This women's cells may have saved your life
Henrietta Lacks and her immortal cells
Did you know there is one women whose cells have been multiplied in laboratories across the world?   If we weighed all the cells that have come from this one women they would weigh as much as 100 Empire State Buildings.   This women's name is Henrietta Lacks and her cells called "HeLa" have been used in many of the greatest scientific discoveries or our time.  Her cells have been used to study gene mapping, curing polio, developing cancer drugs, studying AIDS, lukemia and the list can go on.  Her cells were even send up to space in a satellite to help us determine if human tissue could survive there.  

Henrietta Locks was a poor black women who died of cancer in 1951 when she was just 31 years old.  During her treatment, and without her knowledge, a sample of her tumor was send to a doctor at John Hopkins.  This doctor had  been trying to grow human tissue.   They discovered that Henrietta's cells, unlike other human cells, could live and replicate outside the body.   If you give her cells nutrients they will live and survive and replicate for what scientists believe is forever.  Even if they are frozen and then thawed they will continue to replicate. 

Henrietta never knew that her cells would become one of the most important tools in modern medicine.  She died in poverty and her husband and children didn't know till many years later that her cells would be one of the most important tools in modern medicine.  

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I had heard many stories (all wrong) how HeLa got its name!!
A Honore
I have heard this story on This American Life, I think it was. So nice to see her. Thanks.
Incredibly fascinating and awesome.  WOW, Thany you Henrietta and May You Rest In Peace.
I saw something on TV about this several years ago. It was very fascinating.
I think something here is we also never quite know what our legacy will be, sometimes the most unexpected people have the most lasting influence.
This was really interesting. I would've thought that something like this would have been fairly common knowledge, kind of like the sheep Dolly but I had never heard of it. Thanks for sharing +Maria Stepanov Sommerfield 
Thank you for posting. You learn something new every day.
This is some pretty cool information. Thanks for sharing.
that means she has saved my life in various occasions...THANKYOU HENRIETTA!!!
Wow. Talk about being born to change the world. It's amazing to think that we would not have the level of medical technology that we enjoy today without the genetic uniqueness of this one person.

Thank you Henrietta Lacks.
She should have got compensation from the doctor that sold her cells. 
Wow, I think that's one of the most interesting thing I've seen in some time.
it's real.  Read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 
I don't quite know if that's true....
The book about Henrietta was actually an exciting read. How Henrietta was treated during her life and how her ancestors were treated after it is a story all Americans should become familiar with.
+Era Iris More like if it's on the internet, chances are most parts od it aren't 100% true. :P
If t real what as the government do for her family

+sulaimon ganiyu , that is the travesty, neither the government nor Johns Hopkins repaid the family for their sacrifice.
Lets talk about the big elephant in the room. She married her first cousin and had a child born deaf and described as dumb. And this still continues to this day. #saynotoincest 
+David Pelton They were her cells, tumors occur when your cells start dividing uncontrollably..
I never know
It is so cool
And do u know what's better??
It's a woman cell^-^(kidding)
can someone tell me how to change my account name?
Very interesting. 
Thanks Henrietta.
Thank you for sharing this. I learned something new today.
i'm surprised no one has cleaned up this image
Holy cow!  That's cool!  
Thanks for the connection. We used those when I worked at Litton Bionetics in the 1970s.
I wonder why her cells can do that? I guess I would have to read her story to find out.
Notice how you said they were poor, but look at what they are wearing.
Interesting! And, may her biutful soul rest in place of peace.

