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Small Business and the Social Media Conundrum

Mention Social Media around a group of micro/small businesses and you will often get a lot of groans and rolling eyes.  “One more thing to do”… “I tried that, worthless”… “I just don’t get it…” just to name a few responses.
Then there will be that one person who thinks social media is the greatest thing since sliced bread, (envy alert) and talks about how great it has been for their business.  For their particular business and personality type, it’s a natural fit.

But for many micro and small business people, social media is a bit of a conundrum. They often feel…

A. They don’t know what they should be doing. Which platforms? What should they post? How often?

B. They don’t have time in their already busy day.

C.  Overwhelmed as a result of A and B.

D.  All that social media stuff doesn’t work anyway.  They haven’t gotten any new customers from it.

E.  Don’t even bother with it, resulting from all of the above.

F.  Guilty that they’re not doing anything when everybody’s talking about how important social media is.

Those are a lot of concerns. 
I’m happy to say that there is a way forward.

In a recent Small Business WebTech discussion with +Mark Traphagen of +Stone Temple Consulting , hosted by +RightStart Websites ,he was quite reassuring that when it comes to social media and small business, even small steps can make a difference.

But first things first.  Or as Mark puts it, get your social media horses before the cart.
There are some things to be done that are good for social media, as well as beneficial for your business as a whole.

Mark describes the two "horses" of social media - brand identity and content - and how to approach them from a small business perspective.

Each of the concerns above is addressed, as well as 7 key small business takeaways from Mark.

What's different about this article from others you may have read on this subject?

All of +Mark Traphagen 's remarks were tailored for the small business community!

There is some blending of my own experience with Mark's insights, so this is small business assistance through and through.

Read it now :

Links to the HOA interview, Mark's related article, and one from +Gina Fiedel for brand identity help are included in the full post.

introduction credit:  +John Moore 
photo credit: Mehihe/pixabay

Posted by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

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I can see you do like hashtags +Gemini IT Solutions UK :)  Thanks for reading!
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Authorship is Dead: Long Live Authorship!
So begins +Stone Temple Consulting CEO, +Eric Enge in a guest post for +Search Engine Land .

Even though Google formally ended its Authorship program (rel=author) last August,  establishing your authority as an author is still valuable - and not just to Google.

Eric gives 8 reason why author authority still matters. 
#1 on the list?
"It's an awesome way to build reputation and visibility."

From those two things, reputation and visibility, everything else pretty much follows. And even better, what's good for the SERPs, is now good for your business as a whole, too!

Read the full article for all of  +Eric Enge's insightful analysis.  There's also an awesome infographic showing the 8 reasons to build your author authority.

Post reshared by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

h/t +Al Remetch 

#seo   #authority   #contentmarketing  
Does Author Authority Still Matter?

My latest article in +Search Engine Land takes on this topic. Bottom line is that Google may not be looking at rel=author tags, and they may not be evaluating author authority as a ranking factor, BUT, establishing author authority is still a big deal.

Check out the full story here!
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Well said +Michael Shane David !
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Sit back and relax

No need to wonder what you missed this week on the Plus.  +Mick Sharpe has sorted it all out for us and provides the highlights of HOAs and posts that both educate and entertain.

Thanks, Mick, for doing all the heavy lifting so we can enjoy some of the treats that G+ offered this week.

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Spring Celebrations

A very upbeat week this week as we slid into Spring (or Autumn for our Southern Hemisphere friends). And the celebrations? Well everyone’s favourite host hit fiff-teee in It-leee last weekend. Live from Milan! The Mia Connect Power Chat - Weekend Edition ( has +Mia Voss getting a live makeover at the hands of +Elisabetta Chiesi and Karine Valbrun. What can I say? Way more interesting than I ever expected a makeover to be and many a laugh along the way. I now know how to banish the racoon eyes and what concealer to use! No I don’t use concealer. +Debi Davis and +Nazim Beltran keep the tech and cork popping under control in a very entertaining show. Happy Birthday Mia.

