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A few months ago I posted a picture of a bird that my friend +Erin Sirianni had found.  We didn't know what it was and someone on Google+ helped identify Louie as a  Malaysian pheasant.  Louie came to live with us after his owner could not be identified.  We also heard from various people living in our area there have been sighting of Louie for months around the area.

I tried putting Louie in the chicken coop and while he was fine, he was very unhappy there.  One day I was moving the coop and he escaped.  I thought it might be the last I saw of Louie but it turns out he likes living with us, and lives a very happy life staying close to home without having to be caged.   I discovered he likes fruit and nuts, and has a soft spot for my chickens.  He is a very friendly bird and very nice, quiet, and pleasant.  He doesn't like to be caught and since his escape no one has managed to catch him.  Since he can fly and is a big bird, it makes it hard to catch him since he decided he would like his freedom.  

He seems to have a friendly domestic relationship with my cat, who also gets along well with our chickens.  My cat seems to think most of our birds are some for of feline, and she will spend lazy days hanging out with Louie or the chickens.  

Have you ever had an unexpected pet enter your life?  How did it go? I never expected to have Louie in my life, but I have to say I am very fond of him.  
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This is such a nice story.  Over the course of my life I have the opportunity to enjoy a number of unusual animal friendships.  When I was a kid I had a pet Monarch Butterfly, a Bat and a pair of wild bunnies that were adopted by our pug dog.
I am so happy to hear that Louie is fitting in nicely.  He is even more beautiful since you took him into your care, which can only mean that he is happy and healthy.  It's funny you named him Louie, since our one and only pet - a standard poodle - is also named Louie.  I suppose your pheasant was the closest thing to an unexpected pet we have had, but alas, we had only room for one Louie in our lives. I'm so happy we found him a wonderful home with you, +Maria Stepanov Sommerfield!
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