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Marie Milligan
Wild Women Do: Refresh your creativity, business & wellness in one trusted place.
Wild Women Do: Refresh your creativity, business & wellness in one trusted place.


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Choose humanity
Choose humanity
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Can you believe there are only 5 Monday's before 2017?

If you want to ensure your 2017 feels soul-centred, more creative, more abundant, what do you have to get clear on to make that happen?

For members of my list, I've extended my Thanksgiving sale on my 30-day coaching program to 19:00 (GMT) today and offered an incredible 50% saving if you book today.

Who is this program for?

Creative, entrepreneurial women (and men) who have been stuck on a big question or indecision that has been impacting your wellness, creativity, productivity and cashflow and you want a clear idea of what you want to do in 2017, and have the plan, resource, systems, courage and support to do it.

With only 5 weeks before 2017, I suggest we start your 30-days as soon as possible (this week!) to get you ready for New Year with a clear vision, more energy, and a focused plan of action.

Share with Wild Women and Men you love who have been searching for this kind of program so they can snap up this exclusive offer – today only.

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An old poem about The Holiday season.

The countdown started weeks before,
The anticipation of wonder built up high,
A day, with loved ones, present,
Though we never really question our why.

For those who believe in a deity,
Their purpose is somehow explicit,
For those who don’t quite know what they believe,
The gift-giving seems to be the ticket.

What is it you love about this time of year?
Take a moment to ponder.
Is it the twinkling lights, or loved ones receiving?
What is your bliss, I wonder?

Wherever you choose to celebrate this day,
Be sure your heart is pure and loving.
For your motivation is long forgotten,
When you’re sitting eating the pudding.

And those, who may find this season tough,
Choose to bring yourself peace,
Time can be spent, as you wish it,
No obligation, just freedom is enough.

– Marie Milligan

#poem #poet #writer #holidays #holidayseason #christmas
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An old poem in draft. "The Healing of the Pen"

To heal,
To love,
To write,
To give.

The simpleness,
The power,
The rawness,
The love.

It’s all there,
It flows out.
Without knowing,
No direction,
It must.

Stop it,
Stop the love.
Prevent it?
Don’t be selfish.
Let it go.
It’s not yours to keep.

Your message
Has other readers.
Needing to weep.

– Marie Milligan

#poem #writer #love #healing #powerofthepen
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Still time to snap up 33% off my 30-day online coaching program designed to help creative, entrepreneurial women get deeply clear on what they want.

30-days includes:

4 private coaching calls

4 worksheets to deepen your clarity, learning and focus your actions

4 coaching / consultancy notes with observations, recommendations and bespoke exercises for you from our calls

4 motivational emails every week designed to keep you motivated and energised to take the action you want

Access to me for feedback, a sounding board, motivation, encouragement, idea-clarification and idea-generation. I've been supporting creative, entrepreneurial women who are self-employed and own their own business since 2005. I've been coaching 1-to-1 since 20008.

A recent client told me that the 30-day program helped her "feel at peace" which may be exactly what you want at this time of year, ready to start 2017 feeling calm, certain, sure of who you are, what you want, and how you will do it with ease and support.

Go here to view the program details and to book. Your 30-days can start as soon as this week, ready for your New Year start.

Enquiries to: and we can jump onto Whatsapp if you need to hear my voice and be sure this is the program for you.

Please tag or share this with a Wild Woman you know has been searching for a Life/Career/Business Coach who understands what it's like to run your own business, to be a creative and to follow the passion not just the profit, who lives a holistic and alternative lifestyle, who gets the need to run a business from the heart not just the head, who believes it's normal to live in different countries and not to "settle" when told, who believes in collaboration more than competition.

If this is you or someone you know, go here to book:

Love, Marie
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".........Now, at my writing table, coming back to write this piece at 11pm, and why I think giving is so important to your creativity and your business?

The skill of awareness, of humility, of understanding the struggles of another and knowing you can do something to lessen their pain and ease their life in some way – these skills will make you a better creative and entrepreneur than any art school or MBA school can."

Read the full piece here:

#wildwomendo #wellness #creative #entrepreneur #giving #contribution
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Do you know how to REALLY relax? In Morocco, it's a daily practice.

Join us on our 7-day retreat in Marrakech to learn how to relax at a deeper level:

But first, why not relax wherever you live in the world – today – by accessing our free, guided and healing meditation by our yoga teacher, Deborah Willimott.

Let her voice be a calm balm for your creative soul. Listen here:

Love, Marie
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You are safe, grounded & well. Free Healing #Meditation for women who want to relax: #yoga #freeguide  
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