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We are going to be hanging out with +Danny Ayalon tomorrow! I'm very excited to meet Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Former Israel Ambassador to the United States of America is in Los Angeles participating in community events & will be stopping by our newsroom just to hang out with us on Google+!

Here's his 411... & social media sites.
Wow! He's hooked up! (English) and (hebrew)!/DannyAyalon

This should be a fun hangout and a great opportunity to learn more about how Israel is utilizing new technology & social media.

We're going to start the hangout at 8:30amPST from +myFOXla / FOX Los Angeles . Look out for our on-air broadcast and if you have some questions that you'd like me to ask....send them to me!
Thank you.
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This is so exciting Maria. I can't wait to learn from him and hopefully he'll get some tips from us.
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