That's pretty amazing where did you find this?
I do believe there are some in my building as we speak. Awesome!
+Liam Condon So are you saying they are lying? And some poor people do manage to get a nice set of clothes together for a picture now and then. What exactly is your fucking problem anyway?
Thanks for sharing this story. I never knew about this.
I remember reading about her in Entertainment Weekly about 6 yrs ago. Thanks for posting the story.
Matt M
Also, kind of scary - think "The Blob".  Especially if you could attach tiny cilia on the outside of the cells, or some other locomotive capability.
I really want to read "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"
Great story, but why does the fact that she is black need to be known? 
Amazing story! Too bad her family never saw a cent of the billions made with Helen's cells. If she had been a white connected woman, her heirs would have had a patent and a much different life.
Some more history for the brain files and a great story that some enterprising writer could spin off of to make a great story.
some enterprising writer already has made it into a great story.
AAHHH: da humanity...:( wat if my cells r her cells
Radiolab did a great podcast on this story. I thought it was so cool
There should be more to this story -why were her cells like that and how come she still died of cancer if they were? 
because they were self replicating still outside of er body, and that wouldn't help to fight cancer at all.
Thanks very much for the post...I am different from every responder here though....The Ladies cells did nothing without the skill of the doctor. That person spent fucking years studying to learn their craft..and years doing their craft. It's a crazed world that asks for monetary recompense for body tissue....the debate with BRCA is testament to the ongoing issue....thanks +Shaun McMillan ...I'll hunt the story out.
I have been working on Hela cell image for about 2 years. This comes to me as a great knowledge base. Thanks for sharing
+Adrian Cavanagh well cancer is just uncontrolled cell growth so for the last part we would expect such a person to die from cancer. the mystery to me is why other cancer cells die. Why her cells sustain is sort of a modern medical mystery. 

I know about HeLa I've used her cells myself when i was summering in a lab, nothing fancy on my end but much love and respect to her for more than likely saving my life as it turns out that I kinda had a brain tumor.
however without the cells the doctor couldn't have done anyting, so it's like the chicken or the egg, both were necessary, so both be equal.
this was posted less than an hour ago too.
God had nothing to do with it. Its science. Jeez. 
Never heard this story- thanks for sharing.
JP Lang
Actually +Matt BeDell , you should be thanking science. 'God' had nothing to do with this ongoing medical miracle.
Maybe a movie should be made based on her story. :)
Ryan Ng
+Marcella Michelle I've experimented with her cells in the lab too, while studying for my doctorate (which by the way I don't have yet)
I will do it by photoshop
I had a lesson about this in my Biology Class. Really amazing stuff.
Read a book called "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot if you want to know more about her and the history of her cells. Very interesting book too.
Yes, most cells lack the ability to multiply beyond a certain number of times.  Cells that can multiply indefinitely could hold the key to all manner of cures and extended lifespans.
So when did she die? And if her cells live on for ever why did she die?

didn't click my link, did you?
her family should be givin something i ver the hospitals and doctors got paid off the research benefits they give free kidneys but you gotta pay for 1 get put in
Her cells don't live on as individuals, they keep replicating. However, the reason she didn't live forever is because immortal cell lines like hers are cancerous. They can replicate easily and pretty much infinitely, they're just not capable of sustaining a human.
Could you patent your own cells?
Johan, you sir, are an ass.
"Hela" in Swedish means "to heal" or "whole"
Now that's knowledge. Thanks for sharing.
wow, she is an awesome lady
u wont find this type of stuff on facebook... thank you for this knowledge 
Just had an interesting thought, after reading this.
Don't know the state of affairs with patent and copyright with regards to human cells. But I believe some companies try to patent/copyright such things. If that is the state of affairs, then her family is owed a lot of money. Especially since her cells were effectively stolen. Now if copyright and patents are not allowed on human cells, it is a good example of how much good can come, if copyrights and patents cannot be used to obstruct progress and discoveries.
It can also be peer reviewed and corrected by anyone.  And its sources are cited so you can check the validity.
EB Trey
thanks Henrietta
Amazing story!  Posts like this are why I love G+.  Thank you for sharing.
The book is extraordinary in every way.  Her family should be wealthy given the contributions Henrietta passively made to medical advances.  Too late for her cells to be patented, but others with rare diseases have done so successfully.   
There is a book about this woman. I see it in the Barnes and Noble from time to time.
Thanks Henrietta you're the best. 
+Hugo Rodriguez
 For what? ... removing some of her UNHEALTHY (Cancerous) Tissue?
I suppose they would have been glad to let her take it with her when she was discharged.
I don't think many people who express interest are able to READ.
Ya she died in poverty,what about her great grandkids an other family members after they did something without bein notified of it until years later. Do they get any compensation for the help one of their family members provided unwillingly or without bein notified they were doin that. She and her family are in my eyes owed something more than g+ post an a thanks. Especially from the gov't and the higher ups in the medical experimental fields. Thank you for the info. and thank you Mrs. Henrietta Lacks for everything ya have done for us as a world.
Very interesting story. Thanks for sharing !
+Sir Whistler What do you mean "Why did she die"? She had cancer, of the cervix if i remember correctly. That's the whole point about cancer-cells. They replicate (almost) indefinitely and don't die off like "normal" cells do.

