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This is the fake insurance exchange site put up by
  - Assembly Republican Caucus
.. ..
The disclaimer at the bottom links you to this

The California State Assembly does not warrant or make any representations as to the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links and other items contained on this server or any other server. Such materials have been compiled from a variety of sources, and are subject to change without notice from the California State Assembly.
Communications made through this site's e-mail and messaging system shall in no way be deemed to constitute legal notice to the California State Assembly or any of its agencies, officer, employees, agents or representatives.
The presence of a link does not constitute or imply any endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation of the content of any linked site. The Assembly does not monitor, control, or fund any linked site and is not responsible for its content. If the linked site solicits funds, this should not be construed to mean that the Member is soliciting funds for that site.

 You can find the real exchange for California here .. is a joint partnership of Covered California and the Department of Health Care Services
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+Mari Thomas  so... are they now putting up fake websites? To do what? Stop people from getting insurance under the ACA? 
+George Kozi
yes.. it is a well known conservative tactic .. they have a ton of fake pregnancy sites that lie about abortion, birth control, prenatal testing etc..  They want Obamas presidency to be a failure.. so they want to sink the ACA.
and this kind of stuff is legal?
Hey Liberals, I have a logical question for you.  I know this might be tough.

If 40 million Americans can't afford insurance and want insurance, why is there a $95 fee for not getting insurance?

Think about it long and hard.
+Adam Wyson It not that hard to understand.  The $95 is incentive for folks that can afford  to get insurance & stop freeloading.  If you can't afford $95 then you probably qualify for subsidies.  See, was that so hard?
+Ken Wallace 

In other words, Obamacare is more about forcing insurance on people, than it is granting insurance to those in need.

And I'm sure you can make sense of Cadillac plans as well?  Punished for no insurance and punished for too much.  Sounds American to me.
+Mari Thomas
1) I went to the site and didn't see anything about getting insurance through that website, so further explanation or link in needed.
2) the .gov at the end of the website stands for .government meaning only government officials can have it. No other entities can.
3) the link you provided ( is considered a gamble because ANYONE can make a .com to make a spoof site.
+Tod Anderson
the .gov site is the site for the republican caucus that put out the fake ACA site..  Coveredca is the official site for the exchange in cali
What's funny is the site actually works, and it didn't cost the taxpayers 500 million.
+Adam Wyson Its misleading and fraudulent .. and also not under a constant ddos attack, nor is it taking traffic from the entire country .. really Adam? false equivalency masquerading a sarcasm :/?
If one wants obamacare then go get it.  If you don't then don't.  EVERYONE will know how it works in about a year.
+Tod Anderson I don't know what you mean by "considered" but a goverment agency in the US (be it a city, state, federal agency etc) can use the .gov top level domain.  It's not just limited to the federal government.

On the other hand, no government/government agency is under any obligation to use the .gov TLD.
They do that with those "pregnancy crisis centers".  People wearing white lab coats for no reason (i.e. they're not doctors, lab techs, etc.) or do anything related to medicine ... 

"Even though their staff may wear white lab coats and use ultrasound equipment, many of these clinics actually employ no medical professionals. They have also been found to provide medically inaccurate information in the interest of changing a woman's mind about getting an abortion. Many of them advertise as if they do offer abortion services, or are located near actual abortion providers—which can be confusing for women seeking services."
Hell with the fee...if you don't have insurance you will also have thing called a "bill"...a mighty large bill at that go get some insurance and stop crying like babies abkut fees...hell there's also a "fee" for getting your license so you can vote which republicans endorse fully because it was there idea...jusayin...
+Scott Beamer, I'm not arguing tld. I'm asking these questions to +Mari Thomas so I can investigate and make a submission to Google after I did all that. 
I too want proof that conconservatives are responsible. Liberals just lie and try to destroy their adversary rather than meet in the middle with a solution
yup it pay's to pay attention, and double check
I don't see any scam sites on their site nor them being blamed for scams on google.
+Adam Wyson because asstard right wingers will cut off their own nose to spite their own face. Not that hard to figure out huh.

