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Marianne White (ThatFlippingBandDirector)

It looks like I completed my Google Certified Educator Level 1 Exam in limbo....right after it was released, but before it said "coming soon" again. On the testing website it says I passed (YAY!) but I never got my certificate or badge. In the testing site, I can click on "pass" next to my exam and then will get an error message and have to log back in. The same thing happens when I try to look at "my certifications" and ask it to email me confirmation. When I look at FAQ's for the tests on the Google site, it gives a link to follow if you did not receive the email with credentials...the link takes me back to the testing site where I get error messages. Does anyone know who I can contact about this? Obviously there are some problems with these new certifications since they aren't available again.

Thanks for the help!
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