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Using Your Website as a Business Asset
With an All Star panel of +Ammon Johns , +Mary Iannotti , and +Mike Bayes  and hosts and facilitators +Gina Fiedel and +John Moore , there was no short supply of expertise or opinions on this topic.

What a fabulous time I had listening to this outstanding group on how businesses should be viewing and using their websites.

Although Small Business is always our focus on the Small Business WebTech show, the information and guidance here really applies to every business.

Take a look through the time stamp summary below to get the gist of the show, and whenever your interest is piqued, just click on the time stamps for the full story.

Many thanks to our panel and special co-host for this series, +Gina Fiedel .  Our audience was pretty amazing, too :)

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The Basics of Using Your Website As a Business Asset
A Time Stamp Summary of the First in a 3-Part Series

How often do you think about your website?  The message from this discussion on the Small Business WebTech show came through loud and clear.  Your website is one of the most important assets of your business.

The details were supplied in an All Star  discussion by our All Star Panel members +Ammon Johns , +Mary Iannotti , and +Mike Bayes facilitated by hosts +Gina Fiedel , +John Moore , and I.

Following is a time stamp summary and index of the show.  To view any part that especially interests you, simply click on the time.  For mobile users, move the slider to the desired time.

00:02 - Introductions

4:06 - How this series on using your website as a business asset came to be

6:05 - +Gina Fiedel  introduces the topic for today's show:

It takes a shift in thinking to view your website as a business asset. In the creation of your website and identity development, you also need to know how best it's going to serve your customers, not just your business.

10:16 - +Ammon Johns  - The potential of a website is like a blank sheet of paper.  The only limitations are the ones you set yourself.

12:44 - +Mary Iannotti  - Your website needs to join your business operations. Think of it as an employee.  Give your website some goals.

15:10 - +Mike Bayes  - Your website is a digital manifestation of your business.

18:20 - What exactly is a "business asset"? How would you define it?

18:50 - +Bill Slawski  gives a personal example of how his website created career opportunities for him.

20:58 - +Ammon Johns - Everything in your business is either an asset or a liability ...  A website is a conversation that you can be having 24/7, all over the world.

22:38 - +Mike Bayes - Assets are either appreciating or depreciating. Your website can be your greatest appreciating asset.  It's one of the toughest assets to manage but the pay off is so big.

23:42 - +Tanya Lumere  comments with her usual "cut to the chase" wit :)

24:13 - What are the problems and risks of using a proprietary service that sets up your website for you for "1 low monthly fee"?

25:06 - +Mary Iannotti  - Make sure you can get your data.

26:07 - +Gina Fiedel - Lack of portability is reckless.

27:37 - +Mike Bayes - The "free"sites just make you look bad.

28:44 - +Ammon Johns - Your website is a chance to represent everything about your business worldwide. Give that the respect it deserves.

29:48 - +Farinaz Parsay  comments that technology and business itself can be challenging, but "…having a business on my website is like a dream".

30:19 - Exploring the idea of ownership and your website

31:00 - +Bill Slawski gives an example of the importance of your domain name.

32:06 - +Ammon Johns  - There is incredible value in a domain name. Exact match domain names sound bargain-basement.

34:13 - +Mike Bayes  - The number one challenge for small to medium business owners is budget - understanding how much money they should invest.

Mike's recommendation: -You need to invest every penny you can into your web presence because it can be such a great asset.

35:52 - +Gina Fiedel - We [as web developers] can work in phases. If a company can work collaboratively with their web developer and determine what all the different pieces are and what the potentials are, then it can be phased if the budget isn't there.  You don't have to do everything at once.

37:10 - +Ammon Johns  - There's only 1 correct answer to that [how much you need to spend on a quality website]. Everything you can …Because it is an appreciating asset.

38:26 - +Jason T. Wiser  comments that it depends on what the site is for…brochure, lead gen, e-commerce, or content

39:00+Julie Holberg comments that when people do not understand the "nuts and bolts"of online… they avoid it or put it on the back burner.

39:28 - +Bill Slawski  comments on the value of open source platforms to reduce cost.

40:28 - +Mike Bayes  - A website budget needs to include SEO and promotion, not just the website itself.

