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Marilyn G Russell
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President / Principal Designer of Design Magnifique
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Interior Designer | Lover of Art + Architecture + Color

Marilyn G Russell, Allied ASID, president of Design Magnifique Inc., epitomizes the style and the substance of today’s internationally focused and modernist approach to interior design.  Highly educated---she has three college degrees that contribute to her dynamic and diverse design sensibility---Russell was born in Jamaica, grew up in Boston and studied historical interior

design in London.  Her own work is contemporary and trendsetting with a masculine, edgy feel to it.  She specializes in mid-century modern, minimalist, and “Mad Men” 1960s ultra-modern decors that often feature a jolt of bright color in neutrally toned rooms.

       “Layering your space with texture and color,” she says, “provides depth and uniqueness to a room that result from fresh, appealing interior design.”

       Prior to receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree in interior design from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Orlando, Russell gained 15 years of valuable experience as a construction defect insurance claims adjuster who interviewed builders, architects and developers of new homes, condos and apartment buildings in California, Arizona and Las Vegas. Her construction knowledge is reflected in Design Magnifique’s home remodeling, home staging and model merchandising expertise. The firm also does commercial design and space planning, and it has international clients, including those from Brazil, Puerto Rico and India.

       In addition, Russell received a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix and an associate degree in fashion merchandising from Burdette College in Boston. Her community involvement includes working with Toys for Tots and Habitat for Humanity.  She also has been involved with the Modenus’ Blog Tour, an online service that improves relationships between designers and brand name suppliers and vendors.     

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Love it!!
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The strongest factor for success is self-esteem : Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.

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Love the open plan
Feast your eyes on this spectacular kitchen from HGTV’s dream home for 2014:
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You got it +Donna Frasca My thoughts exactly!!
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What a Treasure...
Sumptuous baroque hand made leather journal. An exquisitely rich detailed embossed book for your thoughts… 

#corset   #leatherjournals   #steampunk  
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Marilyn G Russell

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Thrilled to see +Barbara Hirsch patio design gracing the cover of Maine Home Design!!
Yay! I made the cover of Maine Home + Design's Official 2014 Home Guide with this summer's showhouse  :-)
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What a stunning #Color  
the magic of nature - golden sunset - fascinating and inspirational

#inspiration #inspirational #gold #golden   #sunset  
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Marilyn G Russell

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Let The Haters Hate

... and continue to innovate. A friendly message from

Because sometimes, the pure fact that you're moving forward, doing things that matter and succeeding will rub people the wrong way. Why? Because it shines light on the fact that they're getting nowhere. 

Never let those people slow you down. Just smile, because it means you're going somewhere! 

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Marilyn G Russell

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Intriguing architecture design
belzberg architects project the kona residence in hawaii:
using local materials and craftsmanship, the residence offers a volcanic sanctuary intrinsically connected to its landscape. #architecture #hawaiian #residence #getaway #relax
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Wow, i like it .
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#Copyright Infringement
Copyright Infringement By

If you're and artist or photographer, this is information that you should be very clear on.  As an artist, I'm very protective of my work and go to great lengths on my website to state that my work is copyright protected.  

Check out the article and video on the Legal123 website link below.  It's spot on! - Jill Saur

Here’s a transcript of the Copyright Infringement video …
There are a lot of Copyright myths, misinformation and misunderstandings out there at the moment – particularly when it comes to Copyright Infringement on the Internet. So to help website owners, we designed this simple Infographic to explain what you need to know about Copyright, how not to breach Copyright and how to protect yourself from any Copyright Infringement.

Copyright belongs to the person who created a ‘work’. A ‘work’ can be a photograph, image, words, song, tagline, music, article, software code or anything you create yourself, from scratch. Any such material, or ‘work’, has automatic protection for the creator without the need for registration.

First Myth: Once a ‘work’ is posted online it loses Copyright protection. The fact is, Copyright exists in the ‘work’ from the moment it is created and does not lose its protection, even if it’s not registered, no matter where it is posted or how it is used. You cannot use or post anyone else’s photographs, images, words, songs, taglines, music, articles etc. without their express permission.

Second Myth: You can copy someone’s ‘work’ online, provided you link back to them. This is not correct. Even if you credit them, this is not, in many cases, enough or acceptable – you need to check with the owner of the ‘work’ first. There is no implied permission, so you cannot assume they are OK with it. Now some websites DO state that you can use certain material, provided you link back to them and give them credit. But you should check first, unless permission is specifically granted for the ‘work’ or item you want to repost or use.

Third Myth: If you alter or change the ‘work’ or only use a part or portion of it, you are not breaching Copyright. This is false, at least in most cases. All use, whether in part or in a derivative form is still covered by Copyright law and protections. There are, however, a few exceptions which are called “fair use”. These include use for educational purposes, critiques and other limited uses. But generally all use, whether in part or in a derivative form is breaching Copyright if you haven’t received permission.

Fourth Myth: If there is no Copyright symbol the ‘work’ is free to be used. Again, this is incorrect. There is no requirement to display a Copyright symbol or even to register any ‘work’ to have Copyright protection. It’s protected from the moment it is created and the owner does not lose this protection just because they haven’t displayed the Copyright symbol. Although there is no requirement to register Copyright, if it is an important ‘work’ or being used worldwide, you may wish to consider registration for added protection.

Fifth Myth: You can use another person’s ‘work’ so long as you don’t make any financial gain or profit from it. This is definitely wrong and false. You are breaching Copyright whether you make money or not! You cannot use the argument that you are giving the Copyright owner free advertising or that you came up with the ‘lucrative’ idea and you will share it with the Copyright owner – any and all profits you make would be taken into account by a court if you were sued. And irrespective of whether you make any money, you are still breaching Copyright. The defining issue is not financial gain but the actual breach. Find your own images and content to use and ideas to make money from.

In summary, do not use anyone else’s idea, work, images or anything that is not your own without getting permission – unless you can point to specific authorisation to use someone else’s ‘work’. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a Copyright Infringement Notice from the owner, or worse – in court.

We’re always here to help you at Legal123. And we’ve designed an easy to use Copyright Infringement Notice if you find someone has infringed your Copyright. Check us out at


We hope you found this Infographic on Copyright Infringement and protection in Australia helpful. Here at Legal123 we have written an easy-to-use Copyright Infringement Notice, including options to request compensation, offer licensing and what to do if you don’t receive a response.

Thanks to +Dustin W. Stout for sharing this info graphic on his page.  I've been teaching these same principles to my students for years, but it was nice to be directed to such a great source!
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Love it how many options there are now for barn hardware, as different from just a few years ago. I'm working on two projects where we will be using something like this, if not this.
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Love this!
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