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Maria Aparis, Health and Wellness Mentor

Who doesn’t love a good old classic BLT or Eggplant Parmesan? With those of us with Hashimoto’s Disease and other Auto-Immune Diseases, those classics and more like them can put us under for days if not weeks. Most of us with autoimmune challenges don’t know that some classic foods that we have been brought up eating aggravate our digestive tract almost as soon as we consume them.

These certain foods are known as nightshades. I had no idea that these were wreaking havoc on my already compromised immune system. In fact, I loved making gluten free spaghetti thinking I was making a healthier choice because I took out the gluten. Wrong! I was getting a double whammy because I was using a tomato-based sauce and the gluten free pasta was a mix of potatoes and rice.

Here is a list of night shades:
• Tomatoes
• Tomatillos
• Potatoes
• Eggplants
• Peppers (bell peppers, banana peppers, chili peppers, etc.)
• Red pepper seasonings (paprika, chili powder, cayenne, curry, etc.)
• Pimentos
• Pepinos
• Tamarillos
• Goji berries
• Ground cherries (similar to tomatoes, they have no relationship to fruit cherries)
• Ashwagandha (an ayurvedic herb)

Be sure you are reading your labels because you will see things like: “spices” and “natural flavors” which often contain the above seasonings, and “starch” often comes from potatoes. Even the slightest bit of a nightshade for me can take me 20 steps back in progress of my health. But why would these organic “healthy” foods be harmful? To be clear, they aren’t harmful for everyone, they are just harmful for us who have autoimmune diseases. Avoid them like the plague! Here’s why… they all contain toxic compounds called alkaloids. This is this particular veggie’s own defense system. Mother nature gave these nightshades their very own protection against insects with these alkaloids. Unfortunately for us, these alkaloids can cause our already compromised immune system to get even more inflamed then they already are. They agitate the cilia in our intestines and cause our leaky gut to get leakier.
This information and more like it is in my book, The Essential Gut coming soon through Amazon.
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I just got back from a week in Hawaii where I was celebrating one of my best friend’s birthday! My abs were in constant gleeful pain as we pretty much laughed our way through the entire week. With absolute abandon we giggled, guffawed, cracked up and doubled over in tears until we couldn’t breathe! Yes, on a daily basis I always find ways to amuse myself, but this was much more than the everyday chuckle.

The dorkiest moments would blissfully send us off into hysterics! I felt happiness, delight and joy. I felt uplifted and so very content! It didn’t matter to me at all that we would be in the middle of a restaurant or out by the pool or in line for something. With over 30 years of friendship behind us we can literally look at each other and start cracking up! It’s as if we know what each other is thinking in that exact moment.

There was no judgement from her when I had to hold up my napkin so I wouldn’t look at her sitting across from me when I wanted to burst out laughing but couldn’t because my mouth was full of water as I was trying to swallow my vitamins at breakfast and there was no judgement from me as she snorted while laughing. It was just plain fun!

Laugh as much as you can as often as you can at whatever situation you can. The simple act of laughing releases endorphins in your brain, helps to destress, stimulates your immune system, promotes a sense of well-being and can even help to temporarily relieve pain. Laughing has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and tone your abs!

It’s truly contagious in such a good way! Here are some tips to help you find ways to laugh:

Spend time with your friends even if you feel like you don’t have time or you haven’t seen them in a while and you don’t know where to restart the relationship. Don’t worry about that stuff. If they are true friends then it wont matter if its been a day or years, your connection if real and true will always be there.

2. Take a Laughing Yoga class! The teachers are certified and specifically trained to effectively inspire laughter.

3. Take a few moments out of your day to recall something that was funny. Just the mere thought of something can take you back to that moment and cause a giggle. Have fun with it and release the fear of judgement.

4. Watch something funny. Do you have a favorite scene of a movie or a comedian that makes you laugh? All it takes is a few minutes to change your energy. You don’t have to watch the whole movie.

As we get into the full swing of the holiday season which for some can be the most stressful time of the year, I invite you to laugh and let go.