41:03 - +Gina Fiedel  - In thinking of your website as a business asset, you have to have an understanding of what is unique to your company… This also makes it hard to make generalizations about costs and pricing.

42:18 - Thoughts on Content Management Systems (CMS

42:43 - +Ammon Johns  - WordPress is the most recognizable template in the world. Most of the time small businesses are better off starting with a static HTML site of 5-15 pages.

46:02 - +Ammon Johns - It's not just your website but how you reach out and how your reposition yourself. Your website is never "done".

47:30 - +Bill Slawski  comments that your website is the center, your hub, where all the thoughts and ideas that you share come from.

49:34 - +Gina Fiedel - The business is informing the website you're going to create, and then the website begins to inform the business, creating a continuous loop between the business and the way the business is operating - and the site and the way the site is operating.

When your website is launched, really that's just the beginning.

50:23 - How do you keep your website fresh and alive and vibrant?

50:46 - +Ammon Johns  - One word: relevance

51:56 - +Mike Bayes  - Web designers need to talk about how the company wants to grow the site; what else do you want to do with this?

54:43 - +Ammon Johns  - The kind of business you have and what resources you have dictate a lot of this. You need to be realistic.

55:39 - +Mary Iannotti  - Web designers/developers need to ask questions such as:
How do you plan to use the site to help your business grow?
How do you plan to bring people to the site?
How do you plan to bring the site into your sale process?

56:31 - +Gina Fiedel  - It goes hand in hand with knowing who the customer is and the customer persona.

1:00:24 - +Ammon Johns  - This is not just a small business issue. When you select a web developer based on price you will get more of a specialist who only knows their one area.  You will need to be able to fill in some of the skills yourself or bring in another expert.

1:02:16 - +Mary Iannotti  - If you don't do your due diligence about how you're going to use the website when you're building it,  you're going to end up investing in one that doesn't suit your needs.

1:04:46 - +Mike Bayes  - Bring in the best people you can to help you with your website… Big thinkers, great people…

1:05:51 - +Gina Fiedel  - A big part of our job [as web developers] is education. The ideal set up is a healthy collaborative relationship, client to developer. We need to be constantly educating each other and asking questions.

Huge thanks to our All Star Panel, our ever-so-special co-host +Gina Fiedel , and of course, our own +John Moore !  Not to mention our fabulous audiences both in person and online.  Thank you all!

Posted by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites

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Thank you +Mike Bayes!! It was such a pleasure to "meet" you. Loved your insights and straight forward business advice.!
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Marilyn Moore

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The Emperor Has No Clothes

Does being on social help in search?  Do you think all your posts are getting indexed?

If so, think again.

 In a concise 12 minute interview with +Lany Sullivan and +Ammon Johns you will learn that social has its uses but think again if you are assuming that all your posts are getting indexed in search.

 G+ does have some advantage over the other social networks (it is Google) but the sheer volume of posts alone make the odds pretty long that your posting will affect search results. 

Other points in the interview:

-> You may dislike FB but love the ads

-> Make sure you're actually listening on social and not just pushing out content

-> Proper use of automation

-> Make your website the center for your content and share out from there

Do listen to the full interview.  It's fast-paced with no minced words.

Thank you +Lany Sullivan and +Ammon Johns !

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#socialmedia   #seo  
Don't believe the lies!

Your social posts are not being indexed; at least for most of you.

I recorded this 12 minute interview with +Ammon Johns this week because he had written a post about how Social is ineffective in Search. I think it's important for the truth and facts to come out so that newbies on social and small business owners are not swayed by the Guru's and Experts b.s.

Of course, it would be AWESOME if everytime we made a post in social it showed up in search, but let's look at reality.

What do you think about the facts that +Ammon Johns is giving here in this video? Will it change the way you think or operate?
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All good points +Ammon Johns 
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Marilyn Moore

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Your Website = Business Asset

When you are assessing the assets and liabilities of your business, do you put your website in the asset column?

Does it even occur to you?

In a spot on post from +Gina Fiedel , she describes the mindset business owners need to take toward one of their most important (though often forgotten) business assets.

"It’s [your website] the single online property you can own and control. Your most potent piece of real estate when it comes to your online business presence. It’s your home, base-camp, hub, anchor."