Oh and the site actually cost under 70 million (might want to brush up on your Republcant propaganda there big guy)
I'm not a bit surprised. GOP are scum and are the only ones who would stoop this low. 
Well, hopefully those who actually read the stuff on home page finally gets it -  of course, we need to make corrections like so:

" If you already have health insurance that meets federal requirements, you may be able to keep your current plan. If you or your family does not currently have health insurance that meets these minimum standards and you do not purchase an insurance plan by March 31, 2014, you will owe a tax penalty to the IRS."

There. Now is that clear enough? After all, its the same ilk who scream against "freeloaders" - now apparently "ok" with it.

To those opposing ACA and still don't understand that last paragraph, it's ok, you actually do. I trust you have enough brain cells.
So much for being a united country... lol... it's laughable... conservatives and liberals are pathetic apologists. 
Its not that the site is bad. The law is terrible. A polished up terd still smells like crap.
Not sure why someone in Maryland is so concerned with California politics. 
There is a subject-verb disagreement in your sentence Bruce. 
Mby she hates libral communist like i do. Probably not..hey keith embrace the truth. Javier in what great country do you reside?
Great job Mari. We need these kinds of expose's to let people know what's really going on. Great post. Proud of ya Baby Girl.
Yea. The website sucks. Lets blame republicans. You go girl. Ooright
+Tod Anderson
No worries Tod.. it has already been tracked and reported lots of fake sites popping up these days.. Hopefully this will all die down soon and we will be on our way to a healthier more stable population . :D
+Bruce A. Rokjer
probably the same reason they put out that site :P, and the same reason you commented on this thread though you dont appear to have me in circles :D. (well, maybe not the exact same reasons :P) .. cheers. :D
+Robert Rodriguez
aaaah your part of the Youtube integration.. welcome to google + .. I suspect you meant to put that last comment on a different thread :/.. + jumps around a bit sometimes  no worries.
Its kinda funny how that site actually works. Good luck mari. Im sure your hearts in the right place.
+Mari Thomas I went to the site you posted. It was what it what it claimed to be. I searched but couldn't find a place that asked for a credit card. With the exception of the donation section. Also in the think progress article they mentioned that the state attorney was shutting down "sites like these", but when I search for the quote I find the following article.

The only qualifier that the website met as given in the article was the name which is legally allowable.

There are real websites out there seeking to imitate the ACA website. When you post unchecked reports. like this one. You take attention away from real crooks. As well as slandering what as best I can tell a factuly correct website.

If you do find some real villains though. please pass the sites along. So I can share them. 
Why no maam i meant for it to be right here. Im a Texan. And i love me a scrap sweetheart. 
+Robert Rodriguez
Dearest... there is nothing to scrap about :D. this is yet another attempt to lead people away from the ACA.. We need healthier people .. :D..  I am glad this is making the rounds.. so people will not be fooled into thinking that is an exchange...
+Khris W. No worries, dont share if you dont think it is leading people away from the ACA and into paying a penalty instead of getting the health care they need. There are more ways to hurt people than taking their money.. Leading the people who need healthcare away from getting it is a very bad thing.. The disclaimer even says they do not guarantee their own site is accurate and that their links arent fraudulent ..  Just because it hasnt been proven illegal yet doesnt mean it isnt misleading and masquerading as something its not.. have a good night and if i run across any other fake exchanges i will most likely post them.. Though you dont appear to have me in circles .. so i suspect you wont see it :P..
+Khris W. yes .. that has been being reported for a a day or so.. i shared it earlier as well.. which is what prompted me to post the links .
+Mari Thomas already added you. As for leading people away from the site. Well that is very different than being a fake site. The fake sites. The ones scamming people into thinking they are buying from the ACA site. They are the real villains. As for a site who's information and opinions are based speculative projections. How could they claime all of there speculations are 100% correct? Even if many of them have been shown correct in places like the UK or Canada. I personally believe that even Republicans want people to have better health. They just want a system that provides everyone with high quality coverage and won't bankrupt the Nation. 
+Khris W.
Ahh sorry about that i suppose google didnt update properly.. happens a lot for me.. I also tend to attract trolls who find my political posts (I have no idea how they come to their attention) and drop a bunch of silly propaganda instead of legitimate discussion..  Eventually they make a personal attack or insult me and then i go to block and realize that they not only dont have me in circles but they also only have two or three public posts.. :/ but anyway.. There are also fake news articles, fake websites, fake blogs etc spouting inaccurate or out of context information designed to keep people from signing up for the healthcare they desperately need. We needed a system 2 decades ago, so many people are suffering .. you cannot imagine.. The rhetoric is now background noise.. People need to get to the real site, not one with the agenda of keeping them from signing up.
+Marty Demichele
OK then why would the GOVERNMENT send out a mailer whose purpose is to damage their own ACA exchange?