Exploring the data

I always enjoy data, and the tools that allow us to capture and evaluate data. What is the power of an Engagement Broadcast: By the Numbers ( explores the reach and impact of the recent SMT Power Talk featuring +Bruce Clay. +David Amerland, +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales and +John Dietrich take an in-depth look at the data from the show using the power of +NOD3x. A very useful proof of the value of HOAs for developing relationships. It was also useful to hear from +Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing’s +Virginia Nussey and +Mindy Weinstein for their user perspective on the time-saving aspects of +NOD3x. Take a look, it could be just the tool you need to inform your online activities. Go and set up your projects now! My usual appreciation for the great production from +John Ellis of +SEOWiSE

Can it really be two weeks since the last one? Yes it’s time for another The Mid Week Marketing Mix ( Meerkat opens the show with +James Dearsley, +Andrij Harasewych and +Kevin Shively discussing the live streaming app (other live streaming apps are available). Andrij was actually live streaming on Meerkat during the event. I was surprised at the usage growth shown by Kevin (good timing I guess). The issues of privacy, and piracy, are bound to get more of an airing in the next few weeks too. I think I’ll pass on the dog shaving stream! Section two has +Olga Andrienko and +Elizaveta Lavrienko looking at the other marketing news including Facebook’s TheFind (sorry +Michael Mason for using the ‘F’ word!). Then leading into an overview of +SEMrush (the Swiss Army knife for marketers). Another essential tool for your arsenal. The ever helpful +The Digital Marketing Bureau has the all important #timestamp post here (

Speaking of ever helpful do take a look at +The Digital Marketing Bureau’s Tip Tuesday post ( if you’re looking at podcasting in your marketing activities. A nice roundup of the best of the recent podcast related articles and videos.

+Zara Altair introduced a special treat in this week’s Midweek Zap - Foundation to Empire ( Of course, the special treat is +Ammon Johns. My favourite curmudgeon, the Black Knight, is an absolute treasure trove of sensible advice for any business owner - I never miss an opportunity to listen and neither should you. A particularly good segment on the mobile websites in light of the coming into play of Google’s mobile friendly factor. And here’s a very novel idea - put your customer’s needs first! A knowledgeable dip into all things business, search, branding, life!

And if the mobile friendly issue and Google’s April 21 deadline made you sit up and take notice then take a look at +Ana Hoffman’s Google's mobile friendly algorithm as a search ranking factor: what you need to know ( With her usual aplomb Ana has put together everything you could possibly need to know about the new ranking factor. I don’t think there will be many businesses that can afford to ignore the growing mobile audience so this is vital information. Thanks as always for gathering the stuff that matters Ana.

I really appreciate straight-talking and there’s plenty of it in How To Get An Influencer’s Attention {And Win Their Heart} Without Being A Suck Up ( If we are here for business we all face that same struggle early on - how do we build an audience, and we all hear the same advice - connect with influencers and gain their attention. +Andrea Beltrami has put together a no-nonsense guide outlining what you can do, and more importantly what you shouldn’t do, when trying to build relationships with influencers in your field. I’m honoured to have been mentioned for Friday Favourites alongside Andrea’s own weekly roundup and +Ana Hoffman’s fantastic Weekly Marketing Skinny. It’s all about creating value for the audience. Well worth a read.

A celebration of Google+ in The PYB show from SMMW15! ( Great to see some familiar faces get together overlooking the boat ship in San Diego as +martin shervington shares the couch with +Ronnie Bincer, +Jeff Sieh, +Ian Anderson Gray, +Wade Harman, +Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen with +David Amerland, +George Cohn, +Mary Stovall and +Ray Hiltz in the filmstrip. Enjoyable fun as the guys battle the lack Air Conditioning, language skills and height issues to discuss G+ and relationships. Well done to +Travis Taylor for handling the backlight issues from the hotel window - flawless :-)

Thinkers corner

Get to grips with relationship dynamics in this week’s #PandemicCode show Unlock the mystery of Attachment Theory ( I found myself becoming more and more engrossed in this show as it progressed. Some fascinating insights from #Codebreakers +Craig Calvert, +Kristin Drysdale, +Stephanie Sims and +Grizwald Grim. It always pays to have an understanding of the other parties in all your relationships (clients, customers, partners) and be able to act and communicate appropriately. Look through the comment stream as the topic sparked some additional discussion there too. I guess it comes back down to my favourite hobby - understanding (or rather trying to understand) everyone’s why?