This article is filled with potent reasons why your website needs the same care and attention as an actual brick and mortar location.

Not only that, your website is an asset for your customers, also.

"If you can grasp the concept of your website as a business asset and understand how that translates as a gain for your small business or organization, then you’ll see how it can also benefit your customer in the best of ways."

There is so much to be gained from this point of view.  

Read the full post here to get a full understanding of how your website is a business asset.

Thank you +Gina Fiedel !

Post reshared by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

#websitedevelopment   #webdesign   #webdevelopment   #smallbusinesstips  
Why Your Website Is An Asset For You & Customers

Your website is an asset. A business asset. The single online property you can own and control. Your most potent piece of real estate when it comes to your online business presence. It’s your home, base camp, hub, anchor. It’s where you can create the most direct online chain to supplying your customers with what they need. The one self-owned container you’ve got. The only one that offers you the complete package; an indisputable golden opportunity to communicate and demonstrate your brand identity to yourself, your visitors, customers, potential employees, followers, prospects and leads. And to serve. 

Once you are engrossed at the micro level process of developing your business website, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. Your memory and initial intent may become obscured. That’s especially true if you haven’t identified the forest in the first place. What you may not fully realize and really ought to consider, is that this is not a project that you will start and then finish and be able to walk away from when you think it’s done. No asset deserves that cursory treatment.
~ ~ ~

If this topic interests you, please join us for our Premier Episode of the Mini-Series, The Basics of Using Your Website As A Business Asset on June 10th when I'm honored to be the guest co-host with +Marilyn Moore, +John Moore and +RightStart Websites (details below)

We're excited to have a chance to discuss these issues with our guest panelists +Mary Iannotti, +Mike Bayes and +Ammon Johns.

How to join us for the show.

Google Plus Event page:

For those that live in the San Diego North County area, the live event is hosted at the +Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. You can register for the event at our event page.

For all others, click YES or MAYBE to get this event on your calendar and queue.

A special thanks to +Oceanside Chamber of Commerce for hosting the venue for the live audience and broadcast,  and  to +Richard Peat-Hanna for his technical assistance.

~ ~ ~
Article by +Gina Fiedel 
Photo: iStock, Heavily re-mixed by +Gina Fiedel 

If you would like to be included in +Gina Fiedel's  Notification Circle, please let us know in the comments.

#websitebusinessasset   #websiteasset   #websitedesign  
Why your website is an asset. A business asset, online property you own and control, a potent piece of real estate that deserves and requires Asset-Regard.
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Always a pleasure +Gina Fiedel !  Your words never fail to inspire :)  Thank you for this valuable and educational contribution!
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Marilyn Moore

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Tips Tuesday Is Here!

Every week +MaAnna Stephenson puts together an amazing resource for small business folks and website owners everywhere.

Her +BlogAid  Tips Tuesday podcast and newsletter bring you the latest from MaAnna herself as well as valuable resources from others.

This week includes insights on updating your website, as MaAnna is going through a revamp of her own site.

I loved +Gina Fiedel 's article on viewing your website as one of your business assets, +Mary Iannotti 's clear post on how to optimize your images to improve site speed, and +Andréa Jones 's debunking of some commonly held notions regarding content marketing.

There's much more, so either listen to the podcast or read the newsletter to get the full scoop.  

Don't forget to check out MaAnna's upcoming webinars, also!

Thank you +MaAnna Stephenson for another helpful Tips Tuesday!

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#websitedevelopment   #websitetips   #wordpresstips  
Tips Tuesday – Site as Asset Mindset, Rookie Blogging Mistakes
Read or listen:

Tips this week include:
- Webmaster Level 5 Webinar
- early release link to the free Website Review Webinar
- the plugins I’m trading for in the BlogAid site redesign
- what’s up with the LastPass hack
- why to check your XML Sitemap in the WordPress SEO plugin new release
- a roundup on the Third Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference
- why you must start thinking of your site as an asset
- 8 misconceptions about content marketing
- rookie blogging mistakes and how to fix them
- the signs you’re suffering from self-taught blogger syndrome
- how to make your own custom blog images
- a step-by-step image optimization tutorial
- 5 popular SEO Analysis Tools
Thanks to +Ana Hoffman, +Chef Dennis Littley, +Gina Fiedel, +Mary Iannotti, +Andréa Jones for their great tips and inspiration this week!
#blogaidtipstuesday #tipstuesday #wordpresstips #seotips #siteseucrity #cybersecurity #contentmarketing #conversionoptimization
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Absolutely +MaAnna Stephenson !  Looking forward to the launch of your new site!
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Marilyn Moore

Google+ Tips/Strategies  - 
The What-NOT-To-Do List for Google+

Small Business folks frequently ask how they can use Google+ to promote their business. This is a long term proposition that does not involve any straight lines.

