The SCOTT Treatment for HOA Golden Nuggets

+Scott Scowcroft showcases some of the golden nuggets from a HOA and gives them The SCOTT Treatment. He creates a short video containing the highlight and adding a professional introduction and closing, complete with music.  The result is a polished, stand-alone video that gives added value and reach to the original HOA.

In this TST, the video highlights a question posed about re-sharing strategy.  Enjoy not only the content, but the quality of the video.

Have a look at Scott's new site, to view some amazing examples of his work and the services he offers.

The Daily SCOTT Treatment for Tuesday, May 6th 2014
If you've ever been confused by what happens to the comments in your G+ reshare post when someone re-shares it, then this Golden Nugget is for you.  The mystery is cleared up, plus you get tips on when to actually use a h/t hat tip.

This TST Golden Nugget is also an example of a TST:REPAIR.  You’ll see the culprit was inappropriate blue boxing, with the repair special effects editing placing both the main and thumbnail filmstrip images side by side. (2:23)
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