And finally…

“There is no ugly side of content writing”

+Teodora Petkova shares her joy of writing (and thing-finding) in Making the world a better text ( I have to agree with Teodora that the world is a better place for leaving behind the keyword-stuffed, unloved passages of yesteryear. Go satisfy your care-ousity now.

Have a great weekend wherever you are

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Created by +Mick Sharpe of +Bitingedge
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A New Economic View of Google Plus

In a guest post for +Plus Your Business! , +Mark Schaefer focuses on how social sharing on Google+ can deliver more bang for your buck.

Why?  G+ has more social sharing than than any other platform aside from YouTube.

"Value does not come from content alone. It comes from content that moves, that is transmitted in a way that creates advocates and informed buyers. And when it comes to moving non-video content, Google+ is the king."

It's great to see someone who is not already a G+ advocate, promote the benefits of this platform.

Thank you +Mark Schaefer and +Plus Your Business! !

h/t +martin shervington 

post reshared by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

#googleplus   #googleplusbusiness   #contentmarketing   #contentmarketingstrategy  
Why Google+ may deliver the best economic punch on the web! (NEW)
This is an awesome perspective on why Google+ is the place for many marketers...

Extract: "I recently wrote a book called The Content Code and for more than a year I dove deeply into the economic drivers of content and social media. Here’s a statistic that made me pause -- 83 percent of CMOs claim that SOCIAL SHARING is the primary benefit of social media marketing..."

Thank you so much +Mark Schaefer for putting this together, and guest blogging on PYB.
Perfectly timed ready for the #SMMW15  show too!

#GoogleforBusiness   #SocialSharing  
Have you considered 'social sharing' as the most important aspect of Social Media Marketing? If so, 83% of CMOs agree, and Google+ is built to share!
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+Plus Your Business! - You are always so good at following up!  A pleasure to share :)
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Images on Google+ Can Increase Engagement

When you post on G+, having an effective image, photo, infographic, or quote graphic can play an important role in the engagement your post receives.

A well-done visual greatly increases the appeal of a post which means that someone may stop scrolling and start reading.

+Rebekah Radice has put together 7 user-friendly, visual marketing tools, including some for mobile devices.

She includes descriptions, how you can use each tool, and examples for +Canva , Over, +Piktochart , Skitch, QuotesCover, +PicMonkey , and +Pixlr 

As Rebekah says:

"Designing an engaging and on brand social media graphic has never been easier."

Google+ displays images beautifully, so taking advantage of that capability just makes sense.

Thanks to +Rebekah Radice for compiling this helpful resource!

#visualmarketing   #visualmarketingtools   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing  
7 Best Visual Marketing Apps to Create Social Media Graphics
Are you using graphics in your social media posts?

Would you like to connect consumers to your business through visual marketing?

Not only can the right graphic tell your company story, but they also optimize the consumer experience.

While you might have shied away from image creation in the past, new tools have emerged putting the power of visual marketing in the palm of your hands.

In my latest article, I share seven of the best visual marketing tools and mobile apps that offer a simpler, leaner approach to creating compelling visual content.

Ready to get started?

Read it here:

#visualmarketing   #socialmedia   #graphicdesign  
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Don't forget your +Friday Favourites

Be sure to check out this week's +Friday Favourites for +Mick Sharpe 's top-notch roundup of HOAs and posts from around G+! 

Mick's reviews and commentary never disappoint, so take a look through and see what you want to catch up on.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend, everyone!

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Shining Shamrocks

I hope any friggatriskaidekaphobia has subsided and the Ides passed without incident for you. I also hope you’ve had a chance to partake of a little of the black and white gold and embrace your inner green this week - gotta love Paddy’s Day! I've also been enjoying the Public Service Announcements this week - in case you didn’t already know:

☑   Never place a chair under an open staircase.
☑   Never place plant pots on an open staircase.
☑   Never kick a cat!

The Public Service Announcements continue with episode 11 of the +Black Lotus * DDoS and Cybersecurity Power Talk* ( with password security being discussed by host +Mia Voss and guest expert +Gabriel Murphy. Yes it can be an absolute pain to maintain unique secure passwords for every system you use but it is absolutely essential. A look at biometrics and two step authentication to improve security as well as an overview of password generators and management systems. Well worth 30 minutes of your time.