One of the most important things to remember is to be a good G+ citizen, so that people come to like you and appreciate and trust what you have to say. Being aware of the pitfalls that can put you on the "naughty" (or ignored ) list instead of the 'nice" one is a big help.

+Mike Allton of the +The Social Media Hat presents some of the common mistakes people make on G+ - and how to avoid them.

Here are some of my favorites...

1. Sharing links without any commentary - This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  Whether it's your own post or someone else's, take the time to tell enough about it to make someone want to read it. (KInda like I'm doing now :)

2. Never [or rarely] sharing other people's posts. - You'd be amazed how promoting others reflects well on you.

3. Forgetting to Plus mention people - Either to give them credit as the originator of a post, to thank them for sharing it previously, or to leave a comment. It's  much appreciated and also creates a notification that they receive so they know you shared something of theirs or directed a comment to them.

Read the full post to learn Mike's  6 other no-no's ,  along with the recommended practices to ensure you're a good G+ citizen.  Keeping courtesy in mind makes a big difference!

Thank you +Mike Allton for these timely reminders.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make on Google+, and what they should be doing differently.
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Marilyn Moore

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Another Fabulous +Friday Favourites!

+Mick Sharpe brings us another stellar round up of G+ gems.  His weekly roundups remind us of just how amazing the G+ environment is - for information, guidance, interactions, and connections.

Special thanks for the shout out of the "Small Business WebTech" show, Mick. A thumbs up from you means a lot!

Post reshared by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

#bitingedgefridayfavourites   #weeklyroundup   #weekinreview   #mickspicks  
Never finished

I think we may have had a week without any feature retirements on Google+ (and yes I’m touching wood as I write). There was, however, a new aspect to Local Search shared by +Ana Hoffman (you know Ana always finds the good stuff). Location Aware Search is live unannounced feature in Google Search App ( looks at the improvements demonstrated at the SMX Conference in Paris. Smarter and smarter.

I love to see success stories on Google+ and one such success story is that of the #EagleCo project. +Tim Sweeney and +Sanjiv Manifest joined +Zara Altair for Midweek Zap - Local Love ( to review the project from its birth to its evolution into +Go Local Online (GLO). If you’re involved in Local in any way you’ll get something from this show and great to see the team putting the experience gained to good use helping other communities boost their local online presence.

More collaboration on the Plus with Disruption: How Successful People Use Social Media for Business ( +Randy Milanovic joined forces with +Gina Fiedel, +Vincent Messina, +David Kutcher, +Jodi Kaplan, +Christine DeGraff and many more to produce a practical guide to using Social Media. Yes real life examples from real people. Who knew? I believe you can still pick this up from Amazon for free today and only $3 if you miss the free window. I’m half way through and it’s well worth a read and keeping handy for future reference.

As it was promised, so was it delivered

A small business must-see as +RightStart Websites kick off their new format Small Business WebTech Show with The Basics of Using Your Website As A Business Asset ( +Gina Fiedel joins +Marilyn Moore and +John Moore as co-host for the series with expert advice from the Black Knight, +Ammon Johns, digital marketer +Mary Iannotti and business development expert +Mike Bayes. You’ll learn about the level of investment needed for your website to continue to grow and become more valuable. You may have been enticed by the pay monthly, easy build website services. The panel look at some of the pitfalls of this approach to your business website and it’s worth watching for this advice alone. Take the time, make the effort and get the statue to your own company right, (Good phrase, Ammon). This is definitely a watch it all show but just in case you need to dip in and out quickly Marilyn has put together the #timestamp reference post here (

More useful advice for small business in this week’s +Geekspeak Guides 301 redirects and 404 Errors and Forgotten Steps ( +Susan Finch and +Yvonne Heimann share some great tips if you want to get your hands dirty, or at least be aware of what your web developers are doing for you. Particularly valuable tip to keep old sites active (with their analytics intact) when switching domains which will allow you to catch any old links that you may have forgotten about. A lot of useful stuff packed into a little under 25 minutes.

