.

The white/young coconut is tender and produces especially prized water.  In contrast, the mature coconut has little water but the meat is flavorful and delicious!  

Fun Coconut Fact  Roughly 150 are killed every year by falling coconuts making coconuts more dangerous than sharks or lightning.

More about white vs brown coconuts here:

Found @ Mi Pueblo Market in Mountain View CA.
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Is the Jackfruit just a little intimidating? Or is it just me? 

Even here in California where our diverse population assures any intrepid foodie can find a mind-boggling array of fruits and veggies, the Jackfruit remains on my I should try sometime list. 

But before I pull the trigger and lace into one of these huge green knobby alien pod looking fruits, I decided to get better acquainted.

Here's what I learned:

Size: World's largest tree fruit (up to 100 pounds!)
Smell: A little like Juicy Fruit gum
Nutrition: High in protein, potassium, and vitamin B
Calories: About 95 in 1/2 cup (less than rice or corn)
Ways to eat: Fresh, dried, roasted, in soups, jams, or ice cream
Taste: Mellow mango, a little peachy, a little pearlike, 
Fiber: High in dietary fiber
Edible Bits: Small bulbs inside surrounding the seed

More about the Jackfruit:

#jackfruit   #farmersmarket  
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Looks intriguing! Is it spiny or rubbery on the outside? How do you eat it?
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Remember going to a studio? 

Had on one of my all time favorite sweaters, an aqua angora blend. Loved that sweater. 

#throwbackthrusday   #tbt  
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Fallen Beauty

Morning walk find: still gorgeous delicate blossoms from a Tulip Tree. Unexpectedly, long forgotten memories of my early life in Indiana resurface. 

Anybody else make a leaf collection for High School Biology class? I That's where the Tulip Tree got on my radar. Funny what sticks with you over time. 

So back then I learned the Tulip Tree or Liriodendron tulipifera is indigenous to Eastern Northern America and grows to 90' in height. Hummingbirds love the nectar of it's blossoms and squirrels and other animals which feed on the seeds. 

  #tupliptree   #morningwalk  
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No particular collection, just loved the outdoors/nature!  Have a wonderful week:)
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Marilyn Ritter

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The Famous Marché Raspail in Paris

In this open-air market, dozen of stalls are put up three times a week, along the Boulevard Raspail between the Metro stations Sèvres-Babylone and Rennes. A lot of customers are regularly crossing, comparing prices or going straight to their favourite vendor. I noticed a lot of American tourists in this market :-)) .

I don't know if it's my imagination, but the sunday market, which is an organic one, has got a particularly laid back atmosphere. Everybody seemed in a good mood! Maybe an effect of the better quality and better taste products, with less pesticides! A lot of homemade food as well, such as tarts, cakes, and a stall from Crete island.
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Oh my +Marilyn Ritter. I'd be there three times a week. What lovely food. 
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Nobel Women's Initiative - A Powerful Sisterhood

A supreme example of women working together, the NWI is a super group of Nobel Prize Winning Women working together to change the world.  

The idea came to life over tea in Nairobi when 3 Noble Prize wining women, Jody Williams from the U.S., Shirin Ebadi from Iran, and the late Wangari Maathai from Kenya found they shared passion for advancing the causes of peace and women’s rights.

They wondered what could they do if they worked together, using the power and prestige of the Nobel Prize. 

From that meeting, a the powerful sisterhood, the Nobel Women's Initiative,, was born in 2006. Now together the NWI women are nine of the just 15 women who have received the Nobel prize during its 110 year history and represent nearly every continent. 

Full article (an inspiring read):

#womenworkingtogether   #womenleaders   #NobelWomensInitiative   #InfluentialWomen  
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Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail...

#badidea   #cannotbeunseen  

h/t +Mara Mascaro 
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+Lindsey Allen no kidding...that rabbit scared me! What were those parents thinking? 
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Spell-Checker - Friend or Foe?

Writing an email to a colleague suggesting a meeting to strategize.
Spell check balks. Fills in stargaze.
Is it better to  #stargaze  or #strategize ?  That is the question....

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+Michelle McIntyre excellent!
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Being Responsive 24/7: Good or Bad?

Does you boss (or worse yet do you) send emails on weekends and evenings?  Is there an expectation that you will get right on it? 

How's that working out for you?  Maybe feeling a bit burnt out or perhaps even resentful or cranky? Maybe your team spirit and creativity is low or perhaps abysmal? 

The folks at Harvard Business Review (HBR) advise that leaders should take a hard look an always on work environment. I believe this applies, perhaps even more so, to small business owners. 

For a business of any size to grow and flourish in our rapidly changing environment keeping in constant communication seems like a necessity.  But is it? Does banging out a less than considered late night response make strategic sense?  

Maura Thomas, an international speaker and trainer on productivity, attention, and effectiveness suggests we all focus on attention management and set aside time management which is often being ill used to generate a draining mult-tasking 24/7 mentality. 

No big surprise she emphasis the benefits of presence . That means putting away all devices in meetings to promote single-tasking and full engagement.

Can you do it? I know it's sound advice but my hand is twitching to reach for my Nexus just thinking about it!

This all resonates with me and I am resolving to spend the next month changing my habits.  I already knew my late night emails don't stand up in the light of day. I'll need to re-set a few folks but they'll understand. Next month, I'll let you know how it's working out.

HBR Article by Maura Thomas:

#singletasking   #presence   #productivitytips  
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+Bobbi Jo Woods Thanks for your thoughtful reply.  I hear you. Early morning very early morning is my time fro special tasks & double checking.  I find multi-tasking is addictive, giving me a little kick when it is going well but oh so awful when I drop an important ball.  
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I flipped my life in mid stream. 

Yep...I followed my dream to move to the West Coast. Quit my long term stable job in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gave away most of my stuff. Packed the rest into a rental truck, put my car on a trailer and headed to Portland Oregon. Why Portland...long story involving the Dalai Lama, Buddhist nuns, and a reunion with my friends from Indiana University.

My special genius? I find simple solutions to complex situations.

Sorry not a geek. Maybe next lifetime or maybe a flamenco dancer.

Trying to slip me into your circles? Here's a few more bits:

  • Live in Silicon Valley with my best friend +George Cohn
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  • Meditator and Yogini
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  • Love live music and art fairs
  • Margaritas and Mojitos made with honey are a specialty
  • Hot Air Ballooning enthusiast
  • Shy until I get to know you but once I loosen up I'm prone to wacky adventures
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Long time favorite. The omelettes are divine and so are the hamburgers. Can't beat the milkshakes made from scratch. Love the old school decor and enjoy sitting on a tall stool at the counter watching the action. Service is just attentive enough without hovering and questions about ingredients for a friend with dietary restrictions were handled with ease and grace.
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