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Spring has sprung in NYC. Here is a shot of Today in central park. Have a great week ahead!
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Surreal!!! Que você tenha mesmo uma ótima semana Maria!
Very beautiful shot. Did you snap it yourself, Maria?
wanna outside jogging and walking with a little pet.. Lovely trees, river, and lake..
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i wonder to have that in phillipines wonderfull
Lindo!!!! Perfeito!!!! Só Deus,o grandioso e estupendo criador desta maravilhosa criação para nos encantar com estas visões ha cada estação!!! Parabéns Nova York
A beautiful picture I miss New York, even though I moved 8 hours away I still make it my business 2 visit my home town N,Y.
Great pic, we are coming to NYC in May and we hope it is just as beautiful at that time!
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New York, New York - so great they named it twice. beautiful photo.
Thanks for sharing today in Central Park. I can smell the pink blossoms and the green grass. Ahhhhh. Exhale.
I would like to wake up with such beautiful view. Your picture is great. It seems you have painted this view specially for us.
I like spring my self . it is not cold
nice photo, I sure would love play around with those trees petals.
wow thats such a beautiful day
beautiful's looks like a dream or even heaven!
An excellent photo indeed, well done .Steve
It's a beautiful shot! Very nice place indeed :-)
I Wish i could go to NYC ...because it's so far from indonesia..
If only it came in Washington... i will bet all my money that the first sign of spring will be in May... sad huh?
Is that sakula tree? Spring is coming, haha.
It's a beautiful Very nice place indeed e um belo lugar realmente muito bonito
uhuuuuuummmm,, q liiiiiiiiiiiiiiinndo!!!! aaaaaaammei...............
Beautiful, I just missed it. I was there almost two weeks ago and flowers were barely sprouting.
Great Shot and a great time of year to be in NYC. enjoy
So beautiful....Gods Magic at work. Thanks for sharing this beauty.
Xf Wang
I like it !Thank you for give me a show.
lovely shot! wish u happy spring days!
this pic is beautiful .. cant wait for the romantic date hunny
I love the city.....I live in upstate NY but the city is like going to a different land ...
Absolutely Gorgeous...sorry I missed it first hand!
Oh wow, you have trees there. Thought it was nothing but concrete.
Cherry blossoms is blossoming....SPRING IS COMING.....
I totally miss New York . I'm back in Nebraska ....well it's pretty here to I guess! LOL
gorgeous image ... happy to meet with you ... god bless you.
Wow what a beautiful sight I'd be there for spring
wow i like the pic.. never seen new york..
beautiful!what the pink flower's name?
Now, Spring has come!!!
Great picture, i like it. Greetings from the other site of the continent = Smithers, BC/Canada
Jny Han
That is beautiful as always in NYC. . .
Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing this picture.
New York in the Spring so pretty!!! I love blossoms!!! :)
It's really beautiful 4 me, who never see this on my own country,,, thks 4 showing this
Same here in UK - 21C and sun at the weekend when it should be grey and 12...
Very Pretty! Never been there, but...maybe, one day!
nossa o facebook hoje esta com muita imagem linda!!!!!!!!!!
You 2 lifes good when the sun shines
What a beautifull picture. thanks for the ray of sunshine this morning!!!
wow what a nice place,,,,,,
Never been there, but my husband is from New York and he plans on taking me there. Can't wait. Beautiful pic.
like Bono Vox said: It's a Beautiful day! =D
thanks for showing me a beautiful scene of Newyork, i hope that you will continue it.
this is 2 gud, perhaps i can reach there
Looks much nicer than wintery Orange County, CA! Cold and wet here. 
wow what a nice place,, Looks much nicer than wintery Orange County, CA! Cold and wet here
Gostei dos amigos.Mas que pena que não sei falar nem escrever em ingles,fiquei grato.
Hei! Term como enviar em portugues/brasil?
POR FAVOR,solicito mais imagens,tem muitas maravilhas neste mundo.
is always good to see other countries in my posts...i also like pics of nothing, just the image, without laughing faces or smiling cats or something. just...things...
I love NYC I hope one day I can live there...!!!
Ms.Bartiromo, great pic, I would like 2 ask u, WHY is the price of BRENT not shown on the rolling ticker all day long, and why is the decimal point on the Aus.doller ALWAYS wrong. Thank you, hope it's a great day, eh.
Thanks Maria, I'll have a great week. You have a wonderful week too Maria!
were i sent you answer for the complaint from the european union?
Do u wonder how Africa is on summer?? could not take ma fiancee home till winder or storm. d u want a shot?????
Thank you for posting! It looks like the Dogwood tree has bloomed early! NY deserves an early spring after last year's harsh winter!
Is like that everyday here in Los Angeles ....... Nothing new for us boaring
irene m
Really raining here in Vancouver
Linda paisagem, pena que poucas pessoas podem presenciar atualmente com tanta contaminação e poluição.
ólaaa karina rocha tdu bien com vc amiga?um abraço um bjo um xeiro tchau linda.
I'm in Texas as of late, But Ilove central park in the spring. Hell anytime!
hi i am from australia, and it is good to see another point of view
Beautiful, Rocky (my dog) would love to walk in that park. Thx for the picture Maria...Check out youtube.... " feeding stray dogs in mohali india"