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Marilyn Ritter

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Saturday Farmers Market in Sunnyvale California

We're here in the heart of high tech - Silicon Valley - to a visitor it all seems like one continuous mass of traffic, buildings, and traffic BUT looking closer at Peninsula communities you will see each retains a very distinct personality.

#FarmersMarket   #SunnyvaleCA  
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I miss Sunnyvale. It's so hard to leave San Francisco.
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Marilyn Ritter

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Farmers Markets - 5 Tips - Finding the Best Bargains

"Farmer's markets rock. That's no secret."
Rebekah Lowin,


Buying at the farmers Market is always a great choice - you are getting the freshest, best tasting, most nutritious food but like any shopping experience, savvy shoppers learn how to get the best value while supporting the local farming community. This list made sense to me. Maybe you have Tips to add?

1. Pick the right market
Use Google to locate and do research on competitive pricing.
2. Timing is everything
Go check your market out. Come back just before closing and make a fair offer. Don't be pushy and you may get a break in the price.
3. Be friendly
We all love building connections. Ask questions, get informed. You may get tips on when/where a deal may be had.
4. Stay on your toes about supply and demand
Peak seasons are when you are likely to get the best deal!
5.Be flexible and have an open mind
We knew that but in this case we're referring to getting off the beaten path veggie-wise.

h/t to Rebekah Lowin, and the veggie wise Patrick Ahern, aka "Produce Pat," a senior buyer at Baldor Food
We love supporting out local farmers at the farmers market. Here are a few tips for saving a little money in the process.
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Marilyn Ritter

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Ready set go...China: Uber Expands -Balloons, Boats, Helicopters!

Think these services will be coming to Uber in a city near you?

It's yet another way to connect individual operators with a flow of clients. Certainly getting in the air falls under a whole different set of regs & insurance here in the USA.

Expanding Uber services announcement at TechCrunch Shanghai is part of Uber+Travel in China. Also new: while the Uber app has your attention the new digital mag UberLIFE will give UBERs the low down on local events.

#Uber #HotAirBalloons #UberLIFE
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Neat! :D
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Marilyn Ritter

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Looking for California Vacation Ideas?

Great suggestions for weekends, day trips or full on adventures can be found at It's an e-mag featuring outdoor adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles Area, and throughout California.

I look forward to getting the weekly email targeted at SF/Northern California. The photos, like one posted of this fallen giant redwood in Prairie Creek Redwoods, make me want to jump in the car and be there ASAP!

As a part of the San Francisco Local Guide G+ Community i wanted to pass on this free resource. When you visit these spots, please share your experiences! And photos (of course!).

#sanfrancisco   #sfbayarea   #localguides  
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+Marilyn Ritter  I just did the Redwoods/Stumptown Brewery sherpa a couple of weekends ago! Super all around :-)
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Marilyn Ritter

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You 3 guys distract them and I'll grab us a Pic-a-Nic Basket...

#YogiBear   #Jellystone   #tbthursday
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+Donna Gott lucky you! What a classic moment! 
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Marilyn Ritter

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Does a meme ever get stuck in your brain?

Every time, every single time when I see a Beware of Dog notice my brain supplies "The Cat is Not Trustworthy Either"

#firstworldproblem   #cannotbeunseen   #meme   #fidofriday   #caturday  
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Nata Ra
Musica de banda san miguel
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Marilyn Ritter

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Wildlife Cams - Need a Break? - Check These Out

Start with #BearCam  -- these guys are out there right now!!

Been there seen the bears - check out live cams of Bison roaming the prairie or an Osprey nesting!

Our Tax dollars spent well (imho) - the US Department of Interior has live streaming cameras strategically placed.

Wow! I just tuned in Walrus Cam - huge with mammoth tusks!

Viewing addiction caution!! Enjoy!
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+Azlin Bloor wasn't it fun?!! So glad your family enjoyed it!
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Marilyn Ritter

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Abundance at the Independence Day Weekend Farmers Market

In the US on the 4th of July we grill out, fix our special dishes, the tried and true and the new, and share them with family and friends. Enjoy!

#farmersmarket   #MountainViewCA #independenceday  
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+Nicky Pasquier makes my mouth water just to think about it!
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Marilyn Ritter

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Mountain View Farmers Market in high summer

Our farmers market is open all year around, and even in dead winter you can find plenty of delicious fresh food that's local, often organic, and never produced by agribusiness.

This time of year what you get is a seriously overwhelming abundance of everything, the mere 75 photos in this post hardly does it justice. It's not cheap, but it's really good.

I'll be making some amazing pico de gallo shortly with some of the amazing stuff I got today!

#farmersmarket   #mountainview  
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Marilyn Ritter

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What does your dog do while you are at work?

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+Donna Gott it's all about the cats at our place.
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Marilyn Ritter

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How do you say that? Help for San Francisco Bay Area visitors!

Interesting and informative here's a great example: Point Reyes, the town and the national seashore, is commonly pronounced as “Point Rays.”  The alternative pronunciation “Point Ray-yes” is short for “I am a tourist".  Flubbing names is not the worst thing but still....when in Rome...
Many local proper nouns, including Gough Street, Arguello and San Rafael, have certain pronunciations that Bay Area newbies commonly stumble over. Others, such as Guernville, have unique ways longtime natives say them just for fun. And then there are the ones like "Junipero Serra" or "Valencia" that are hotly debated among locals.
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Marilyn ,,, yes you are right ,,,some time we do not understand the rays
,,,with out explanation..
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Marilyn Ritter

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Solar Impulse 2 Fly Over Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Follow the flight from SF to Mountain View CA Moffett Field Landing here:

The mobile hanger for Solar Impulse 2 is being constructed now at Moffett Field (Mountain View CA). 

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Moi benatiade l'algerie je vous pas le bonjour a tous les ami de loin
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Best Almond Butter (and freshest) I ever tasted. Heavenly with a fresh organic apple! Got to try more from Rodin Farms - see you at the Mountain View Farmers' Market!
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Epic bucket list adventure fishing for salmon on the Lovely Martha out of Fisherman's Wharf. My first time out & the crew made sure to give me much appreciated extra attention. Out bound we stopped to fish under the Golden Gate! Humpback whale spotting too! Good day for salmon. Guys on both sides caught whoppers. No hits for me but when one of the crew lines hooked a salmon I got to reel it in - epic bucket list moment! Note: Not for wimps - it's a long day outdoors on the ocean with lots of rocking motion, sun screen highly recommended.
• • •
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Has a full range of pet supplies. Convenient and easy parking.
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The place for hard to find batteries or any kind of battery. Great local resource. Saves time and hassle trying to track down a special battery in the big stores. Parking easy.
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58 reviews
Beautiful and welcoming sacred space that opened the door to a transforming mediation practice for me. Making time for retreats at The Movement Center has enriched my life.
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Fabulous local grocery! Fortuitous find that has become a drop-by and buy whenever we are in the area. Friendly helpful staff, gorgeous fresh flowers, select wines, craft beers, artisan cheeses, fresh veggies, a great selection at the meat counter and other delectable items for gracious living and eating, I wish there was Bi-Rite in my neighborhood.
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Lovely cross section of vendors. A relaxed Saturday morning on Murphy Street with a community feel. Parking within a few blocks.
Public - 4 weeks ago
reviewed 4 weeks ago