Have you ever needed to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew?

I have had to do this a few times and it has always been a disaster. Actually, the last two times I tried using a corkscrew that was a disaster. I swear the corks have gotten harder recently. My husband just pulled me away from my book to show me this video. I can't wait to try this out and see if it works. Heck my friends will think I am so cool next time they invite me over and I start opening the bottle of wine by putting it in shoes.

This is in French but if I can understand it with my horrible French it will be fine for everyone else
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dammit! where was this video yesterday when I had a wine bottle with a cork that turned into sawdust when I tried to pull the corkscrew out. And I ended up having to use a sieve to get saw dust free wine
neat! - picnic-skills +1!
(if you have a wall handy, that is. And a shoe, FWIW.)
not sure why when he pulled out the cork, the wine did not shoot out after having been shaking it against the wall?
Oh hell yeah, don't let too many people see this i want to look like a show off :p also I think it's essential to note how far out the cork is at all times otherwise, disaster. especially for the carpet.
why does he even need a shoe? You can just use your palm..
Basic hydraulics. The only word I understood (maybe!) is shock. I'm amazed at how quickly this works. I'll bet lots of practice is needed to do this right.
Wow! I'm going to have to buy some shoes now.
even if it is not sparkling wine, it should burst out,..imo
coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool sry bout that
wow, good idea.. I get tired looking for my cork screw :)
I get tired of looking at my walls!
ya its good to see as well
Mwoah, that is why we put wine in screwtop bottles in New Zealand.
I'm getting visions of ruined carpets.
Just have the drywall, sparkle & paint ready to repair the hole in your wall. 
"How to ruin a good bottle of wine" would be a more correct title.

I live in France and as such am never without a corkscrew!
Jay K.
Why didn't I thought about that? ...lol it looks easy too :)
yeah -- shake your wine...
If you don't have a corkscrew, don't open wine bottles, that easy ;-)
funny really because you're not supposed to shake a bottle of wine...
You're not supposed to shake a GOOD bottle of wine ... ;-)
Nata m
thanks, easy
omg I smashed the bottle my hands are bleeding arrrrrghhh i can't use them to phone the hospital helpppppp aaaaand i can't walk to the hospital because my shoe's full of wine heeeeeeeellllppppppp
hello alina wat hppend
What does shaking the botlle do to ruin the wine?
Ok where the hell was this video a year ago when I had to open a wine bottle and the piece of shit corkscrew broke so I had to get a pair of pliers and work the damn thing back and forth for like an hour and then the cork broke halfway through... Then I put the half-cork back in and laid it back down in the fridge where it leaked all over the fridge.... WHERE WAS THIS THEN?!
It works great, except when the wine bottle breaks and you have a shoe full of wine. Just be careful when doing it.
No wonder the #frenchs are good at the #wine thing. Allez la #France lol
+Richard Ness Good wine, as +Robert Iles says ;), has depot in the bottle and shaking the bottle will mix it in the wine which makes the wine taste bad. There is also considerations on very high quality wine that if shaken it will mix with the air in the bottle too, therefor increasing the oxidation and changing the taste.
I hope I'm clear because my french is better than my english on the subject.
Oh and I must say : DON'T try it with champagne unless you share the video on Youtube ;)
+Douglas DeBoe , I don't know what wine you drink but here in France, most wine bottles don't go with flat bottoms.
+Tony Grant maybe we could do a cork screw photo contest? My mechanics teachers would have came up with some nice ones I believe
Bill S
all fun and games until you put a nice hole in your wall while trying to open a bottle of wine
Never saw that done before.
Brilliant!!! Now any ideas on how to get the bloody thing out of my eye?
No, can't reach my phone....too much broken glass.
A regular wood screw and pliars. Bicycle hook, the kind you hang a bike form ceiling with? works.
How 'bout you bang it against you head!? LOL
Good job.
Nice, I shall make a note of it :)
wow,, so so easy job..
i used to bite the half of it,, and try pushing the other remaining inside,,
well, that's interesting
That is a great little trick especially if you don't want to mess up the cork
If you shake a bottle of wine you will make it dizzy. If you bang a bottle of wine you make it unhappy. Dizzy and unhappy, not a good combination.
Yes, all that shaking is bad for a good wine.
But anybody with good wines will have multiple corkscrews around the house......;)
And yet, I will try this theory tonight!!
All that trouble just to open a wine bottle go to 99¢ and get your self a wine bottle opener.Give me a break!! Fail
Great trick to share at a bar when you need to win a bet!
+Nicholas Thurel - Of course I use a "Couteau de sommelier" exclusively. For all non french speaking people that is the corkscrew used by the wine steward in your locla fancy restaurant.
By bottle coca-cola it is very well beaten out, and it is not necessary to take off shoes
And if the bottle should be opened where a thread on the nature, for example in the field where there are no walls? The end of bourgeois thought would come?
бутылкой coca-cola очень хорошо выбивается, и не надо снимать туфли
а если бы бутылку надо было открыть где нить на природе, например в поле где нет стен? пришел бы конец буржуазной мысли?
I thought Couteau de sommelier was a two prong no screw ...gets corks out wihtout marking them.
This is a good trivia question?
What a shoe and a wall have in common? Beside walking and hanging pictures.
Men shouldn't drink wine, it's for ladies
+Maria Stepanov Sommerfield I've also had a lot of trouble opening wine bottles. That is a nice trick. Of course if you happen to be wearing heels and you proceed to use the bottle to nail your shoe to the wall they might be slightly less impressed.
I enjoy opening a bottle of wine for the Chicka's the box wine is another story!!
That's a crime to shake wine like this !! But it can helps. ;-)

