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Just ordered my copy and can't wait to get int it ! I LOVE Google Apps Script and there is little documentation on it.   I never studied Computer Science and learned GAS just with some online code snippets and I am now addicted !!
I totally recommend both the product which changed my work life and the book by a top Expert in this field ! +Bruce Mcpherson   Thanks +Rupert Whitehead for recommending the book !
I've been a little slow in publishing snippets lately as I've been super busy recording videos to accompany my Going Gas book, when its publishing process is finished in March. Making the videos is a fairly long process, and involves the preparation of lots of new material. I created this snippet for one of the lessons, and found it really useful. So I thought I'd share it here.  Enjoy!

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Here is one way to conduct usability testing for your killer app.
Might not work for all types of apps or audiences ...but can be customized.

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Help us help you & help cool kids around the world in the process ! :)
Take the Google developer survey and help us support you better and raise money to educate children around the world.

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Calling all Internet policy researchers in Africa
Applications for our Faculty Research Awards program is open and the next window for submissions is October 1st to 15th.
Researchers who are interested in applying for a Faculty Research Award can do so twice a year following the instructions laid out on the Google Faculty Research Awards website.
The next window for submissions is October 1 to 15.
We look forward to your proposals.

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Share your story and inspire others
Are you using Google to do extraordinary things? Has technology enabled you to start new ventures, grow your business or affect the lives of those around you in a positive way? Would you like your story shared around the world? We would love to hear from you. Share your story for a chance to win $5,000 for your business and, if you are part of one, another $5,000 for your Google Business Group.
Deadline: September 15th

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We're hiring two Business Development Program Managers to build out the BebaPay ( network in Nairobi and Manila.

If you are, or know someone who is interested in:

- Managing a business development team who identify, pitch and sign contracts with businesses,
- Managing large projects from conception, setting up large teams including vendor team sourcing/hiring and managing vendor relationships,

and ideally have local knowledge and language skills (Swahili, Tagalog), check the job posts here:!t=jo&jid=4470003&!t=jo&jid=4303001&

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Very serene Doodle ! I really like it!
Traditional susuki and dango (Japanese pampas grass and rice dumplings) are on display in this serene doodle celebrating Japan's mid-autumn moon-viewing festival.

(This is one of several doodles celebrating harvest festivals across Asia today—stay tuned for more!)

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Hey Google Cloud Developer Challenge Contestants!
If you plan to submit a PHP application, your application needs to be whitelisted. Carefully enter your details at
and we will do our utmost to accelerate the whitelisting process.
Please sign up before 11:59PM GMT+1 on the 25th September 2013.
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