If you haven’t realised by now my must-see show of the week is the #RayLunchBunch - 30 minutes of stimulating conversation about topics relevant to anyone in business. In Fifty Shades of Green - How to Grow Evergreen Content ( +Ray Hiltz, +Jessica Dewell, +B.L. Ochman, +Scott Scowcroft and +Randy Bowden look at the benefits of long lasting content including brand development and building authority. Some top tips about the different ways to create evergreen content through repurposing for different media and a great set of takeouts at the end. And as if to demonstrate the advice given Ray has evergreened the show in Are You Creating Evergreen Content? (

I find a weekly post such as this to be enough of a challenge for me so I have complete admiration for those who undertake a daily task. +Carolyn Capern talks to +Christine DeGraff and +Ronnie Bincer about her latest daily blogging challenge in this week’s TNT Bootcamp ( I was impressed by Carolyn’s thought process as she embarked on this task and her creation methodology - always a good idea to set a time limit particularly if you’re prone to pursuing perfection. Sometimes it’s great to refine and polish a piece but often you can achieve your goal in a much shorter timeframe. Some excellent questions from Christine, Ronnie and the audience keep the #infotainment value high. Enjoy.

You’d better write for people or Google will catch up with you

Another worthwhile PYB Show as +martin shervington talks with +Brian Clark about How to become an authority! ( Just listening to how Brian developed Copyblogger will provide some valuable lessons for your own business. In terms of differentiation you can’t go wrong with write book quality content and publish it freely on your website! I particularly liked the shift from opt-in lists to a membership model - people do like to be part of a club. And for those that think everything has been done and there are no uncrowded spaces Brian shows that putting your own stamp on what you do and finding your unique audience can make the difference. Great stuff.

♪ ♫ Got to make the morning last ♬ ♩

Even though I seem to be running around like a headless chicken these past few months I do take the time to take my time and that is just what +Gina Fiedel advocates in The Slow Web Groovy Connection: Depth & Reach Or Fast Web Frenzy - Make Haste Slowly ( Building on conversations with +Teodora Petkova and +David Kutcher Gina shares her thoughts on taking the time a thing deserves. What If We Slow Down And Accept Whatever Speed Happens To Occur Naturally? Yep, I am a strong believer in it takes as long as it takes (infuriates my wife though!). Actually I think a lot of my approach comes from my appreciation of the natural world and my lifelong addiction to growing things! Read, enjoy and do view the linked videos in the blog article. Wonderful stuff and a little Simon and Garfunkel always goes a long way!

Some valuable lessons for business owners with a web presence in Understanding Online Behavior is Key for a Website Owner ( from +David Amerland. This post and the referenced piece from +AJ Kohn are essential reading for those wanting to get the most from their website. Knowing what your visitors are after at any given point is critical to keep your site, and you, front of mind when they need something else. If you can second guess their next need while satisfying their initial question then you are ahead of the game.

A revelation from +John Paul Aguiar as he demonstrates how, in 2014, he attracted 71,000 visits to his blog from his page in How Is A Branding and Traffic Powerhouse ( What surprised me was the minimal effort required on his part. It could certainly be worthwhile exploring this as a discovery vehicle. Another task on my list!

A couple of quick little tips

The first from +David Kutcher - the title says it all! When evaluating your Online Presence and how it is being reached by your customers/clients, don't forget your +Google+ Your Business dashboard ( David explains that your dashboard can reveal some interesting data that is missing from your normal analytics reports.

The next from +Ana Hoffman If you don't optimize your blog images, you throttle your site speed ( Ana shares some handy tools to keep your image size within reasonable bounds. Whatever tool or method you choose it is an important issue - your visitors may not thank you directly but they probably won’t leave your site while waiting for your images to appear!

Thinkers corner

+Bruce Marko wants us to throw away the numbers in Freestyle Content ( I think there is great value in coming at something with your own unique point of view (something that Brian Clark talks about in this week’s PYB Show too). The formulaic is exactly that, very little to set it apart from the majority of other content. The other thing I took from this piece of #MarkoKoolAid is that anything created with this freestyle approach is absolutely honest, a real piece of you, and that in itself can set it apart from all the rest.

A double whammy as Bruce also gave us three golden rules in The age of social media ( Everyone is watching you! Well maybe not everyone but certainly enough to put two and two together and come up with six. Always amazes me how many people shoot themselves in the foot when they are engaged in dodgy activities!

