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Maria Iorillo
San Francisco Licensed Home Birth Midwife
San Francisco Licensed Home Birth Midwife

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What day is it?
After a hugely successful week, we arrived in New York City. Not without our final medical adventure though. After our 3-hour car ride from Hinche to Port Au Prince, checking our much reduced baggage, and settling in to await our flight, Viola fainted and t...

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Kijan ou rele?
How are you called? Aug
6 Blog: Guest
Bloggers: Viola & Eva             Today,
in order to remember the names of our sixty five friends at the orphanage, we
decided to take photos of each of the girls with their name tag. With the much
needed assistance of ...

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Three for One!
(Dina) We are quickly falling into a regular rhythm in Haiti.
Volleyball at 6am (Maria and Norrell “off to work”), then a big nap for us, off
to the boys’ campus for lunch and Kompa-guitar playing, moto-taxi ride to the
Azil (the orphanage run by Mother The...

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A Haiti Day
Prestige is the local beer here and we sit and drink. It has been a long Haiti day for all of us. Lots of stories to tell, but for now, I will just send photos, and rest. A longer post tomorrow about our adventures.

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First Day at the Hospital
    Norrell blogs today: Today was our first day at the hospital.  We arrived by motorcycle taxi with our translators at 07:00. The first thing that struck me was the odd odor of the place- kind of a fermented B.O. mixed with the open pails of urine at the ...

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Nou la nan Hinche!
Arriving on the weekend has afforded us the opportunity to "hang out" with our Haitian friends while we gear up for a busy week ahead. The girls at the orphanage have easily fallen into a common love fest with us. We hang out on our porch and speak to each ...

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We are here, we are here, we are here!!!
Having left San Francisco at 4:30am on Friday, we are now sweating away at the Midwives for Haiti house in Hinche on Saturday evening. Here is what we have done so far: Successfully transported 500 pounds of donated clothes, shoes, sneakers, medicines, medi...

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Welcome Emilia!! by Maura
Emilia's day 6 and I still find it hard to sit and write about the birth,
mainly due to the incredible emotions that it brings to memory and I feel like
words won't do justice to the miracle of life.  Though I had started feeling strongish Braxton-Hick...

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A Tale of Two Sons: a VBAC Story by Vanessa
I grew up surrounded by homebirth. Not only was I born at home, but so were my three
sisters, two brothers, and four step siblings. I can vividly remember my parents preparing for
birth, spending hours flipping through my mother’s books about labor and baby...

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Birth Story : Cole Alexander Monsees
On the Saturday morning of November 1, 2014, at 9:13 am, we welcomed little 7 lb. 10 oz. 19" long Cole Alexander Monsees into the world! The previous night was Halloween, and Dave and I decided to take a longer evening walk to enjoy the Halloween festivitie...
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