Google and Stanford create digital human brain

"Google has shown off a new neural network — a Google brain, if you will — that can learn to identify objects without human supervision. Operating from the mysterious Google X Lab, this system can, from scratch, analyze millions of random, unlabeled images, and sort them into categories such as “human face” or “cat.”"

They have "
have effectively created a rudimentary, low-resolution digital version of the brain’s visual cortex. The system, which comprises of a cluster of 1,000 computers (totaling 16,000 processor cores), analyzes 10 million 200×200 still frames from YouTube. Over 3 days, the system’s software builds up a network of hundreds of neurons and thousands (millions?) of synapses. During this period, the system tries to identify features — edges, lines, colors — and then creates object categories based on these features"
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