And finally…

Giggles galore from Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook ( Thanks to +Luc Jallois for throwing this into my stream :-)

Have a great weekend wherever you are

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+Max Konitzko - I'm always happy to share +Mick Sharpe 's awesome work!  Wishing you a lovely weekend, as well :)
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Have them in circles
5,225 people
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Marilyn Moore

Google+ Tips/Strategies  - 
Easily Manage Your Google + Circles

Are your circles developing into an unwieldy tangle?
Are you seeing posts in your home stream that are of no interest to you or of low quality?

Being careful who you circle is the first step.  Sometimes people will circle others willy nilly in the hopes of a circle back and thereby pumping up their follower numbers. The result can be a stream populated with spam and irrelevant posts -  not to mention it will do nothing to build your online authority or reputation..

Even if you are being careful about who you put in your circles, remember that posts of extended circles - people in your circles' circles - will appear in your stream. also - not just the actual people you circled.. 

You have the option of blocking people, but a much more effective solution is to manage your circles better in the first place.

+John Dietrich of +GPlusGeek explains in this short video with accompanying text, how you can effectively manage your circles and control what you see in your home stream. The sooner you implement this before your circles get too large, the easier it will be.  It can transform your Google+ experience!

#googleplustips   #googlepluscircles  
Google Plus circle management can transform your G+ experience. I have implemented these techniques, and have noticed a marked increase in my follower count. I’m able to interact with, and read the posts of...
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Lol - I just wish I did have an editor, +John Dietrich .  I could use one :)
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Are you brand new to Google+?
This is a nice overview of how G+ is organized with sections on:
-> Circles
-> Posting Content
-> Your home stream
-> Notifications and Settings
-> Communities

This guide gives you the big picture of how things are set up. There are several helpful links with more info on these topics, also.

Since this comes from +Android Central ,the communities section  focuses on the Android Community, but the suggestions are spot on for all G+ communities.

If G+ has you scratching your head, this will help clear things up!

Thanks to +Android Central  and to +Ray Hiltz and +Jaana Nyström for sharing.

#googleplus   #googleplusguide  
Jaana Nyström originally shared:
This is everything you need to know about Google+, in one handy guide

"Even if you're not looking for a new social network, that little red logo for Google+ does a lot of things for you.

You use it to log into websites without filling out the same 20 questions every time you want to comment on a blog. It unifies your experience across the Google platform, from commenting on YouTube videos to leaving a bad review on the Play Store or Google Maps to bringing in results from your circles whenever you do a Google web search.

And here's how to get the most out of it..."

Read on:

#Googleplustips     #Jaanatip     #Android  
This is everything you need to know about Google+, in one handy guide. Google+ is the social backbone of the Google platform and a pretty decent social network for the millions of users who inhabit it. Thanks to its ties to Hangouts, Google+ can also become your own personal podcast, meeting space, or impromptu concert. Google+ Photos's freedoms and features have attracted...
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Thank you, this is so helpful! 
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Connecting the Dots Between Global Search and You

The economic impact of search is staggering. Its impact on the U.S. economy, alone, is about 119 billion annually.

+David Amerland does a brilliant job of connecting the dots between global search and local businesses and economies. 

No business, whether you're a multi-national corporation or the local pizza parlor can afford to ignore  the impact of search.  Visibility on the web is a primacy of today's businesses irregardless of size.

What does that mean?

To being with, every business needs a web presence.  That starts with your website.

"Businesses that do not have a web presence are shutting themselves off from a large slice of potential customers. Businesses that do have a website need to integrate it tightly into their offline operations rather than just graft it as an optional extra."

Often, small businesses forget that their website is home base for all of their online activities.

Even bigger than that, we must acknowledge how the world has changed.  As +David Amerland points out, nothing happens in a vacuum anymore.  Connectivity doesn't just mean your connection to the web.  It means everyone and everything is connected...  which is quite amazing to think about.

Post reshared by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

#digitalmarketing   #onlinemarketing   #webvisibility  
We Really are All Connected

The economic impact of search is predicated upon three fundamental requirements: 

- Connection Speed
- Digital market growth
- Credit card ownership

They then drive the dynamic that leads from the individual to the heart of government and helps make us all accountable. Nothing, however, is a given. In this 'new' world order everything needs to be worked for.
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+David Amerland - Which I find very enheartening :)
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Do You Have an Editorial Calendar?

