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really???? ok lol
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I followed him briefly, and he posted a big long whine about Daylight Savings that made me stop.
hahaha, he might be a little spoiled lol
I actually totally agreed with him on this. I don't think he was being an entitled twat at all (I recognize you weren't saying that, just the OP).
"Wil Wheaton" = "has been" and now completely "was not"
Evonne had a big crush on him when she was like ten, so I don't say he's a twat. But yeah.

I totally agree with whatever the actress who played his mom says, ever, for similar reasons.
Never heard of him, watched it, still none the wiser but he looks and sounds like a total tit.
WW is pretty bright, well-spoken, and usually has a fairly good outlook on things, from my observation/limited interaction with him, so I tend to read what he says with at least some sympathy.
+Wil Wheaton has a Google+ account. facepalm

Dude, I get ranting, but did you have to do it with such vitriol? There is such a thing as class, and also good and bad publicity. Smh!
G+ does not walk on water. I would be annoyed too if I had to join to click like.
if its too much trouble, just don't "+" it...and move on...alot more energy spent ranting...
Just post the video on Google+ and there are no problems with having to like it? Someday they will learn.
+Misha Belle he isn't critical of plus? Hmm, let's see..

"Oh, go f*** yourself, Google. This is just as bad as companies forcing me to "like" something on Facebook before"

"Just let me thumbs up something, without forcing me to "upgrade" to G+, you ****heads"

Them look like fighting words to me.
The article is all kinds of wacked out ... he didn't rant or "go ape" about being forced to join, he joined when it opened! - The 1.3M of us who follow him already know this ... this freelancer who posted to CNet gets the basic facts wrong... ugh. It's not a rant, it's barely 5 sentences on a tumblr, and he's right. <also, it's not a video>

I think Wil makes a great point about them changing YouTube and forcing people to join G+

"You get people to enthusiastically use services by making them compelling and awesome and easy to use," ... "You don't get people to enthusiastically use your services by forcing them to."
Tiffany - he's critical of the way they changed the YouTube "Likes" and in general how companies try to push you to "join" in order to perform even basic function (ie: clicking a like button). He's not delivering a review or commentary on G+
+Dave Taylor his rant is understandable and I totally agree with what you said, but there are ways of getting your message across. He did not have to be that harsh.
Well... now that we have had a nice long chat about what we think about what the CNet freelancer said about what Wil Wheaton said in his tumblr about what he thinks about YouTube's "like" button ... my evening is complete. But sure, the guy who posted a few sentences on his tumblr is the belly-gazing entitled internet-obsessed fool ;)
Unfortunately he thinks of himself as a serious actor/producer/whatever. The truth is he hasn't done anything worth serious props since Stand By Me. I don't think he is any kind of authority on Internet media at all. Pretty much he is the same annoying kid he always has been.
James - you need to read what he posted ... not what the article says he posted. The article got it all wrong.
Seems there is plenty of "smoking" going around... LOL. This must be what people do when they run out of cat pictures.
Wheaton has a fair point. Google is allowing the pursuit of Facebook to drag it in to Facebook's territory instead of pulling social out of that ilk and in to a better light. It's a pity. I hope that G+ doesn't become the demarcation point where history notes "this is where Google started doing 'evil' in a real way."

This isn't a done deal yet. Google is experimenting and it seems few people see these buttons (and there are several variations). But Wheaton isn't the first or only one to notice.

It's a shame too - G+ itself is a great platform. And these sort of shenanigans tend to backfire and tarnish good tech. Microsoft could tell a few tales (if they ever really admit to them).
+Ted LeBlond it's not being defensive of plus. Why bash a company so harshly when it's not warranted?
To be fair James, at least Wil can read. Just saying.
Didn't see this, but you guys have made me curious.
Wil Wheaton = Writes 5 sentences about YouTube/G+
This thread = 10+ nasty little comments about Wil Wheaton (personally) *
*Not counting the ones that James Whatshisname may have posted, since I'm pretty sure he just banned/blocked me. Stay classy Jimmy.

Yeah... Wil's the jerkface here... yet, he's the only one with any real stake in it.

Whatever... have a great night folks!
Well, I see this as a him having a good point with rather spoiled, sucky execution.. but he is human and entitled to get pissed about something that is effecting his livelihood.

The really annoying part is where he is using this to bash Google + as if it isnt an awesome network. Those who have put time and energy into this network, get a little pissed off about all the BS, ghost town stories that come out about it, and get a little annoyed with the people who dont even try to use it, yet publish the negative articles..

Will is here, has 1.5 million followers here, knows about all of the name calling and the publications trying to discourage people from joining and using the network.. and still he chose to use his influence to bury it because people cant plus his You tube video without an account? I would say that is a little childish and spoiled, even though his argument has a little bit of merit

( I will say that other places that i have been on the net require some sort of reservation to be able to like or comment.. #justsayin and to have a youtube account means having a gmail so most people have one already )

sorry for the rant :D
But he doesn't bash G+. He likes G+. He says as much. He's angry that Google was using YouTube to force-subscribe people to G+, because that's not good for G+, YouTube, or anyone using either. He's angry because Google did a trial balloon of a feature that simultaneously removed the ability to thumbs-down videos while limiting all thumbs up equivalents to G+ subscribers, which directly impacts his business. Keep in mind that content providers on YouTube often pay fees or bring in ad dollars. He had a legitimate gripe on several levels.
+Mari Thomas I don't read it as a criticism of G+ at all, rather a criticism of Google (it is possible to both like something and be critical of it - I both love and fear Google on a regular basis ;) ). Apparently one still has to "upgrade" go G+ even with all the other accounts. I wouldn't know. I jumped in to G+ with high hopes the minute I snagged an invite.

A more thoughtful criticism / explanation from Wheaton can be found here:
He does have a legit gripe +Kimberly Chapman .. just really sucky execution :D.. but like i said,.. no worries, he is human and entitled to his emotional tantrums like the rest of us.. It is just that when we do it it doesnt get picked up a bunch of bloggers and splashed all over the internet. :P
Wil apparently has something of a temper. Sometimes that's attractive, sometimes...really not.
um...well, I never do that. cough
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