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At rehearsals, having a good time, can't wait to see you in Austria on April 30!
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Gotta <3 the butterfly ring! Can't wait for your next concert :)
wow - did you do private lessons?perhaps after am with you rehearsal my voice will be - brilliant-love singing - and your such perfect singer -maybe one day - practice make perfect
That is so pretty I love the mic and the ring im in love with the butterflies
sup mariah,, we love you......:)
You are star at our sky
By english
I love you
By Français
Je t'aime
انا احبك

Beautiful butterfly ring MC....
Add My G+ guys Please :)
and follow my twitter @ike_andrianie thanks ;)
how to do voice chat here?
i m new user and i cant understand how to voice chat and videocall?
dream it breaty wow music great mariah carey nice !
Vienna? a concert?
the mic make me want to speak words of love to one beat while moving my feet here in south florida heat,enjoy your trip what a treat to touch the world with your gift.rise the mic girl
when will u release ur new album?I can not wait 4 it!!!
do you know u r very hottttttttttttttt
sweet , sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Hey mariah now i know u probably not reading this but i am one of your fans, i need some help here with my website, not sure if u can share it with other friends & family, am raising some funds through amway that i have started to give to The Angels Forever Foundation (description of it: We Visit Barc, Clubs, parties etc/Football games/distribute HALO condoms and education on stds/stis from our Did U Know project.) can u please help me with my website?? click on the link --->>
You are so blessed!! I have watched you over the years and you are so blessed. God will continue to do amazing things in your life. The twins are simply beautiful. I am a twin, my twin and I are very close. Your twins will be forever close!! God Bless!!
Nice page U have here Mariah, lookin good. I hope you can view my oil paintings some time.
luvin the butterfly ring i luv butterfly myslf
I really like that ring, where did you get it?
Hey Mariah My name is Alexis Jackson I just want to say may god continue to bless you in all you do good luck with your concert
u r always b a sweet gals
u know i love u like freeze POP, MC!!
her voice just woowww...n fashion inspire me
please help me for understand this google+ . huhu
mc plz dont b a britney hater add her 2 ur circles gurl!!! she loves u!!!
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