Btw, if her family should be paid for what she has done for science, they should also be held responsible for what damage the HeLa-cells did. Nowadays many cell lines in laboratories are contaminated by the "immortal" HeLa-cells. ;)
Is that her picture took with a man? She doesn't look poor at all.
+Hung Nguyen We have a little thing called pride. Even the poor will get a nice outfit together for a picture now and then.
They were non-whites in a mid century 20th century America. You have any idea how unlikely it would be that they were rich? lol
+Robert Shea The "immortal" cell lines are crucial for research e.g. about viruses. You can't grow viruses in nutrient solutions like bacteria, you need living cells. You can also study the influence of different chemicals (hormones ...) on the lifecycle of cells.
I learned about this in one of my biology classes years ago. Sad that Henrietta herself never got to know how important she really was to people everywhere. 
My understanding of biology was always very poor so apologies if I get this all totally wrong.  But this woman died of cancer.  Doesn't cancer attack the body's cell structure?  If that's the case, how come her "immortal cells" didn't fight back the cancer?
Wow that is a wealth of info...
I too had heard about this some time ago. It is sad that she never knew of the legacy she left behind or how many lives she has impacted.
It would seem the humblest of us usually has the most to offer to mankind
God is still performing wonder withing d hunanity. glory be to God
The word of Amazing can express what i thought.
We discuss this every year in my biology classes. Definitely provokes some spirited debates. Thank you, Henrietta.....I recognized her photo before even reading the captions. 
If this is true, then that old saying "Everything Is Possible" truly is 
+Joyce Dilworth Extracting cells from a tumor is not exactly "an experiment on blacks". And they "robbed her" of tumor cells. Great loss.
Wow! Very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing! 
Haven't seen that photo of her before.  Very remarkable woman for what she did while alive.  Her husband was a jerkwad, tho.
Joyce points out a very interesting ethical dilema.  Henrietta's DNA was stolen, then trafficed, and exploited by government and industry without her conscent.  The fact that patients in the millions or billions stand to benefit from that crime and greed motive does not justify anyone involved therein.  Does it?  If you believe that the Ends can not justify the Means, what should be done about this abuse?  Should individuals start forgoing treatments stemming from the use of her cells, as a way of decrying and disavowing the use such tactics?
Too bad she died young. Isn't cancer an abnormal replication of cells anyway? 
We all owe this woman a great debt of gratitude. Thank you Henrietta Locks many people are alive today because of you. May she R.I.P
arvi gj
The book written about her is pretty interesting, accessible and pretty informative.
So you have a right to your appendix once its removed? It's a fatal process if left in. Scientists studied her cells. No doctor sold her cells. 
Thanks for sharing - such an amazing contribution to medicine.
And as I recall, her decedents lived without any type of health insurance until very recently.
Actually I knew about her. She is magnificent. I do think her descendants should be compensated for her contribution. I view it as a theft of the ultimate nature the very substance of her being. Stolen DNA and so many have profited from her. We all have directly and indirectly. We all owe her big.
+Jason Beineke Caps Lock malfunction, I'm 100% sure.
+Jon Jorgensen The problem is, she's not around to testify, her cells weren't sold, and her cells were cancer cells anyway. What really happened: An enormous contribution was made to science, her life may have been prolonged BECAUSE of the removal of some of the cells, and she probably wouldn't mind this today if she were around.
She was one of the time travelers that came back She knew she had something different to offer was her choice to come back we were all against it
Very amazing story. Its nice to learn something worth knowing. Being how beneficial it is go all of us i now want to get this book or see a documentafy of it just fo learn more. Thanks for the info
And this is the most worthy note of black history for the next year, I'm done.
Unfortunately the preponderance of these cells in clinical study may be skewing results
Sad thing is that her family never benefited
Doesn't exactly look poor in the picture. Just saying.
I managed to catch the special on the History Channel a few years ago. Amazing story. Thanks for sharing.
Rest in peace. Yet another great and unsung soldier. God bless her memory.
In 2023 you're going to be put down in history maybe I shouldn't tell you as one of the greatest writers this book is only the beginning keep up the good work my last post I will tell you you're going to read at least five more books before 2023 but this one book is going to change everything for you If I could write you public I would but he seems like Google still controls everything so whatever you do not get a Botox injection I will save your life
Wow! Just unbelievable... great work finding this! :)
That's HeLa cool... Did she donate cells? 
For those of you who are screaming about compensation, let me ask you a question.

