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hahahahaha :D, I dont even think most people would care :D
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if people could watch Super Size Me and STILL go to McDonald's on a regular basis, then no.  this wouldn't make a difference AT ALL.
Some would go for the worst names for the cred ;)
I think people are slowly starting to pay attention - with raging diabetes & obesity every where - people don't like the way they look or feel. They are starting to really understand the phrase "you are what you eat". 
yes +Debra Roberts  but sadly our corporate sponsored congress is still spinning the facts :(
+Ben Fullerton  done!! would you like some hormone riddled milk to go with that?? or how about some estrogen riddled soy milk ?? :D  oh and some highly processed and condensed corn syrup  flavored like chocolate  ? 
+Sierra Cooper Super Size Me showed what happens if MD is ALL a person eats especially if they also let the store dictate how much they should eat and always super size. Now pink slime on the other hand that might be a reason to avoid the golden arches and other places that sell that stuff but thankfully changes are coming on that front.
That's very very true Mari.

We have a health industry that rarely talks to its patients about nutrition. We have a food industry that doesn't care very much about the health of its customers or the environment. And we have a chunk (no pun intended) of the population who scream about losing their rights to drink soda pop. And the government agency in charge of it all that was once owned/employed by one of the most evil corporations on the planet: Monsanto.

It really is a sad state & it makes it vitally important to your own health to pay attention to what you buy & consume.

Corporations really, really, really need to get out of government. 
+Debra Roberts I would also say that government needs to get out of corporations, too, but that is a whole different discussion. There is corruption on both sides, and especially in the food industry. Luckily we can learn to make educated choices and can buy what we like. Unfortunately people keep finding ways to change names of icky things in food to sell it, or change the actual product - like corn, soy and canola. sigh
Invest in yourself, your family and your local economy by buying organic from your nearest farmers market.  When you do shop at your local grocery store, choose a store which does not stock genetically engineered products on its shelves.  Forget politics.  Vote with your dollars.  Make a difference today.
thanks and i dont know if its just me but the goverment does not need to be telling us how much we should wiegh or what we should even be eating be big or skinny is a life choice
well that not good and they will probly get away withand i use fluoride for my brace to get the plaque off my teeth and your suppose to swallow that
it's the chemicals and hormones our government allows that should bother everyone
me me
Funny thing is that most of us know these things are or can be bad for us and we still eat them smoke them or drink them. So no not alot of us care.. 
u know u can get high on oreos with milk if u drink and eat a lot of emm (its possiable)
don't make them zero nutrition puffs!
when i was eatting breakfast
its very true.............and samantha I LUV UR NECKLACE
yeah! totally! that would be the worst one of all!
Maya G.
Sad....but true!
Tom hit the nail on the head. Let me boil it down... bad science is the cause of our obesity epidemic. Our doctors and the government made some leaps of faith on dietary recommendations. Gary Taubes is on the right track. Read his book Why we get fat. It's not the fat people, it's the sugar. Insulin is the enemy.
well, not sure... but my son has adhd and autism .. so, as for me, i care ... and i care about people and families who have to go thru it too. but thats just me. :)
oh yuck. another great reason to hate prossesed food... its not really all natural, its all natually artificial. and to think we EAT that stuff. oh yuck... 
oh sorry sandra if i hurt yor feelings by what i said about the cereal i should really watch what i should say
thats not exactly wrong.... i just did a project on GMOs
Lisa S
if only it were true? what are you, retarded?? half the shit for sale gives you 80% of all diseases causing death in the US. people like you are why we're so fucked
honey, everyone has their own opinions, and you have not offended me at all. its all good! :)
i just hate that these kids/people have to go thru hell like they do. don't mean to cuss here, but this i one thing that hurts my heart is to know how they do suffer.
I would care, I wish they did label food honestly....

and thanks David .. but due to the pickiness of what my son eats, sometimes i have to let him eat what he chooses. just thankful that now, he will eat every apple and banana he sees! and before, he wouldn't touch them! PROGRESS!!  ;)
Moving from California to Florida.....when I went back to southern CA in March of 2012, seeing the new state law enacted, which had to display the nutritional content of each meal; I ordered each meal with that information in mind. If each patron knew each caloric content in mind; it will change how we EAT. 
i've started to look at the good smell and taste of yummy but bad for you foods and imagining the likely outcome of eating that stuff too much....and reminding myself that hospitals and heart attacks and open heart surgery etc. don't smell good, look good, or taste good.    that's how i'm seeing it right now anyway..
that is sooo funny! and ya peeps wouldnt care they would just check 2 c if there was a discount!
ya and they woudn't probably read the labels!
Now A days people are paying more attention to the food and not the labels. Their learning what goes around comes back around---- u buy fatty food all the time, and as sure as hell are you honna get fat!!!
You should see me read all those bloody small labels!!  I am so allergic to all the weird stuff in the food.  And I do feel better when I avoid that junk.  It's worth the effort.  Honestly.  You just have to learn what makes you feel bad.
um yeah people care if their food is going to cause problems
Even if the labels were that obvious a lot of people wouldn't care
ok, i have a question: what does it mean when you click the +1 thing on here? is it sort of like the "like" button on facebook? had to ask, i am a newbie on here! lol
The food in the United States has so many ingredients that should not be consumed!  But Monsanto and their Round-Up ready GMO seeds have caused too much harm.

I read ingredients lists on EVERY package!  If I do not KNOW what is in there exactlly, I will not buy it!