If you're not raising your hand or jumping up and down about one more thing you should be doing; e.g. having an editorial calendar - then this post is for you!

I have to admit that as many times as I have heard the recommendation to have an editorial calendar, I don't have one.

This article from +Peg Fitzpatrick has done a great job of convincing me I actually do need to implement one.  Why?

Because Peg explains not just why you need an editorial calendar but includes such things as:
-> tools to make the job easier
-> ideas for getting ideas for your blog content
-> a helpful discussion of how keywords fit in

Since your blog is often the gateway to your website, which is your "home base on the internet", creating relevant content consistently is important.  
Thanks +Peg Fitzpatrick for this valuable help to be able to do that!

h/t +Mike Allton 

Post reshared by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

#contentmarketing   #editorialcalendar   #contentcreation  
Creatively Boost your Editorial Calendar
Thinking of your blog as a publication and creating an editorial calendar for your content will help keep you on track with your blogging.

Being organized with overall themes, post ideas, and using your analytics to keep your blog readers happy can make your blogging life easier.

What are your best ways to organize and get things done on your blog?

Read it all here:

‪#‎blogging‬ ‪#‎blogtips‬ ‪#‎blog‬ #ns #productivity #organization  

My special blog notification circle received a notification for this post. If you'd like to be added to the circle, please leave a comment below Thank you for all your sharing and support! xoxo
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You are so kind +Mary Iannotti !  Your support means so much!
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Marilyn Moore

Shared publicly  - 
A Beautiful Way to End Your Week

It's Friday.  You're winding down for the weekend.  Now is the perfect time as you are decompressing from a week's worth of hurry and hassle to enjoy +Gina Fiedel 's post, from +Fat Eyes Web Development , on the virtues of slowing down, particularly in relation to the emerging slow web movement.

Society has made speed and making things go faster the goal of most everything we do.  From faster computing times to faster freeway speeds to faster consumption of information on the internet.  If we can do something faster, it's an automatic plus.

+Gina Fiedel does a beautiful job of pointing out what is lost as speed is gained.  As she says:

"We might allow things to matter more. To truly mean something."

"We can give ourselves the chance to treasure the experience of creating as well as the experience of consumption."

Do take time to slow down and savor this piece on the slow web.  It will open your mind to new ways of approaching your online time - and your life as a whole. I recommend the Carl Honore TED talk which is embedded in the post, also.

Thank you +Gina Fiedel for shining light on an important topic.

Post reshared by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 
The Slow Web Groovy Connection: Depth & Reach Or Fast Web Frenzy
Make Haste Slowly

The Slow Web Movement has captured my imagination and is ushering me towards an ever-evolving realization that we are free to combine swift efficiency with an aware and measured pace, to shape a more worthwhile online experience. One that will encourage actually remembering what it was that we experienced in those moments that tend to go by. Fast.

...That’s more appreciative of creative forces and deliciously fruitful. That allows time and territories for relationships to build organically with our customers, audience, peers. That provides better and more thoughtful, thorough customer service.

...Helps us to gain more lasting and valuable knowledge; goes beyond information. And doesn't leave out delightful imagination, savored daydream moments, intensive learning, playful escapades. An experience of discovery. Not nourished by stress. Or ready distraction.

A Deeper Online Adventure

I’d like that myself. What about you?

I crave depth and meaning,    …_more_ meaning in everything I do [online]. Intimacy, a more destination-based, interactive experience that stimulates and satisfies. I long to have space to relish the ideas that I encounter, that captivate my mind and my heart. But I seem to be short on time. I’m crazed for time. Too often, there’s a voice in my head that says, “I don’t have time”. I’m tired of hearing it.

That's an indication I’m in need of a change but not the change you might suspect I’m thinking of. In fact, I am going to turn it on its head. I believe we can create a more meaningful experience and make time itself rich and full by slowing ourselves down, as opposed to speeding up. It will benefit business, not detract from it.

 I'm not looking to unplug or disengage.

~ How fast do we have to go to prove to ourselves that what we do has Value?
~ Why Should Fast Define Us?
~ Are We Really Committed To Everything Happening In Real Time?
~ What If We Slow Down And Accept Whatever Speed Happens To Occur Naturally?

