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Imagine if there was no traffic. Imagine a greener world with less pollution and stress. Imagine if your commute to and from work — an average of 217 hours a year — was used for more important things, like connecting with your friends, catching up on sleep, or finalizing that presentation. 
That’s why we created Ride: to reduce congestion on our roads and in the air ‪#‎onelesscar‬ at a time, and have fun while doing it. We know that if we can get 1 car off the road, we can get 2. If we can get 2, we can get 10. Join the movement!

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Earth: it’s cooler than Venus, hotter than Mars. But what isn’t so cool about Earth is the congestion on our roads and in the air. It’s time to commute smarter, not harder. Did you know that Ride users that choose to be ‪#onelesscar are saving the CO2 equivalent of 66 trees per year on average? So do something good for yourself (and the planet!) and take back the commute. ‪#‎EarthDay2015‬ ‪#‎ActOnClimate‬

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You should follow this page! :)

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Mark Malkoff: Skype Around the World

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Every Tech Commercial you've ever seen

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