If you have a screw, prefer the screw. Screw it with a knife, and pull with a fork.
You don't break the bottle, you don't shake the wine, you don't mark the wall.

I did it many times!
That is something new never though of opening a wine bottle with ur shoe lol
saw this on Rachael Ray & they broke the bottle!
Love it. Will use it on next trip we forget the wine cork! Thanks for all comments on why it works too and on flat bottom bottles!
I have just pushed the cork in the bottle
nothing cost a few pennies anymore
Please do not send these stupid stuff to my e-mail I am a man of God

Overall rating
Soi must remember that one thank you.
whatever lights your candle or pops your cork so to speak .
Great, ways. Every drinker should learn these.........
It's very interesting!
We just push the cork into the bottle we don't plan on saving it for future use.
it ruins the contents, it's best to put two nails in each side and with stick rotate and pull
It's because they are mostly not corks anymore. The cork tree is endangered. Poor cork tree :'(. I'll still love you.
Brilliant. No more pushing the cork into the bottle with a wooden spoon (handle)
See. That Middle Eastern guy was just trying to help George open a bottle of wine. You know he had one stashed nearby at the podium. Probably something lost in translation between the two of them. Or maybe he was trying to get George to stop whining about something. Poor guy. The world will never know.
Thanks,I don't understand french,but I did understand how he got the cork out.Great video and very informative,
Enjoy all that sediment...
I will try it next time !!!!! Hope it works. (jijiji)
Pretty cool would not suspect that from a French dude 
FANTASTIC!!! Wish i had known this a couple of time when i didn't have a corkscrew! Great!
Despite the fact that a corkscrew is easier and you should avoid shaking any wine worth drinking, I'm amazed I've never seen this in a romantic comedy or a Bond film.
I cant figure out why you need the shoe? Just hit the botttle on the counter. Soften the blow with a towel or hot mitt. You frenchies work too hard. :)
Brad L
If you're worried about putting a hole in the wall, go grab your stud finder first. If you don't have one, I'm sure there's a video for that too!
I can't understand a shit of what he said, do you have to hit it hard agasint the wall or just gently?
Really funny job who done 1st time.
Very fun never try this before but next time I`ll do it! :)
Wonderful, have a little of wine and enjoy the night under the twinkling stars over head. Good night.
extreamlly fun ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................................................................................................................................................................................................................oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
he he ha ha ha pisasuhal wrks.....
wow i still cant believe it,its wonderful.Extremely woooooooow
Yes we used to use this technic years ago back in Morocco.
This accounts for the heel marks on Hotel walls
Never gonna use that trick because wine is NASTY
That was so cool,who would have thought it could be that easie to open a wine bottle?
Probably use that the next time out in the bush!... :-)
Hee Man
Old is Gold !
Brilliant.... Tried it and it works

Most now have a screw cap closure hardly ever have cork ones now. Great for resealing if you did not drink it all.
Yaa thats one is cool i cant belive this type its willbe open
can we open shampen in same way ?
I've used this same principal in the chemistry prep room where I work. Iworked really well!
I however, no longer drink. xx
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