Laughter to me is as vital as the air I breathe. Laughing makes me feel alive, connected and free! Choose to laugh this holiday season, at the very least you will tone your abs!

Peace, love, laughter and gratitude,
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What is your definition of riches and prosperity? It is wealth, health or happiness? Perhaps all of the above. So ask yourself, am I living the life of abundance that I always dreamed of? What's blocking the prosperous energy from entering my field? Bringing your awareness to these questions can help you release what holds you back.

Having researched the ancient secret of abundance and prosperity, I stumbled upon essential oils that were used by royalty in ancient times to ensure their riches. Blending them, I created the I Am Prosperous Mist! Each mist is activated on a gemstone grid, tuned with Reiki prosperity frequencies and hand mixed while ancient prosperity mantra's are activating the sound frequencies. Your mist will come with a customized Activation Affirmation. Order at

I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and one of my favorite Meditation Mantra's is the Prosperity Mantra. Try this meditation for 30 days along with your mist and see what possibilities and opportunities open up for you.

Sitting in easy pose, your eyelids will be 3/4 closed with your eyes rolled up towards your third eye, your hand mudra will be bringing your hands together at your heart center with your palms flat and facing down, you will touch the two hands together and immediately turn them over with palms facing up, next your pinky's and palms touch. This motion should be at a steady rapid pace. The mantra is as follows:

Har Har Har Har Gobinday,
Har Har Har Har Mukunday
Har Har Har Har Udaaray
Har Har Har Har Apaaray
Har Har Har Har Hariang
Har Har Har Har Kariang
Har Har Har Har Nir-naamay
Har Har Har Har Akaamay

"This mantra is to fix the mental to prosperity or power. It will produce
money, it will come. Opportunities will come. Richness will come..." - Yogi Bhajan

"When you chant this mantra with the breath of life, it's quick, it's purposeful, and it brings in what you need to bring in..." - Yogi Bhajan

It is my absolute joy to share this ancient wisdom with you! May it bring you all of the riches this beautiful Universe has to offer.

Peace and Love, Maria
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Maria Aparis

Search the web and you will find plenty of sites on how to find your perfect match. Turn on the TV and you will find many shows with advice on how to meet that person of your dreams. Everywhere you look these days you can find information on how to find your one true beloved.

According to one dating site you should:

1. Don’t wait for him to come to you
2. Spend some time thinking about what you want
3. Accentuate what is wonderful about you
4. Don’t be afraid to approach him

I love the fact that we put so much thought into what our heart needs and wants as this is a huge part of our overall health and wellness however, when it comes to finding a physician or what I rather like to call my health partner, we fall short on spending the time to find THE ONE that matches our needs.

So, lets use the above dating advice and use it to help us find our Dr. Right.

1. Don’t wait for him to come to you.
This is actually great advice! Don’t wait for a medical emergency to find your Dr. Right. You could end up making a bad relationship choice just because he/she was there and you needed them at the time. We all know breakups can be awkward so it’s best to avoid them in the first place.

2. Spend some time thinking about what you want
What kind of doctor are you looking for? What specialty? Male? Female? Does it matter how close their practice is to where you live? How accessible is he/she? How many years have they been in practice? Are they a pill pusher or do they really care about your health and want to find out exactly what could be going on with your body? I went on plenty of doctor referral blind dates set up by my friends only to find that the doctor was not for me.

3. Accentuate what is wonderful about you
When you have that first meeting it is really important to have time to get to know each other. This is a great time to really talk about you. Your eating habits, how much you exercise, how hands-on you are with your health and what your vision is on your healthcare and how you both can work together to develop your game plan. If the doctor is rushing you out of the room to get to the next patient or has a prescription pad in hand before you even sit down then this should be a fish that is thrown back into the sea!

4. Don’t be afraid to approach him/her
Often times I have heard from my clients that they accept the doctor’s advice without any questions and take every pill they prescribe without any thought as to what complications could arise from it. Take caution with this, as there are many prescriptions out there that cause more harm than good.  Please ask questions. The doctors are there to provide you with a service, a service to keep you healthy. If they feel you need a prescription make sure you ask them about the side effects, how long you will need to take it and if there are any natural alternatives that could work as well.  This is your life; you get to be in charge of what is right for you.

