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A big shout out to all my friends on Google Plus where I am at just about at 1-million friends. I'm using Google+ every day and appreciate that so many people are following me. People are giving me great suggestions for questions and their comments are so helpful.

Have a Great Weekend……….. Maria

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Here's to the next million, Maria!
You interview with Hoffmeister was a disappointment. Some investigative reporting on these markets would really be refreshing. He is spouting the line and has a ax to grind. Here is a question to ask, Maria. Who are the speculators?? How is the timing of refinery outages decided? IS this market unduly influenced by speculation and maneuvering of production.
Congratulation, Maria. Maybe, the number of followers are differ from the number we can see. Anyway, good for you. I hope your further high-jump on your carrier. Thank your for your attention. ;-)
Wow +Maria Bartiromo, congrats. You're on the cusp of reaching one million followers on +Google+ just as the Dow is on the cusp of reaching 13,000 points. Happy coincidence.
The interviews you conduct are always engaging. You're diplomatic but ask tough questions when needed. +Maria Bartiromo, keep up the great business coverage we've come to enjoy!
Wow! Congrats, that's quite an achievement, and all just for being you!
bisa heunté nya kenalan jeung manehna,
Congrats on the mill...Love you on CNBC. You get to interview top people, travel, what a fun job!
Welcome to G+ Maria! And thanks for the connection.
Have a Great really appricable.
Hi Maria Bartiromo Really Greats Please keep it up ...................
You're doing extremely well. 1 million is a benchmark. Make it. Then celebrate your success. That's our America. Our American Way. You'll get there. I believe in you. That's why I follow you. You bring value.
Hey Maria, thank you for being active on G+. It'll be great if you host a hangout (maybe when you hit the 1 Million friends / followers mark)!
chu cho lah,,
For the beautiful,,
Ciptaan allah swt yang maha sempurna,
+Maria Bartiromo Welcome! You'll find an eclectic crowd here which may bring a different perspective from those over at "Brand F". Planning to join a "Hangout" (sort of a live desktop videoconference with many)?
the world in the hand. the dream in the head.
thanks all, means that many people notice and appreciate you. That's a sign that you have a friend.
I've watched you on CNBC for years... just added +Maria Bartiromo to my circles. You do an excellent job... thank you.
Congratulations Maria .... continue to come forward with a more glorious and brilliant
Dang Maria! I'm kinda surprised u haven't reached that by now! lol
Just looked and you're over 1 million. Good job. Just don't let it get to your head!
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