Say you possess an item.  And, you haven't the knowledge or the ability to recognize it's unique qualities.  Further the item in question is creating a hazardous condition in your life.  Being reasonable, you choose to throw that item into the dust bin, and it's hauled off.  5 years after you are in fact dead, someone goes through the trash at the dump and they find that that item is made out of Platinum.  Why should your family be compensated?

If you are throwing something away then your intent is to get rid of it.  HeLa cells were the work product of a Physician, who besides getting paid for services rendered, is also entitled to their work product.  This is why it is called a "Medical Practice."  Henrietta Lacks on the other hand, was an unfortunate Person with an illness, that was treated by the above Physician.  She wouldn't have benefited by keeping the tumor where it was, and wouldn't have recognized the research benefits of it either.

In the end; as a fellow member of the species we thank Henrietta Lacks for Her contribution.  But, Her relatives can go hang themselves.        
Why is Mrs. Henrietta Lacks is not listed in the files of Black History. Mrs. Lacks name should be placed in the books of Black History.
These are not her cells but cancer cells. These cells have very different non-human DNA. Human cells cannot be immortal due to Hayflick limit.
There is a great RadioLab piece on her. Her family was actually horrified and many are still unaware or don't really get it. And it raised major ethical questions too
She was an alien...COME ON PEOPLE!!
thats if you can believe in the dna crap i dont.=exp spanish flu google it.
I might hate science but this is awesome
shes all dressed up doesnt seem like she died of poverty?
2023 Google still controls everything Konavle Gabay dream almost like if you were to watch back to the feature the movie made in the 80s one person changes something in the whole world get screwed up You cannot Google this information and get an exact answer it is not in the library as of yet but it will be in about another nine years Google's libraries are best but you're not going to find what you were looking for one Google not now not in this time Remember what I'm saying and check your resources again in nine years you will find exactly what you're looking for if you're going to comment on something make sure you get all the facts before you could make a comment I am only here doing research myself getting caught up on Google plus Google controls a lot in 2023 this is the only form that Google still look sad but does not have control over So if I was to tell you I was from the future you wouldn't believe me because there was no way for you to look it up on Google :)
My friend is realated to John Hopkins 
And if you think this post is some kind of joke I have been around longer than any views I have been here quite a While longer than most of use have been alive What you don't believe in that either let me explain it to you using two small black holes we can go anywhere we want to go But I guess you can't googled that are look back up either
has anyone read the novel by michael crichton called "NEXT" if you haven't maybe you should, it'sgot a good piece in it  about gene patenting, not saying that anyone should get paid or anything, but, it brings up some of the ethical issues surrounding the idea.also, the woman should be in the history books, i agree to that sentiment, but, not just black history, human history and scientific advancements i believe is a little more befitting as that it does not exclude anyone yet still recognizes her contribution to science.
Well how about paying her family for her contribution to man kind by European standards for art.
She didn't deserve compensation because she wasn't a doctor and didn't know what to do with her cells?
What a "False Dilemma" argumentative fallacy crock!
This is no different from a large corporation cheating an inventor of his idea, simply because the inventor did not have the savvy or resources to review or to competently protect his idea legally.  Is it OK for a  producer to rip off an unknown composer song because he had the connections and training, or didn't have the training to mix the song correctly? Of course not! If Mosanto can patent and own a wild seed simply because "they had the resources and legal muscle to do so", then individuals should have the same right on their own uniqueness, as an actor has a right to control his image, a singer her voice, an author his written works, an egg donor from her cells, a blood donor from his blood, as any of the 2,500 biological patent holders in this article

