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Woo-hoo! My First DSLR!!!

OK, so this may not be terribly impressive to all you photogs out there, but I'm pretty psyched. For shooting artwork this will be replacing my 4MP 2002 Canon Powershot G2, 2011 Canon Powershot 2200 (for quick snapshots mostly), and my former film camera, an ancient Canon AE1.

So far, I am quite impressed with the quality and attention to detail. I have a lot to learn, though. Guess I'll be working my way through the manual and additional helpful docs for awhile.

Much grass to my hubby for helping me move on up. :D
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Have fun exploring your new camera - brilliant!
+Tessie L'Amour Thank you! It's actually an older model, and can be purchased for 100's less than it once was...but will still do all I was looking for (I hope!). :)
Start saving up for all the new lenses and accessories you'll "need".
Nice! I love mine. BTW, that's a better camera than what I shoot with. I highly recommend getting another lens. The 18-55mm that comes with the Rebel series aren't great.
+Philip Painter Thanks, Philip. Well, another lens will have to wait awhile. I was thinking perhaps the 50mm fixed lens (the less expensive one); but not sure. I love having the zoom function, but I already knew this wasn't going to be an awesome lens. A place to start...
Yeah, you don't have to worry about it just yet. Just know other lenses provide much better pics.

The nifty-fifty is an fantastic investment. I use mine almost exclusively (I am a complete hack and not a photog).
In terms of beautiful photography, the benefits of learning the craft outweigh the quality of equipment by at least 1000 to 1. This is splendid gear and fully capable of making amazing images. It just depends on how you set it, and where you point it. Looking forward to where you go with it!
+Philip Painter Thanks! Really good to know! I plan to use it mostly for shooting artwork, so I want straight sides and crisp pixels at high resolution, plus of course, color accuracy. Some of that is in the camera, but of course, some of it in the person behind the camera (read the manuals, Marilyn!). The other thing I've read I can do with this that I'm pretty excited about is interval shooting (via software and a computer), so someday maybe you'll see a time-lapse video of my painting process. :)
Excellent choice ! I have had a 400D for 4 years and it has never failed me. For shooting artwork I'm pretty sure the lens you have for now is sufficient, just don't shoot 55mm and horizontally aligned with the center of your frame so that proportions are respected and you should be alright. Then of course the fixed 50mm is indeed an incredibly good investment if you want to do some portraits. Also it forces you to work on your positionning skills ;)
+Stéphane W Thank you! So glad to hear good reviews! And, yes, the positioning skills were what I was concerned about! ;)
for time-lapse photography I can also highly recommend using the CHDK framework with your latest powershot. read their wiki there :
The basics of CHDK is that it is like a mod of the firmware, but without actually changing the firmware (ok they explain better than I do lol). Once you have it running on your sd card, you can then let it run scripts with limitless possibilities (you can modify them and also write your own in LUA, a fairly straightforward language) : override the stock ISO values, do bracketting for HDR but also White balance bracketting, focus length bracketting, motion sensor, you name it. It's pretty awesome and imho it's why canon point and shoot cameras are the best on the market. Alas it is not available for DSLRs, although there starts to be some fancy smartphone apps which may be nice too.
One last advice is of course to always shoot in RAW. Using Digital Photographer Professional, which is included in the CDs and downloadable for free, you have very decent results, especially for adjusting exposure and white balance.
+Stéphane W Thanks so much, Stephane! This is all good advice, and I really appreciate it! :) Much to learn...
+Kelly Dombrowski Kelly, I got the EOS Rebel T1i; more than I was planning on, yet still not too bad $-wise. It's such a nice camera compared to anything I've owned before! I'm going to try to learn all the stuff from the manuals on a almost daily basis. Wanna join me? ;)
YES I want to join you! Like I said I have some DVD's so I can even know where to start omg.... my birthday present months ago! It is intimidating!
+Kelly Dombrowski Cool! I'll let you know what I'm up to tomorrow, or vice-versa, and see if we can make a plan. :)
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