"Natural flavors"?  Ah, hell, I can find that in dirt! 

Manufacturers shouldn't be allowed to sell anything unless it is completely labeled!
my friend would like the adhd flakes......
if only it were that simple ! hehe :)
i know right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ray Zzy
I think I have had too many of those ADHD flakes. :)
that is so true right hey does anybody want to be my friend im new...
il take two of this and three of this-
mom: no.
this is why we raise kids, so we can say no to them when they want junk food too.
Only realize when we suffer it
thats what y people have all this sickes
yep people would just keep buying it
dont think it would really matter
People say they want the truth, but in reality, they would rather not know, and that's the truth.
i see nothin wrong in this picture. actually, its more correct thn life
Don't care what they call it so long as it tastes good.
it would make life easier but harder in some ways
+matthew macvicar nah, i think there might be some shock though .. and a metric TON of denial and people protecting their chicken nuggets.
i have a lot of food alergies so i cant eat a lot of things in the market and have to eat gluten free stuff
IKR they would be like food is food eat it!
that is so faukn funny. i might die.
if they were labled i would never go shopping AGAIN
+matthew macvicar not labeled properly .. we are trained to be consumers and to respond to advertising and spin.
It's not what you eat it's how you eat it....
Tee Ski
So very true!
Except that is all sensationalistic crap. People don't get sick from merely eating one thing, they get sick cause they eat too much of it and then don't do anything physical in before or after.
This cartoon is soooooo right on...the additives and crap they are putting in our food is killing us.  It's funny how organic foods in the past were priced the cheapest and sat rotting on the shelf, and now you have to pay an arm and a leg to eat food without the added garbage.  This world...this world!
I don't care either as long as it tastes good. Its like when they put calories up for the person to see. Not everyone looks at them, they just enjoy themselves.
i care
cause every time i go to the store most of the time stuff im getting doesnt have a label
i see how it is.
the truth can be scary...... like the picture
Every cigarette box does have a Surgeon's warning, no one hesitates to buy another pack!
What a novel idea! Know what's in your food and eat the good stuff.
I wish I thought of that
it would totaly prevent me from buying...
It's good. I can see that i can save my money...  ha..ha...
There's a disconnect between the science that says fructose is killing us and the daily decisions we all make to keep eating it. Fructose is a chronic hepatotoxin, people, exactly like alcohol but without the buzz, and since it's so cheap (thanks, Nixon) it's now found in everything. I mean, crackers now contain corn syrup...CRACKERS!

Fructose causes heart disease, hypertension, ed, dementia, cancer, diabetes, and of course obesity. It's poison in large doses (which we get regularly in America) especially unaccompanied by fiber (which food companies always remove).

Wanna stay healthy for real? Here are 4 tips:
1. Cut out all sugared drinks and sauces.
2. Eat carbohydrates with fiber.
3. Wait 20 minutes before getting seconds.
4. Match the time you sit in front of the TV or Internet with an equal amount of time enjoying physical exercise.

And one last thing for the guys (since girls are usually already aware of this) yoga is a really good thing.
I know some one who fries there Twinkies lol and he eats lik 5 fried Twinkies on top of 3 jumbo size sneakers chocolate bars...

is not me one Twinkies would most likely  kill me lol...his not fat either very weird... he eats lots of junk food  his 19  ..I'm 36 too old to play around with my health!!
Juan Irigoyen,
Never mind the Twinkies. A "sneakers" chocolate bar?
whether u eat the most nutritious food or the junk food .... end result is same :-)
It is about time to bring back nature in natural, whole grains + veg + fruits that's the way to go :) 
Haha I'd never eat again! ( no id grow food)
no such thing as ADHD. but ADD I will go with(or however its called. the one not called ADHD)
Marjo B
Oh- if only! But it is true that people don't listen to the truth anyway. I always call cake ''poison'' in front of my family when they are eating it (LOL) but they enjoy it anyway. Argh. ;)
There really is a lot of truth in that!!!!!
This is true but I'm sure there would be a lot of people still purchasing the products. The same reason people pop pills or do drugs. They know its bad but they don't care.
Same scheme in different country, too. Fear generates attention. And mass media needs those attention.

lol. Just kidding!
only immediate health risks are ever labeled. if it happens over years they know it cant be linked to their product so they dont care to tell people honestly. They just provide positive propoganda to make their business money.
These aren't honestly packaged any more than health food is honestly packaged. Don't vilify food as if it's evil.
its knowingly unknown thing... ha ha ha ha  but its true.
In the EU, they have been labelling cigarette packets in this way for years, that doesn't seem to have helped much :-) 
Just wait till you get to the Monsanto produce aisle.
munju s
devil's temptations...
:O that wouldnt be a good world      i wouldnt ever buy any food again
Tj John
Whats that old saying.........ignorance is bliss!
Ever notice people die from fresh foods like spinach and salads more than sugary cereal?
+Garrett Cramer - there will be more deaths from obesity in the future than all the deaths due to bacterial outbreaks in produce.
"Who cares, it tastes good" is all I ever hear from people.
Life is the leading cause of all death's so don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy your day, it might be your last.
+Chance Allen but me eating a sugary cereal doesn't alone make me obese. I could make myself obese with just fresh food.
+Sarah Rothermel oh there was an awesome saturday nght live skit.. but it was about pizza :D..... hmm you could come out with a brand of apple juice that says that though :D
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