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Marilyn Kay
Helping individuals and businesses connect and succeed | creativity and innovation advocate | hangout enthusiast
Helping individuals and businesses connect and succeed | creativity and innovation advocate | hangout enthusiast

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The five key elements of any story are characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution. In this post I will talk about how I went about choosing and creating the setting for my latest crime short story, “That Damn Cat“. Why I Chose Toronto for the…

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Forgive me. I’m still walking on air after discovering  my  crime fiction short story “Journey into the Dark” qualified as one of the 18 for inclusion in Bouchercon 2017’s anthology, Passport to Murder. I had never written a short story before. (I’m not…

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Wales supporting Welsh
It's great to see this new push to support the Welsh language in Wales!

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Good points raised about what motivates you and your business

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Alex Salmond Resigns

I'm actually sad to see him go. I didn't always like him, but he fought hard and would not be a pushover as negotiations about further devolution proceed. Perhaps he could have spent a bit of time watching a spider struggle to finally successfully build a web. Ok. Enough with apocryphal analogies, but I think this is the start of big change in Scotland and in the UK. I think he could have played a strong, continuing part in the change.
#scotlanddecides   #maxdevo   #indyref2014  

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Voting for a Better Form of Government?

Good analysis by a York University prof (Toronto) of the Scottish Referendum. I'm watching this very carefully, since I fell in love with Scotland after a visit several years ago. I also remember a snooty shopkeeper in Bath who tried to say my Bank of Scotland notes weren't equivalent to the British pound. Of course, she was wrong. Who knows what will happen after September 18.

I hate to say that Cameron's plea of don't break up the family is rather like that of parents who favored one child and neglected the other and now says, "Oh, but all those years we really cared."

#scottishindependence   #scottishreferendum   #inequality  

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The Mystery of Jack the Ripper Has Been Solved

Amazing and painstaking research has resulted in identifying not only the shawl of one of Jack the Ripper's victims, but the identity of Jack the Ripper himself.

#jacktheripper #mystery #DNAtesting  

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Fantastic new feature +Carol Dodsley 

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A better way to retweet

Have you tried embedding tweets in a tweet yet?

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Portugal's Protected Landscapes

This is an awe-inspiring video about Portugal's protected landscapes and local traditions. 
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