We know why, after the fact, but if a person were to get a government mailer they would assume it's to a government site.
+Marty Demichele
It's slanted towards the negatives (e.g. the penalties, exaggerated negative cost projections, etc.).

But on top of that. Using GOVERNMENT resources to promote a site other than the REAL one is (I hope) fraud.
+Marty Demichele
No it's "fraud" (again I hope) when you use government dollars to promote a site that is run by one political party's spin machine.
+Marty Demichele An educational site provides education, not a one-sided commentary on, well, the very "didn't align with your beliefs" mindset you seem to be promoting.

Yeah, even buying water will cost me something. We can focus on the cost, and the evilness of having to pay for water, and not consider that it is essential to my survival.

Nice try, I'll give you that.
+A Wakeupagent That interesting thing about your post, and actually, the one I find entertaining is that, a statement of fact is "entertaining" to you.

Yep, facts are "entertaining" !
The Republican party are the equivalent of internet trolls at this point.
"Are you looking to healthcare. Have a site that looks helpful full of propaganda!"
HAHAHAHA!!! You were trying to a doctor for your kids! GEHY!!!! Loser!!!
Seriously they should just drop the pretense and fight for the microphone to shout "FIRST!! at press conferences. Good thing they don't hold any actual power... oh, wait.
The real problem is proven right here, the divide between the two parties. And both are just different wings of the same airplane flying all of us right down the drain and letting China just run our shit! This is exactly the reason why. Both parties have no intention of actually getting anything accomplished because they are too worried about staying in the pockets of their corporate sponsors. And 90% of the elected officials are doing it. Democracy? Ha, yeah right, we haven't been free in a long time.
+Beorn Borg  You're right… I guess what I should have said is it's time to drop the pretense that they are more than trolls and griefers.
+Marty Demichele
Here is my unsugar coated truth.. That GOP site is designed to sidetrack people . And the leaflets they printed sending people to that site instead of the official site are also designed to sidetrack people. The official site has correct up to date information for which they do not need a disclaimer, links to people who can help you get signed up,  and even a phone number to call if you dont understand..  The GOP is still fighting to repeal the  ACA they do not support it in anyway and actively work to sabotage its implementation.. No One should go to their site or take their word on anything about the ACA because they dont support it and will screw up any attempt at making it successful ..  So you can pretend it is helpful until your blue in the face but most people are finding the exchanges, signing in , and getting insured .. Yay!! A country full of healthy people !! :D
+Marty Demichele
First, don't trust the WIKI link.  Investigate the statement about Reagan and Medicare.

And second, insults are real productive.
+Mari Thomas did you even look at the site there is nothing wrong with it it is a education site. take you Obama shit and go
+Michael Bulger
The problem is that GOVERNMENT mailers were sent out to promote a site that is run by a particular political party. Let the RNC send out flyers, but don't use GOVERNMENT sources and really don't use GOVERNMENT money.
+Corey Lancaster name calling causes u to lose the argument kings of mialeading info is. Harry Reid. Nancy Peolsi and the king of it. President Obama 
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