For the shooting victims in Colorado

I have nothing good to say, just grief over the sorrow and horror of what happened.  Feel free to discuss here if you need to, sometimes it helps to grieve collectively.

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The thought that there are irrational or downright crazy people out there terrifies the heck out of me.  It creates a big conflict with my belief that there is good in everyone.
+Gregg Sakauye they always talk about ppl having a "trigger" that makes them act like this. So, anyone can have this happen. If you are human you can break.
+Hans Huether aside from mental instability, a person could have life experiences that cause them to behave outside the accepted cultural "norm".  But even if we give some forgiveness for being a product of one's environment, most people would never go this far, trigger or not.
+Gregg Sakauye in a normal optimal life where you are on TV in the 50's, maybe but everyone has a breaking point. It all depends on what and when and if there is a gun around to do something about it. 
+Hans Huether we'll have to agree to disagree.  Maybe I'm naive, but even in desperation, I believe people are motivated by trying to fulfill a need.  I don't see how anyone short of clinically crazy does anything like this.
+Gregg Sakauye you may want to google "shootings" and see how many went from normal to murderer. It is interesting to find out things about humans that we cover up with fairy-tails and happy movies.
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