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Mariel Fülber
"Roses are red, Violets are blue... Poor violet, violated for a rhyme." - Derek Jarman
"Roses are red, Violets are blue... Poor violet, violated for a rhyme." - Derek Jarman

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another one of a friend of mine! i'm trying to make her join us, but she doesn't think her work's worth the attention...

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work of a friend of mine...
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Carnival mood!!

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"Who had the idea to cut the time in slices, which was given the name of year, was a brilliant being.

Industrialized Hope, making it run on the edge of exhaustion.

Twelve months are enough for any human to get tired and give up.

There comes the miracle of renewing and it all starts again, with other number and other desire to believe that from now on it will be different."

Carlos Drummond de Andrade

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just perfect!!

and i rather don't list names...

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Mario rules!!

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ok... it makes me think "russians are not soulless people who grown an ice stone instead of a heart".
but if that is true, how can they be so cruel to the LGBT community and relates, being able to beat, mestreat and mock a boy just because he is waring a pink jacket?

free translations of the sayings at beginnig and end of the video:
Any gesture can be graceful if there is no self-interest.
Do good deeds!
When was the last time you did something good?
Today you, Tomorrow me.

I challenge you in the next 7 days show your humanity by doing something simple for a perfect stranger.

+martin shervington +Tom Rolfson +Bruce Garber +Maria Quiban +Paul Roustan +Stacy Frazer +Christopher Lira +Stephanie Van Pelt

Pick your team and pass it on

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