Some people are soooo generous with stuff that doesn't belong to them...I wonder if they would donate to humanity their cells (if they had some unique genetic property that made them valuable) or would they rush to the nearest attorney to get just compensation.
Walt B.
Such a large,so,so little compensation..
If her cells can do that how was it possible that she died?
We haven't to date found other cells that will do this? You would thank that we would be trying to figure out what conditions made her cells so Speacial . It's a bummer that cancer took her.
I read the book sometime back. Very interesting read. It was very shameful that the pharmaceutical companies didn't 1 inform her family they were taking her cells for experimentation and 2 compensated her family for the discoveries found
God forbid that we should find that here cells match the stem cells at the base of each rib and they are what Eve was made from.
I think we all have a purpose of some kind. Thx for this post, this is something we should all know.
This story leaves me with more questions than answers. Very fascinating indeed.
Her family still doesn't see any of the sad
I read about her in my English class.
Very interesting read, thanks for sharing. 
They know what conditions do it, the cells in question are similar to leukaemia cells in that the telomeres aren't being shortened when the cell is replicating. which is common with cancers thus the reason her cells are used for finding cancer treatments. 
Say about this . ..................................
I would hope that someone compensated her family after it was released to them that she played such a big part of our history.
I had to do quite a bit of research and such on her in my Biomedical I class last year. We also used some of the stemmed cells as part of a lab. It's a huge ethics debate however, not just "yay her cells expanded the medical field brilliantly", but more so "um, you didn't have the right to use or send her cells anywhere else without the permission of family."
Kyle Mobley  You would of her family value to the pharmaceutical company would found more had they taken care of them.
Its like the crazy greedy people that steal ideas and never help the Godly benefactor of that idea there ma be a 100 times that one idea It makes no sense a millionaire could have been a billionaire if it wasn't for greed.
Yeah, I learned about this when the book came out.
Shocking. I still don't know how to feel about it.
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Tony B
Interesting but wrong and very badly written. Go read the wiki for (presumably - it is wikipedia so can be wrong) factual info.
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I remember learning of her contribution to science in 7th grade.  
Sorry people but if her cells are that great why did she die of cancer. Seriously 
Ahem!  Again, She didn't invent these cells.  She didn't recognize what they could do.  And, She was trying to get rid of them when She contracted with a Physician to have the tumor was removed!

The real contribution was the work product of the Physician.  If Physicians aren't allowed to profit from their work product then there is even less incentive for the Physician to work in impoverished places like the rural South of the 1950's.  Her family deserves nothing. 

