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Going to perform in Morocco on May 26. Hope the Moroccan lambs will be there!
Mariah Carey to Make A Special Appearance at The 11th Mawazine Festival in Morocco on May 26, 2011. Worldwide superstar and biggest selling female artist of all time Mariah Carey will be bringing her ...
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quantos anos vc meu amor
manda ia orkut'/
Will you post a video clip of the performance? Good luck.
As a matter of fact! I just celebrated my 60th birthday. Why?
Next time you have to come to Sweden. Love
like U so Much Mariah... When do you come to Brazil Again???? Luv Luv Luv
bob wei
HAVE FUN!!!!!!
Good luck, it should be and will be a great concert with you there, have you been there before?
i complet love you
...about the lambs, i don´t know... but the "couscous" is pretty good :)
whoa! when are you comin to South africa please,please MC
hi how are you doing im trying to be a good person in christ but its hard
I love you Mariah & i wanna see u on stage!!you came to Tunisia in 2006 & 6 years later you're coming to Morocco to perform again!!i wonder when you'll come to Algeria?? :( it's between these two countries u already visited just to let you know :)
Mariah you are an incredible inspiration to all of us out here
your voice when you sing is like love birds singing in a tree you are amazing and an amazing mother to your kids. God bless :)
i like all your song.... mak a more song
Mariah are the best woman in the world....
it's an honor to have u perform in our country!!!Morocco's waiting for you!!!!!xxxx
O.oow... Mariah, Mariah..again.. I can't live without You, my dearest!
tele ligar Julianna Santos :94034936
wow nice.............
Ya, I must lucky to marry Mariah Carey. Then I think maybe I am the world owner....ho.ho.ho.ho....
Ooo..ya.ya.ya... Happy, big heart, rich dreams, and i can buy billion beer for my follower...ho.ho.ho...I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU...
yes i need frm song plz plz
indonesia, May 2050..........hehehehe...peace
Can you PLEASE preform a show at my school?Reply back!
Thanks Selena!
she acutall;y didnt look like i hoped she woujld.
thtats soo cool looking forward to to that! is it in Rabat??
I have a beautiful song that would like to play with you because your musics go deep in my heart.Kalolo
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