As ever +Ronnie Bincer keeps us up to date with Hangouts. Desktop Hangout Messaging gets "Stickers" ( introduces us to the new sticker feature in Desktop Google Hangouts (which has been available for some time on mobile). Another example of unifying the Google experience across all devices.

I’m not sure how they manage it but +Ray Hiltz and the rest of the #RayBunch team, +B.L. Ochman, +Jessica Dewell, +Randy Bowden and +Scott Scowcroft seem to find an interesting topic every single week. This week it’s Who is the Boss of You? Self-Employment: How Hard Can It Be? ( Working for yourself is great, isn’t it? Well like everything, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. I think Scott highlights an important point that there is much more opportunity for the budding entrepreneur in the current, well-connected world. Some fabulous takeouts. I have to admit to using something similar to B.L.’s takeout recently to try to manage tasks more effectively. And it works!

Relationships and their dynamics are the subject of This week's PYB show! ( as +Travis Taylor, +martin shervington and +David Amerland discuss getting the Google+ bug, understanding intent and intention and investing the time. Welcome to the global village square! Always an interesting discussion and well worth taking in with your favourite beverage while taking a break from your other tasks.

Thinkers corner

Every now and again it serves us well to stand back a little from the rapid development of all things Internet and just see where we might need to make some adjustments. +Eli Fennell flags up the darker side of this rapid evolution in Internet Hospital Pumps: The Perfect Tool for Assassination and Medical Mayhem? (, a share of an article by +Maximilian Teodorescu highlighting research that reveals that Internet connected drug infusion pumps are vulnerable to hacking. As Eli points out there are some areas that are just too risky to entrust to an emerging technology. As much as I’m in favour of technological advancements I do worry about the Internet of Things. I remain quite comfortable with a kettle that I have to switch on myself and a fridge that doesn’t tell me I’m out of beer.

Thinking about a different aspect of our future +Gideon Rosenblatt gives us Meat: The Habit We Don't Want to Give Up (or Talk About) ( Looking at the latest developments that hope to reduce our demand for meat production and therefore reduce the associated environmental impacts. I applaud any effort to mitigate the problems we make for ourselves and it will be interesting to see how this develops.

And finally…

This enjoyable share from +matthew rappaport came to via +Alan Stainer and +Eli Fennell. Ackbar’s Eleven ( is a humorous parody of Star Wars and Ocean’s Eleven created by +SYNAPTIC STUDIOS. I think it’s a trap!

Have a great weekend wherever you are

#WeeklyRoundUp  #WeekInReview  #Google+

#BitingedgeFridayFavourites  #MicksPicks

Created by +Mick Sharpe of +Bitingedge
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Marilyn Moore

Google+ Tips/Strategies  - 
How's Your G+ Hovercard?

Have you revisited your hovercard lately?  Or not sure what a hovercard is?

On Google+, your hovercard is a mighty important little piece or real estate.  It's the information people see when they hover their mouse over your name.  It creates the all-important first impression which can make the difference between a click through, an add to circles, or a favorable opinion.

As +Stephan Hovnanian calls it, "the ultimate personal branding tool" on Google Plus.

In this article (which has become rather famous) +Stephan Hovnanian  explains:

-> why your hovercard is so important

-> all the places where your hovercard can be seen - there are over 20!

-> what information shows up on your hovercard

-> and most importantly, how you can optimize it

If you're new to Google+, put this at the top of your must-read/do list!

If you've been here a while, this is the perfect time to revisit and refresh your hovercard to make sure it still reflects who you are in the most effective way.

This is a true classic for #throwthursday  .  Evergreen content at it's finest.  

Thank you +Stephan Hovnanian !

