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In case you were wondering why you never see fresh flowers at my house...

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Bottlebrush Tree

This Callistemon grows right outside my office window. Recently it has attracted a magnificent bright orange Oriole who finds it just the perfect place to serenade me with it's gentle whistle. 

#luckyme   #floralfriday  
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Beautiful colours, thank you!  Have a great Easter.
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Google Glass Envy

Randomly running into Glass wearers is still rare even here in Silicon Valley.  From being out and about with +George Cohn I can report first hand that Glass is an awesome conversation starter - from the local butcher to C level folks when we're out on corporate video gigs. The kids are absolutely the best. They get it.   

The price is still $1,500. I'm waiting. Slash the cost on April 15th and I I'd be in.  BTW blue would be my choice. Just sayin' 

  #googleglass   #googleglassexplorers  
​Want to be a Google Glass Explorer? You'll get a chance on April 15, but only for a limited time.
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Thank you - have a great w/e!
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*San Jose Social Media Meet Up Topic: Google Plus: Start Here! *

Curious about G+ ? Want to learn more? Join +George Cohn _tonight_ Wed. 3/26 at 7 pm at the Microsoft Store in Valley Fair Mall. He can't cover it all but will hit the highlights,  give practical tips and answer questions. 
For the Bay Area locals, there will be a fabulous free Google+ interactive training at our San Jose Social Media Meetup. Wed. 3/26 at 7 pm at the Microsoft Store in Valley Fair Mall.

Click here for more info:

Each month we have two great meetings full of hands on social media training. This session is going to have beginners up and running using Google+!

Thanks +George Cohn for agreeing to run this informative training!!
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Marilyn Ritter

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Starting in 15 the Green Room now... blown away by what is planned for the 2014-2015 season. Join us!
The 2014-15 Season, Cherished Music

In 2014-15 The Peninsula Symphony will be performing your most cherished pieces.

In this Hangout On Air, music director and conductor Maestro Mitchell Sardou Klein (+Mitchell Klein ) will share his insights about the upcoming season, featuring many of your favorite works. This celebration of our enduring relationship with our cherished audience, which has kept the Peninsula Symphony vibrant for 66 years, will culminate in a performance of a piece that you choose from KDFC’s list of All-Star Top 100 symphonic works.

Please join us for Peninsula Symphony Live! Episode 2
66 Years and Counting!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by George Cohn. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Peninsula Symphony Live! Episode 2
Sat, March 15, 2:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Free Drinks for Google Glass Wearers

That's news +George Cohn and I like to hear! While some bars are banning Google Glass, in the heart of Silicon Valley at Palo Alto's Stanford Court Hotel they roll out the welcome mat for Glass wearers. Check it out for yourself in the CCTV news spot from San Francisco Correspondent, Mark Niu.

A guy interviewed me on Tuesday for this news piece he was doing about Glass.
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the Borg has arrived
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Marilyn Ritter

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Girl with a Golden Eagle

An age old male dominated skill has been passed on to a young girl. Ashol-Pan has become a huntress.  Mythic.

Last night I dreamed of may too once you check out the story and the stunning photos by +Asher Svidensky.   

h/t to author +Elizabeth Gilbert for posting this story in her FB stream. 
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one side of me says YES the other side says there goes the traditions of the ancestors. 
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Paying It Forward as a Mentor

How often do you say sincerely how can I help you?  That's a line I got to use with a succession of women this morning as a mentor at the 1st Annual Mentoring Monday organized by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

I almost took a pass on the opportunity. When the email invitation arrived, I thought of all the amazing Silicon Valley women who likely could provide more depth and breadth of insights. Then I took a deep breath, thought for a moment, adjusted my attitude,  and committed to doing it.  Right decision. 

How far reaching was this event? Today 8,000+ women across America had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with seasoned business women in the 40 Business Journal markets across the USA.

Why? These events launched a new dedicated website featuring national digital editorial identifying local trends and business firsts among women

What made it so special? An exclusive video featuring Lori Greiner of Shark Tank fame primed us for our hour of "speed" mentoring - each session lasting about 5 minutes.  In addition to a wide spectrum of business women from across the Bay Area, we had students from both San Jose State University and Notre Dame High School.  Each person had questions and shared their dreams and plans. 

Will I be following up with these folks? You bet! The opportunity to help was entirely my pleasure. And it all happened before 10 am!

#mentoringrocks   #mentoringmonday #doingtherightthing  
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There's plenty of riff-rall out there, often we overlook how wonderful most people are if we simply try to reach out to them. Keep at it.
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Sunday Farmer's Market
9 years in California and I still marvel at the weather.  Probably always will. Sending sunshine to my friends awaiting spring.  
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Thanks for your reply. I stay in DURBAN . On a map it's on the South East side of South Africa. 
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Two nudists walk into a Google bus...

Not really, this was staged by a New York magazine.
Why? To illustrate the contrast between NYC & San Francisco.

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal no "courtesy towel" was the giveaway. It is mandatory for naked people in San Francisco to use a "courtesy towel" to sit on a public seat. Did you know that? 

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+Christopher Vallo oh the visions that brings to mind...
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I flipped my life in mid stream. 

Yep...I followed my dream to move to the West Coast. Quit my long term stable job in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gave away most of my stuff. Packed the rest into a rental truck, put my car on a trailer and headed to Portland Oregon. Why Portland...long story involving the Dalai Lama, Buddhist nuns, and a reunion with my friends from Indiana University.

My special genius? I find simple solutions to complex situations.

Sorry not a geek. Maybe next lifetime or maybe a flamenco dancer.

Trying to slip me into your circles? Here's a few more bits:

  • Live in Silicon Valley with my best friend +George Cohn
  • Have 2 Savannah Cats, Leopold and Madeline
  • Meditator and Bikram Yogini
  • Beekeeper
  • Love live music and art fairs
  • Margaritas and Mojitos made with honey are a specialty
  • Hot Air Ballooning enthusiast
  • Introvert but once I loosen up I'm prone to wacky adventures
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