For me it was a bit like Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears. One wasn’t a match for me because he was too busy to move on to the next patient and let me walk out of his office with extreme anemia! Another one wasn’t right because she wanted me to take her endless bottles of supplements, which never worked. Another was so far away that it took me hours just to see him and when I did have an appointment he was always running late.

My Dr. Right actually found me! Hard to believe but he reached out to me to get information on essential oils! He had me at hello! He wanted to incorporate the essential oils into his practice! Now this was a doctor I had to get to know. I hope you are sitting down as you read this because what I am about to tell you will shock you.

There is a place called The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine, CCIM for short and it is the heart and soul of what I believe to be true health care at its finest. As a patient you will first meet with their Wellness Director, the lovely and astute Elaina Holland who reviews your health history. She will ask you comprehensive questions that lead right up to why you are there. This initial encounter will take approximately 30 minutes. Elaina then preps Dr. Dushyant Viswanathan, Dr. DV for short, who is the Chief Medical Director of CCIM. Dr. DV is best described as young, hip and cool with an old soul. You get the feeling that you are meeting with the elder of an ancient tribe yet who’s thinking is cutting edge in all things medical. You will then have a full comprehensive visit with Dr. DV which can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. You will have the time to discuss details of your medical history and what your current health challenges are. You get his full-undivided attention for as long as it takes for him to assess which tests are needed to best serve you. What I personally find so appealing is that his tests aren’t just the ordinary blood test. He will order saliva tests, hair samples and stool tests. All of these are high on my list as they give you the right kind of data that you need to accomplish real results in your health. Once your tests are back, you will sit down with Dr. DV and Elaina to develop your plan. Dr. DV specializes in Functional Medicine, this means that he looks at your body as an interconnected system. Instead of the Dr. who specializes in just one area, Dr. DV looks into your entire system and like a detective he searches for all clues until he finds exactly what is wrong. He also will recommend healthy alternatives to pharmaceuticals and only prescribes pharma for a short time until the condition is corrected and only if it is absolutely necessary. Together, as a team you will embark on a health journey like no other as they correct food issues, recommend yoga postures, breathing exercises, affirmations and mantras, and say things like “get a weekly massage” and meditate.

They are the self proclaimed “most detailed medical service in the world” and I have to say I agree with them. They offer a monthly membership for $550 and if you would like that membership to include house calls its $750. It may sound pricey to some but when you get customized health care that will even come to your home the price becomes invaluable. After all, what do you have if you don’t have your health?

My search has finally ended. I have finally found THE ONE and I happy and content with my doctor of my dreams! For me, it’s a match made in heaven, I finally found my Dr. Right!

To get in touch with CCIM visit or email at or call 888.250.2246.
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Maria Aparis
Do you wake up feeling tired? Do you need a nap in the middle of the day ? Do you pound the coffee just to keep your eyes open? Here are my top 5 quick fixes.

1. Drink more water! Your body is 70% water so it needs to stay hydrated and the more coffee you drink, the more you are dehydrating your body!

2. Lay off the sugar and the carbs. This feeds yeast and candida and drains your body of energy.

3. Take a powerful probiotic that breaks down in your gut and not in your upper intestines. When I added probiotics into my daily regime, my energy shifted very quickly!

4. Breath of Fire! What of what? (SEE BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS) This simple breathing technique is very powerful and can instantly revive your energy while inviting balance and peace! Go ahead, give it a try!

5. Breathe in and put a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil on your tongue! Peppermint is historically known to invigorate and stimulate the senses. I personally love a quick hit of peppermint, it feels like a blast of cool and refreshing air over my head and face. Try to sleep through that!

Also, just a quick note... fatigue can be a sign of something more serious going on in your health. Please consult a physician if you suffer from any chronic fatigue.