#googleplus   #googleplustips  
An optimized Google+ hovercard will help you connect with the right people and drive home your brand identity.
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+Dean Ethridge it's part of the platform whether or not you have the fields filled in
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Cast your vote for a champion - +Carole Rigonalli 

Good luck, Carole!

h/t +Gina Fiedel 
Champions.... what an interesting word. A word that has wings... who doesn't want to be a champion (be recognized, be loved, be appreciated) since January this year I'm paraplegic... hip down all dead... that was unexpected because while I just felt that I had my life all figured out it all tumbled down like a house of cards. The true champions in my life are my husband who hands in there with me even though what he married 17 years ago was ...
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+Tamale Emmanuel thank you so much! May God bless you
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Marilyn Moore

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Connecting the Dots Between Images and Site Speed

+Mary Iannotti does a beautiful job of explaining the importance of website loading speed and how it can effect your business. Images can have a big impact on load speed as they are usually large files.

In equal parts case study and tutorial, Mary shows site owners how they can optimize their images.
She clearly explains each step for different file types and includes options for both Apple and Windows users. 

The need for speed has never been greater when it comes to websites. Thank you +Mary Iannotti for this easy-to-understand guide for site owners!

Post reshared by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

#imageoptimization   #webdesign   #smallbusinesstips   #seo  
Improve Website Load Speed by Optimizing Images

Today’s savvy website visitors will not wait around for web pages to load. If it takes more than a few seconds for a page to appear before their eyes, visitors will move on.

Load speed controls how soon visitors see your warm welcome message and stunning sales pitch. It influences how fast transactions occur on your website and is part of your brand’s customer service. It contributes to the first impression people have of your brand, so ensure you start off on the right foot by serving up speedy web pages.

There’s another reason to pay attention to website load speed; it’s a factor in Google’s search ranking algorithm.

For website owners, designers and non-technical folks who manage sites, image optimization is one of the easiest ways to improve load speed because it doesn’t require knowledge about your hosting environment or software coding skills. Managing image size is the low hanging fruit that rewards you well for your effort!

Read this case study that doubles as a tutorial where I share tools and techniques I used to optimize large images on my recent website redesign.

Thanks to +Paul Biedermann  and +MaAnna Stephenson who assisted me with the redesign. Paul ensured Digital Marketing Deva got a classy new identity, and MaAnna helped me keep the site lean.

#websiteloadspeed   #imageoptimization     #seo   
Image optimization is one of the easiest ways to improve website load speed. Learn effective techniques to optimize JPEG and PNG images.
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Such a pleasure +Mary Iannotti !  Your rundown of the various tools - and now this one from +PicMonkey , makes this so helpful for site owners!
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Marilyn Moore

Google+ Tips/Strategies  - 
How to Find a Targeted Market and Generate Leads

It's not just connecting with people, but connecting with the right people.

Circling people randomly with the hope that they'll circle you back may plump up your numbers a bit, but will do nothing for actually making meaningful connections.

In this post from +Circloscope , discover how you can circle relevant people with a good chance of them following you back because they will actually be interested in the same things you are.

Using +NOD3x and +CircleCount in tandem with +Circloscope makes an even more powerful mix.

Even better...All of these tools have free versions!

Thanks +Circloscope !

#googleplustips #googleplusbusiness   #leadgen  
Question posed to the Google Plus Small Business Community: "I have a small business that's involved with health and nutrition. Any tips on how I can target this market and generate leads?"
Here are our tips!
Open +Circloscope to the page you wish to manage. Go back to Google Plus and conduct keyword and hashtag searches around your niche to find posts that are getting good engagement (plusses, comments and reshares). As you find posts that are relevant, right click the post and choose the option to send to Circloscope. This can also be done with pages, profiles, shared circles, communities, and events. You can send up to 40 posts at a time and then quickly filter and add to circles. Assuming you have a profile photo or logo, have filled in your about page, post relevant content and are targeting correctly, you should get a nice percentage of follow backs that have already shown that they are interested in your topic - now it is up to you to turn them into leads. 
You should also check out +NOD3x and +CircleCount to find relevant conversations, keywords, hashtags and popular pages. Both tools are integrated with Circloscope, so once you find what you are looking for, you can easily send them to Circloscope to add them to your circles.
Question to our Circloscope community: Did you know that you can right click to send to Circloscope? Do you use it often? Do you have any other tips to add?
#business #leadgen #circlemanagement #googleplustips #marketing
Haven't tried Circloscope yet? Try it for FREE at!
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Excellent post - Thank you for sharing this useful information with us. 
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Marilyn Moore

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Too beautiful not to share

Thanks +Ron Serina !  Makes me wish I could book a stay at your B&B!
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That should go somewhere on your website +Ron Serina :)
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Marilyn Moore

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Coming Later Today!