I hope you’ll read on:

Ironic case in point:_ The other day, I was beginning work on this post. It was Sunday and I was allowing myself to be pulled in multiple digital directions all at once: three private chats pinging sounds included, making plans to hear my niece’s band play, online scheduling, responding to + mentions in the Google Plus stream, answering emails and trying to think and write all at the same time. That’s simply insane. And the exact opposite of what I crave (not to mention the absolute antithesis of what I’m writing about). I usually very little no will-power to turn it off, close the browser window, quit Outlook. That’s all it would take to give me the spacious quiet I needed. Eventually, I turned it all off and put my full attention to this. But I’m clearly addicted to the feeling of connection and the stimulation and it’s hard to let it go._
This article is an illustration of how an atmosphere of collaboration can come as a natural extension of our relationships here on Google Plus

I first encountered the concept of the Slow Web in an article from +Teodora Petkova that tied Slow Web with our experience here on the Plus in the way we develop meaningful relationships. And then later in a “response” of sorts from +David Kutcher in which he added in his analytical and practical mind with ways we can improve the user experience of our website visitors. (links in the article)
My last article was on the topic of collaboration and David took my [collaboration] cue by inviting me (and two others) to read and comment truthfully on his article prior to publication, while in edit mode. What transpired was a very interesting conversation about what he’d written. One of the things that occurred was that I found myself having more and different to say, additional things I wanted to think about. But that wouldn’t have been David. It was me. It was then that I realized it was time to write my own take on the subject. We talked about it and he is expecting this article as is Teodora. The article I am posting here.
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The Slow Web: Depth, creative thinking, meaning. Web pages that inspire thought, learning, discovery. Fast Web + Slow Web: Websites with more than one pace.
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A total pleasure +Fat Eyes Web Development !
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The Power of Green...
Evergreen, that is

+Ray Hiltz has created a valuable recap of this week's  #RayBunch   lunchtime HOA discussion of evergreen content.  

Evergreen content, as the term implies, stays relevant for months or even years - a mighty important thing to keep in mind when creating content.

Ray's recap of the show is evergreen in itself.  Besides giving examples of evergreen topics, pointers were also given on how to change an existing piece of content into an evergreen one.

+Scott Scowcroft added to the evergreen nature of this show by pulling out some of the nuggets and editing them into short 2 minute segments that add value but will also stay relevant indefinitely.

So not only will you learn more about evergreen content from this post and the accompanying video,  but also look to see how this recap was put together, including text and video.  It is a terrific model of how to create evergreen content.

Well done +Ray Hiltz and the #RayBunch  team!

Post reshared by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

#contentmarketing   #contentcreation  
Are You Creating Evergreen Content?
The #RayBunch  decided to spring into Spring this week by discussing “Evergreen Content.

There are many reasons to create this kind of content, among them:
- niche authority
- remaining in front of your audience
- becoming a reference
- Google search

What is “Evergreen Content?

As the name implies, it’s content that’s always relevant – be it written, audio or video.

I asked each of our “bunch” to define evergreen content through the lens of their own specialties:

+Jessica Dewell -  Business Development

+B.L. Ochman – Digital Strategist and Google Plus 

+Randy Bowden  – Marketing and Branding 

+Scott Scowcroft – Video Content Recycler “The Scott Treatment”

During the show, we discussed the importance of having a “niche” to build this content around. 

What kinds of posts lend themselves to being evergreen?

- How-to posts and tutorials
- Historical posts and origin stories
- Encyclopedic posts and informational posts
- Resource lists of curated content / Top tips
- Answers to industry FAQs 

Another way to come up with evergreen content is to repurpose older content that you perhaps never intended to be evergreen.

You do this by:

- removing date references
- update images if necessary and check alt tags on them
- correct any specific references to tools or technology that may have changed
- change format from blog to slide share, video or podcast

Ask yourself if you’d still find value in the post six months down the road.

Included in the article is the  video replay of the show plus 2 minute excerpts from each of the panelists.

#contentmarketing   #marketing   #authority  
Are you publishing evergreen content that will be as relevant six months from now as it is today?
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You're most welcome +Ray Hiltz and +Scott Scowcroft !
  And I quite agree with Scott that Ray's segments/blogs remain entertaining, but also "get to the point." A great job all 'round!
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