Would all of you who are desiring compensation change your opinion if it was a white male from Nova Scotia?  Do you demand that your barber return your clipped hair?
Now narrow minded Carlos Irizarry You are exactly what i'm talking about millions could have been billions had it not been for greed. She, her family didn't deserve it compensation and you have the unmitigated gull to say the doctors are worth more than her? You are unbelievable.  Sorry I didn't read your entire comment Carlos Irizarry again Sorry!!!!!
Someone told me of this about a year and a half ago.  Documentary I believe?
Totally blown away by this,'never heard of this before.
I've heard this story before...sad.
FIRST off, i myself have had tumors removed from me by a trained professional in the field and this was done to test if the tumors were benign or malignant, you know to see if they were doing anything that would kill me. it's a standard practice to do so for the safety and welfare of the patient involved that i most certainly would not have disagreed to under any circumstances, SECONDLY, the woman was under, probably way under at the time, and do you honestly think that doctors back then who didn't really have a whole lot of experience in the matter would of had the forethought to "ask" if they could remove possibly dangerous cells from the woman's body, what if they did and she said NO then died would they still be liable for granting her wishes, THIRD, if she had lived to a ripe old age and they were continually "taking" cells out of some sense of ownership, than all looking for compensation would be way more than justified in their arguments, but, this is not the case as it stands. look the woman was dying and the doctors at the time did what they in their limited knowledge could do to save her life, in the process they later found out about the uniqueness of her cells that would come to benefit mankind the whole world over. she didn't invent her cells or do anything that would make them something to dispute as intellectual property, nor was there much choice in how they came to be how they were, the big guy upstairs is the one responsible for their quality's AND SHOULD BE LOOKED AT AS A GIFT TO US ALL, and as i said before she really should be in the history books as an iconic sort of person that contributed a lot to us all, she should be recognized, maybe have some sort of a ceremony, and put her in the guinness book of world records, or maybe award a co-nobel prize to her and those involved ( guess what that thing comes with $).
Wow!, Some of the comments are great, some funny, some ignorant. Oh well, there are as many opinions(comments) as there are people on this earth., and you are all entitled to your comments (opinions), no matter how ignorant they are.  God bless you all and Happy New Year!  Mrs. Lacks, may you rest in peace.
We never know how far our influence can go. 
Sometimes people can be superheros and not even know it .thank you henrietta
We can begin NOW as we are thanks to this revealing, to accept Forgive LOVE Come from our Hearts 1st and minds, and Awaken as ONE !
What a same that our History refuses while some are alive, and well, I Honor Her for Having Lived!! And I Honor all of Us in This Golden Age!
Much LOVE to ALL
I read this book. Not only do you learn about the history of Henrietta Lachs, there's also information there about the use of harvested cells in research. 
thankful for her!, amazing read
I heard they family tried some legal action against the doctors 
This gmail thing really sends you everything to your phone
+Maria Stepanov Sommerfield, I enjoy learning new things, and this has definitely led me to do further research. Not only have I shared your post, I thank you for helping me learn something today. (it's a little corny, but the appreciation is there none the less)
so interesting! i know i heard something about this before. thanks for the info
Way to go Henrietta! Thank you!
+Frank McClure It doesn't make it sound like they where expirmenting on her, more like samples where sent out from a biopsy to get more information about the tumor.
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+Drew Miller as its stands thats a maybe. There where companies trying to patent genetic sequences for various body parts like eyes and cancers, but they are still being litigated currenty I believe it stands that sequences that are isolated can be patented. Its actually kind of disturbing in my opinion. 
The sad thing is if she had been taken to a better hospital she might have been saved. She probably had to go to a " coloured" hospital with limited resources.
Yeah this was a great post
Great happiness to call on here...! Thanks !
Hidden Colors 2, the documentary by +Tariq Elite discusses this women's contribution to modern day medicine!
That's quite some legacy.
Wow ...she should not have died poor ...! 
great advance on the back of the ignorant...thks henrietta
She made an unforgettable contribution to science..... but I think its a little weird that she was pregnant at 14 and married her first cousin at 21
One of the best informative post on Google plus I hope Google plus takes over Facebook
OK I need a good book. Son has had three brain surgeries for cancer.
Thank you Maria, wish you continuity of success in your life.
It must be something in the cosmos because I posted on Mrs. Lacks just yesterday. What's confusing is why when faced with cited sources and reputable information some people on here would choose not to believe the information. I wonder why?? I guess a skeptical poster knows more than NASA. Do you seriously think they would have let this go into a New York Times bestseller without demanding a retract? Or does something faulty within you make it unbearable to believe this woman saved you or your mother or child? Does it rock your narrow mind to face the truth... as always? There are many more Henrietta Lacks, left out of the pages of history books than you can bear to to think, simply because "you can't handle the truth." Try giving thanks for a woman who spent her life living below margin and less than human, but has given life to countless others - some of whom wouldn't have spit on her if she were on fire. 
Sadly, the only thing multiplying nowadays is stupitidy...
very interesting story you are sharing . thank you !
For the love of God people are very confused here about basic cell biology. It was her cancer cells that were cultured. She never gave consent to the harvesting of her cancer cells, but back then medical consent wasn't exactly what it is today, and sadly it was essentially nonexistent for African Americans. Whether or not her family deserves compensation...I don't know. Learn about Tuskegee.
I wish a part of my life will be useful for human kind, even a tiny part of my body like Henrietta's cell :)
Truly Truly everyone, if we'd all treated each other like we should the world would be a much much better place. All of the sacrifices that black people have made throughout the last 100 year's is totally getting the credit for it is really the big question...answer, unfortunately is just plain ole racism.
Way cool. Betcha she was an alien ;)
I dont think tht she would be the only one that contains cells like that. but anyways...thanks
Jay A P
God bless her spirit

I never heard of this before.  Strange.
Medical research owes a lot to Henrietta. Her legacy lives on. 
If only the Weapon-X project had gotten to her in time...
Ash Ja
This fact goes to show the significance of the black race..
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was SUCH a good book! 
Ash Ja
What's weapon x
Let's not make this a woman for women thing.  Let's make is something for humanity, for all of us, equally.
A lot thanks for this women.
Amazing person...wonder why her cells could do that.
I knew of her because of my provocative Genetics teacher!

Can the cells be used in studying/finding a cure for cerebral palsy or spina biffida?
I first learned about the origins of this cell line in 1968, during lectures on Cell Biology when studying at UCL (London, UK). Even then there was some concern about the lack of informed consent and her intellectual property rights. The HeLa cell line has been used in much fundamental  research since and has been an invaluable tool.
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