You really don't want to miss this event!


Because it has an amazing "cast"  of +Gina Fiedel , +Ammon Johns , +Mike Bayes , +Mary Iannotti , and +John Moore 
to discuss an important business topic: "Using your website as a business asset.*

To give you a sense of the level of involvement and expertise of this amazing group of people, each of them has contributed significantly to the pre-event discussion.  Take a look at what each of them had to say in the links below.  

+Gina Fiedel -

+Ammon Johns  -

+Mike Bayes  -

+Mary Iannotti -

+John Moore - and

This event will provide important help for small business owners everywhere.

Be sure to RSVP for easy access, either live or the replay later

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Do you consider your website a business asset?

Did you have to pause a bit to think about your answer?  Or say  “why is that important?”, or something to that effect?

+David Amerland , noted analyst and author of Google Semantic Search , has many times remarked on how the web has “leveled the playing field” for small businesses.

“The challenges are the same for everyone in a web that seems to have become a very level playing field. Now the race ought to go to the swiftest to come up with implementable answers and ... implement them.”

So why is it that most small businesses treat their websites like a check box item on a list?  (Assuming they have a website at all, which is not always the case.)

The business world is changing rapidly and the web has moved from a business platform for the “big guys” and niche businesses to a business platform for “everybody”.  The really nice thing for small businesses is that the playing field on this business platform is quite level.

The thing many small businesses have not realized is that a web presence has become mandatory.

You have to show up, you have to take it seriously, and yes, you have to understand the why and how so that you get the most out of the web for your business, whether you have a physical front door or are an online business.

This month’s Small Business WebTech Show is the start of a series designed to help you understand the why and how of making your website a business asset as we bring in a panel of internet business marketing and web development experts to explore these issues with you. To begin the series we will attempt to address the following issues:

• What does a small business expect to gain in the effort?  

• What are the necessary elements for a website as a business asset?

• How does a business owner prepare and begin the process of building this asset?

For you, the first step in this process is to “Show Up”!  

About Our Guest Host

+Gina Fiedel  is the founder and owner of the web development company, Fat Eyes Web Development with her husband, Doug Anderson. Her company is based in Santa Barbara and combines strategic and sophisticated web solutions to create websites that offer better, more authentic and effective communication, sales and marketing tools for their clients.

About Our Panel

+Ammon Johns  is a well respected veteran of online marketing, highly regarded in the SEO industry.  Since 1996 he has worked with clients of all sizes, in all markets, and in every way (in-house, agency, and private consultant).

He’s as well known for his frank, no-nonsense, practicality as for the innovations he brings to the field, The testimonials and recommendations he has indicate the respect and influence he has in SEO.

+Mike Bayes  is the Managing Partner of My One Call, LLC  for the last 11 years. My One Call is a sales acceleration and business development firm. They specialize in growing emerging mid market companies' revenues using proven, intelligent systems and provide business development, in all of its many forms.

+Mary Iannotti  has spent over a decade developing successful marketing strategies for technology, alternative energy and healthcare organizations and has a graduate degree in Internet marketing. Mary focuses on showing businesses and organizations how to use current digital marketing best practices to grow their businesses.

How to join us for the show

For those that live in the San Diego North County area, the live event is hosted at the +Oceanside Chamber of Commerce   You can register for the event at our event page.

For all others, click YES or MAYBE to get this event on your calendar and queue.

A special thanks to +Oceanside Chamber of Commerce  for hosting the venue for the live audience and broadcast,  and  to +Richard Peat-Hanna  for his technical assistance.

#webdevelopment   #smallbusiness   #businessassets   #digitalmarketing   #smallbusinesswebtech  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by RightStart Websites. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The Basics of Using Your Website As A Business Asset
Wed, June 10, 5:30 PM
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+Mary Iannotti - With such a great "cast of characters", the discussion is bound to be top-notch!
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