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Haïku, freedom When I've got no blue, I put red. Pablo Picasso.
I wish you a week full of the blue of red, the sweetness of flowers and the bird of freedom

Freedom, a golden bird
That can fly high in the sky
So coveted, so killed

I had no golden bird, I put a purple aqulegia. #freedom
For #breakfastclub by +Gemma Costa
For #breakfastartclub by +Kate Church
For +Moan Lisa's Art Akademie™ #freedom
#purplecircle by +lynn langmade +Alexis Coram +Sinead Sam McKeown +Craig Szymanski
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Love the way you give the introduction to your pics, something I have started looking forward to :)
With the Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee, we have far too much red, white and blue at the moment!
What a beautiful wish! And what a lovely bloom to top it off! I wish the same for you.
Of course when Picasso ran out of blue and red he used green.
very beautiful Marie, and such a wonderful haiku!
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