Breath of Fire Instructions:
It's called the Breath of Fire and here's what you do... Sit up straight so that your spin is in alignment, put your feet flat on the ground if you are sitting at your desk, extend your arms in a 90 degree angle with your thumbs facing towards the sky (like the Fonz giving an "aaaaay", roll your eyes up towards your third eye while keeping them just slightly open. Now inhale through your nose and exhale through your nose. Pump your navel towards your spine. Do this for 60 seconds and work up to 3 min. If you start to feel dizzy STOP and resume normal breathing. The breath of fire can bring oxygen to your organs, detox your blood and re-energize your mind within minutes!
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Maria Aparis

Mixing and mingling at a bar is so passe these days as more and more people are realizing that meditation is strengthening their productivity. According to Aetna, by offering their employees a daily meditation experience, it estimates that since instilling their "mindfulness program", it has saved about $2,000 per employee in healthcare costs, and gained about $3,000 per employee in productivity.

The American Institute of Stress, yes, there is such a place, estimates that over $300 billion annually is lost by U.S. businesses due to stress-related accidents, absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, direct medical, legal and insurance costs, and worker compensation awards.

The benefits of meditation have been reported to significantly reduce stress, calm the mind and to also increase our body's immune response. Likewise, studies on Reiki have also concluded that it promotes health and well-being, helps with pain management, encourages mental clarity, releases stress & tension, relieves depression, reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and more.

I combine all of my areas of expertise - Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Aromatherapy and have developed a guided meditation that can be given to small or large groups. I start by clearing the room of any and all energies left imprinted in the space. Then my guests are invited to participate in a small warm up to relax their physical body and from there we begin their journey. This path to bliss will take an hour and upon completion I guide everyone back to balance and grounding.
Contact me for rates and avails:
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Spiritual people, healers and teachers, often struggle with money. Our ability to charge money for our services is oftentimes overshadowed by our desire to help others in need, resulting in a reduced or waived rate to accommodate what we somehow unconsciously perceive as making money off those in need.  That very notion seems to go against the grain of our very being.
Over the years I have seen Massage Therapists, Reiki Healers, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Yoga Teachers, Pranic Healers, Intuitive Healers and more, often give their services away because the client who came to see them offered them their story of illness, scarcity, or impressed upon them their perceived value of the service to be rendered. It is up to the healer whether or not to accept this offering. By choosing to accept the client’s story and/or perception, we are inadvertently supporting the negative belief system where the gift being presented has a diminished value. However, we can make the conscious choice to no longer perpetuate that vibration and instead, increase the vibration of our own value and worth by standing peacefully and firmly in that space of abundance.
In as much as I agree to meet a client where they are at when we first meet them, I do not agree that they need to stay where they are.  Our job as healers is to uplift, inspire and elevate our clients, even if it means helping them clear their own path to abundance and prosperity too!
If a person is drowning in quick sand, are you going to jump in the quick sand to help them out? Or are you going to get a rope and help pull them out? This is the essence of what I am talking about. If a client says they cannot afford your set price, please hold your ground. Know that you are worth your education, time and energy and that if this client truly needs to see you, the Universe will provide them with the money they need.  By reducing your rate and/or giving away your services for free, you are entering into a cycle of lack right along with them!
I personally don’t help pull my clients out of the quicksand. I offer them tools (the rope), but its up to them to make the choice to pull themselves out. By doing this, the client is able to experience their own success by using the tools that I have laid before them. In this way, they can move on from my services. Job done. They no longer rely on me for long term sessions and I don’t rely on them to make my car payments.  The beauty is that every happy client leads to multiple new clients…and so it continues…
I love healers; I love the passion that we have for people and the amazing gifts we all are tuned into! I do not want to see amazing healers of this world struggle for income! I want to offer you a rope. I want to give you tools to help open your flow to abundance, to attract the clients that truly need you and are willing to pay for your services! I want to see you thrive and make the money you deserve! Let go of undervaluing who you are and what you have to offer! You are a healer! Own it! Believe in it and you!
On March 20th, I am offering an Intensive Workshop along with my Co-Founder of The Integrative Health Academy, Sujon Datta. Together we have created The Abundant Healer – Creating a Prosperous Healing Practice. As a Spiritual Business Strategist and Consultant, I am committed to helping you get your business to the next level and beyond! Register here, register now!
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Laundry detergents, dryer sheets, scented candles, car and air “fresheners” and plug in’s are releasing dangerous chemicals into your air and even penetrating into your skin!

