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Amber room, Catherine's place. St Petersburg Russia. Amazing walls of amber
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It is great to see art from other parts of the world! Beautiful!
just wish i could actually see what it really looks like.
Nice image ! I could get accustom to this life style !
This looks so beautiful, but i think that, if a person stays all day long between those walls they will become boring :) anyway...i am gealous...i want to touch those walls.^^
Russia has a rich history. Much of the history in the last century was very painful. Many ordinary Russians went from abuse by the Czar to abuse by Stallin & Lennon. It looks like they are starting to move in a better direction. Here in the USA in Washington, DC we have over 400 families from Russia that are starting businesses they hope to be able to take back to Russia when the time is right.
I have seen photos of this room before and it is still a wonder to behold; there really aren't the right words to describe the impression it makes.......
I was in awe when I saw the amber room. I thought Catherine's Palace was one of the most incredible places I've ever seen. I think the Russian Palaces take the cake for being the most ornate on the planet.
In Soviet Russia art displays you!
does anybody have an extra 10,000 bucks? I wanna go there
Reconstruction: The New Amber Room:

A full-scale reconstruction of the Amber Room began in the 1980's, with modern Russian craftsmen using the same workshops in Tsarskoje Selo as their predecessors. Techniques didn't have to just be re-learnt, but re-perfected, and the main source materials were photographs and staff memories. Although the Communist government withdrew funding in the 1990's donations, including a massive one from German company Ruhrgas, have kept the work alive. Many commentators see the Amber Room's history as symbolic of Russo-German relations.
wow its glorious .. . i'd love to 'feel' the place, i can only imagine .. .
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The mystery of where the Amber Room is that Hitler stole and hid has never been solved. Where is it nobody knows but this gives us an idea of its magnificence. Amber is resin that has solidified under heat and pressure over millions of years and sometimes has insects embedded in it. It glows. It is from Pine trees that grew 45 million years ago.
What ive read says the original was destroyed in world war II & also says its whereabouts was lost.. . the ARC in the centre of the oldamberroom anyone know of its history? plz?
I have been there 5 years ago :-)
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Love to go to Russia to see some of these old buildings one day. Thanks for sharing it.
wow, nice never knew tree sap could be converted to something this elegant
I'm guessing this used to be Catherine The Great's digs.
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realy great pic love it
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This place is the most wonderful magician
That's incredible very beautiful.....
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