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Thanks for the best anniversary and wwld in all the land!!!! Lil' video from the start of our night..sorry for the bad angles ha ha!
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Marc jr
Check my music out
Taryn H
haha love that
Ain't maría a bit of alright ;-) 
Mimi! Happy belated. Love you on idol, don't matter what nicki says lol
What? No shots from helicopter?

Happy B day
I can't watch it from my iPhone 5 ugh "Almost Home" though 😽😺
Love you!!! Love everything coming of you! Hope you had a good Anniversary!
looooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee u 2 are the best couple i know
Awesome! Thanks for sharing! That was very cool. Thank you for allowing me to see a part of your unbelievably awesome life. As a huge fan, that was the coolest thing.
♪ ♫ ♪     (◕‿~)  
awww... You are A+++MAZING Mariah!!! <3 <3 <3
You're very generous. I've had to target a few moments that we are together. I will always remember this. wonderful dream.
Hello, Mariah we are fans of you :-) in Idol...oh yeh liked the video
Love you so much Mariah! Yoy are sweet
Hehehe that was cute! Love it, made me smile...
ty that was very neat !! mariah you two are for sure made for each other !!! wtg congrats again! !!! keep me in the loop ty !!!enjoy yourselves !!!
Tha real love Mariah an nick got Tru love all over 
I can't watch it:( is their any easier way to Watch it????

great day and lovely couple!!
Happy Anniversary love ya..
9ce shoes he's got der....... will be gud for tap dance
happy belated anniversary!!!!!!!!!!1
I wanna say God bless you and your family on this blessed holiday 
Looovvveeee It. Happy Belated Anniversary! :)
Get it in!!! Happy Birthday Anniversary Freak fest all of that! You shouldn't have time to read this because you should be busy fuckin 
Hey Mimi, when r u performing in South Africa?
Luvulotslikejellytots dahhhling!
PS some of the comments posted here #scary! Lol
happy birthday in 27mrch13
Love it ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
Awesome, well, sorry for the inconvenience, again. I have plans for you on Saturday, July 6th, where "All My Children" is concerned, while I'm fighting for you to become a musical guest for the soap on Thursday, August 1st, and Friday, August 2nd, or Monday, August 5th. Again- beautiful picture.:) I'm thisclose to finding someone who can help me with my three topics-and you're a part of them. Hope everything does work out for all of us.
Mariah I have watched you since your career started have always haves luved you an your music has gotten through some difficult times I love you sooo much your music you as a judge on American Idol ill always be your biggest fan always, Lisa Tucker MS
Hope you had a great time !
Haha... That was nice... nice one Mariah... I Like this
Hey Mariah Ur like my idols since I was 9 years old I would luv u meet u in real life :)
tj r
how very beautiful cou really great to see a small african live with you in the family (like me)
tj r
Love the video and the couple
I loved it.  I thought it was really sweet , and humourous.  I also enjoyed the presence of the couple as well.  Great going.
Me and my friend are a big fan of you we wish we could meet you one day!!!!!! :)
i like it. im not good in english!
Nice i wish yall the best happiness in the world 
I <3 that video it rocked keep $hine:-) :-) :-)

Hello my oll farind how ear u oll???
Ha oh MC I just love u dahhhling your super fun and funny I would love to meet u one day!
Tonite as I walk understreet lights, I pray to THE MOST HIGH asking will my life seem lite, heavey burdens on my mind cause my memory ties spittile many more lines; but now im back like a street fight. Many numb by the shades of strive, young folk no long ask quest they die, thoughts of my own suicide I cried, WHY THEY SO EARGER LIKE I, THIS WORLD SO HEAVLY WITH LIES, I'VE MET JUSTICE!
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