This past weekend I spent the holiday at my friend’s house. The second I got into her car, my head started pounding. I rolled down the window to get some fresh air even though it was freezing outside. She asked if I was ok and I said that I have a sensitivity to synthetic fragrances. She said she didn’t have any in the car. I asked her if she had her car washed recently and if they had sprayed one in there? She said no. I told her that it’s in her car hiding somewhere. After searching she found an old car freshener under her seat. She had gotten accustomed to the smell and didn’t even notice it anymore.

Later I tucked myself into her lovely guest room bed and started having a hard time breathing and getting a headache again. Her sheets had that same “fresh chemical” scent. I took the clothes I brought out of my suitcase and laid them on the pillow and around my body. I know this sounds incredibly ridiculous but I had to barricade myself from smell. I probably sound like the worst houseguest ever but guess what happened the next day! My friend starts explaining to me how she has this crazy rash all over her body. She said that she has to rinse out her laundry cycles twice because she thinks it might have something to do with her detergent. Now because she is my best friend since high school I could answer her honestly and bluntly with a big 80’s “DUH!” Of course I went on to explain how the chemicals in detergents, fabric softeners, air and car fresheners are actually made from carcinogens and petrochemicals and when heated or released into the air can cause harmful reactions to humans and pets.

Further, I explained how these toxins had penetrated her immune system through inhaling them and wearing them on her body through her clothes, sheets and towels. I explained how they have gotten into blood stream and that we need to start by getting rid of all of the exterior toxins in the house and then getting to the root of the issues in her body through her gut. Well, I had her up until I said it was in her gut. She couldn’t understand how a rash on her skin had anything to do with her gut. After a quick glimpse into Essential Gut Therapy and why I developed it and the results that my clients are experiencing, she was on board to try it! We are going to start with 10 drops of Oregano Oil for 10 days. This will start to clean out the toxins and then we will work on restoring and repairing the damage. It will take some time but she should start to see her rash clear up within 2-3 days.

Here is a list of some common chemicals found in our everyday household items:

Benzyl Acetate: Linked to pancreatic cancer
Benzyl Alcohol: Upper respiratory tract irritant
Ethanol: On the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list and can cause central nervous system disorders
Limonene: Suspected gastrointestinal and liver toxicant, immune-toxicant, kidney toxicant, neuro-toxicant, respiratory toxicant, and skin or sense organ toxicant.
A-Terpineol: Can cause respiratory problems, including fatal edema, and central nervous system damage
Ethyl Acetate: A narcotic on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list
Camphor: Causes central nervous system disorders
Chloroform: Neurotoxic, anesthetic and carcinogenic
Linalool: A narcotic that causes central nervous system disorders
Pentane: A chemical known to be harmful if inhaled

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CAN CONSTIPATION LEAD TO CANCER? Medical experts say constipation can cause hemorrhoids, inflammation, reproductive issues and yes, even cancer! Essential Gut Therapy supports the immune system, digestive system, enteric system and the central nervous system. Many clients experience dramatic results with their digestion in as little as one treatment. Essential Gut Therapy has been known to relieve gas, bloating, constipation and more! The certification process takes about 4 hours depending on the number of students. It is easy enough to perform on friends, family and even yourself. My next certification class is on November 14th.
Register Here:
Please visit for more information and also view this video for constipation information:
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CAN CONSTIPATION LEAD TO COLON CANCER? Medical experts say that constipation may cause an array of problems including inflammation, hemorrhoids, reproductive problems, anal fissures, and yes, cancer. Essential Gut Therapy has helped so many of my clients suffering from constipation. My next certification class will be Saturday, November 14th. Register here:
For a quick video on constipation check out this link:
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