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Full of so much interest +Marie Hélène Visconti 
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Drinking gracefully. Cat in the garden of "Musée des impressionnismes in Giverny. I let him wish you a precious Caturday
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Nympheas without nympheas
My mission today was shoot nympheas in Giverny but the nympheas will flower only in a few months. 
So here are quite heavily processed nympheas leaves...

My son François has to present a body of work at the end of the year combining arts history and history of the 20th century.
So, he chose the nympheas, which are Monet's war contribution and gift to France to celebrate the victory. He will also work on 2 epressionnist works one by Otto Dix, the skat players, one by Fernand Léger, the game of cards showing the dark side of the war.

For #flowerpower  +FLOWER POWER by +Edith Kukla 
For #floralfriday  +FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Eustace James +Kiki Nelson 
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+Enrique Pelaez Great thanks
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I let this very very old Bohemian olive tree and this young lilac tree wish you a superb Tuesday

Photo taken near the "arènes de Lutèce*, Paris 5
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Women and grief, painting

#mixedmedia  on canvas.  97 x 146 cm

This is the follow-up of the weeping woman.

It is before everything a painting about feminity.
To what depths of grief and desolation love can take us, be it the love of a mother for her son and of a woman for a man.
I began this painting years ago and let it rest and. As I was working on the subject of feminity and had restored the weeping woman who is the model for Mary Magdalene, I decided to finish it.

And, strange coincidence, I began that work just before Easter. So I decided that it had to be finished today even if the descent of the cross takes place on Easter Friday.

For #paintitclub +PaintIt Club by +Richard Mabb +Celso de Carvalho +Rick Leaf +Clare Bambers +Carol Small +Astrid Bartels +Milena Ilieva +Stefan Kierek +Astrid Bartels 
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+mady sach Warm thanks
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The weeping woman. Not fully satisfied but can only blotch her now...
I painted her at the end of last century. The boys had written on her. She has endured some leaks and was covered with much dust. No other solution than restoration !

#mixedmedia  on canvas. 50cm x 65cm

For #paintitclub  +PaintIt Club by +Richard Mabb +Celso de Carvalho +Clare Bambers +Rick Leaf +Carol Small +Astrid Bartels +Milena Ilieva +Stefan Kierek +Elin Vaeth 
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Painting is never easy but sometimes it turns to the bullfighting... Btw, If you have ideas for my discarded canvases, I'm buying 
My mishaps painting Yayoi Kusama (detailed below) are a game compared to the difficulties I am encountering with my new project: some sort of a Way of the cross.

Yayoi being Yayoi, as soon as I allude to her, things take a crazy turn.

This begins with a vintage roll of closet paper bought in a flea shop (like wallpaper but thinner…). Red ornated with dots (coins in fact but with time it does not show much.

Well I’m not good at wallpapering. I blotched fully my first try. I had a good excuse. Varnish glue was improper for that sort of paper.Then I decided to rescue the canvas to spare money under the ironic gaze of Pierre, 16, who advised me to renounce and buy another canvas. The rescue blotched the canvas.

I bought another canvas and proper glue and…. When I put the face and hair I had painted on a piece of cardboard on the background I had prepared with much efforts, it did not work at all :-(

With the leftover of the glue and pigment, I made some painting which I used on the fully blotched canvas. I tried this new background. It fared worse :-((

Tired and preoccupied by the cost of this adventure, a third canvas had been bought, I decided to go for a « secure » solution : white paint and red dots. Well not dots à la Yayoi but dots à la Visconti, dried petals of bougainvillae….
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+Enrique Pelaez I have an idea for the right one. I don't know if it will work
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I wish you a great Wednesday. I'll dedicate mine to the painting of women...

This is a photo of "dalle des Olympiades". It's situated in Paris' Chinaton.

Its building followed those guidelines
- towers and groundscrapers are displayed along an approximate North-South axis independently of street layout.
- some streets, exclusively dedicated to functional use, are invisible as they are built under the huge elevated esplanade in the middle of the district.
- The esplanade is exclusively dedicated to the pedestrians, while the surrounding avenues concentrate all the car traffic. Shops are built on the esplanade, along with the main entrances of the towers.

These rules should have been followed in more part of Paris but Parisians were less than enthusiastic.

End of towers in Paris. They regularly come back as project because to house many people when room is scarce, it may be the only solution. They are regularly booed away. 

For #whateverwednesday  by +Cicely Robin Laing 
For #hqspurbanandstreetphotos  +HQSP Urban & Street Photos by +Оксана Крысюкова +Michael Sonntag +Daniel Grey +Alejandro J. Soto 
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+Enrique Pelaez Thanks a lot
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I wish you a great week. Let's dance

Photo taken in square Tino Rossi, Paris V, next to the Seine.
A group of people where practising tango under the guidance of a minuscule Chinese man.

I find this image so evocative... I let you write your own story to go with it.

For #sentimentalsunday  by +Louisa Catharine Forsyth 
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+Chris Hamilton Warm thanks
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Painter, allusive figuration. Peintre, figuration allusive.
Acrylics. Mixed media. Haikus. Telling stories.
  • Painter. Peintre
    Peintre, gérante d'une société de communication, present
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January 1
Painter, allusive figuration l love to tell stories, cook, garden, read, entertain, arts & culture. I live in Paris. I write haikus.
I am a painter, Allusive figuration.
I love to tell stories. 
I write haïkus as a form of meditation.
I take photos in association with my words.
I like to cook, garden, read, entertain, arts and culture. I live in Paris and go regularly to the countryside to cultivate my garden. I am a multiple mother.
More about me on my personal site,
Retro games camp, a fantasy story, 3 urban digital teens of 2012 sent in French rural 70's

Je suis peintre. Figuration allusive.
J'aime raconter des histoires. 
J'écris des haïkus. C'est ma façon de méditer.
Je prends des photos en association avec mes mots.
J'aime cuisiner, jardiner, lire, recevoir, les arts et la culture. J'habite à Paris et je vais régulièrement à la campagne cultiver mon jardin.
Plus sur moi sur mon site personnel:
Retro games camp, 3 ados de 2012 vivant dans un univers urbain et digital envoyés dans la France rurale des années 70
Si la musique est la nourriture du crime, un polar ayant pour cadre un orchestre symphonique
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