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Delegates will meet in Philadelphia amid disarray in the party, following the resignation of the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
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+Mari Thomas ... Trump is an idiot, no doubt, but that doesn't mean I approve of this mess ... I simply can't watch this drivel
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Olá amiga tudo bem? 
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Early dinner :).. I think I've finally turned a corner.. i think im finally coming out of this flair up :D. Yay!! 
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+Mari Thomas​ I found a great way to soften the meat, while keeping it juicy and delicious when you broil it.

First, rinse the meat in cold water to get the excess blood out. Pat dry.

Take olive oil (vegetable oil will suffice on a budget) and rub it really well into both sides and edges of the meat.

Take salt (sea salt's best but any will do), pepper (ground if you can), and whatever seasoning powder you prefer to use for flavor, and rub each one really well into both sides and edges of the meat.

Let the meat marinate on a cutting board, away from excessive heat, for about 15 mins. The thicker the cut, the more time it needs, but I wouldn't go longer than 30 mins even with a porterhouse.

Take your broiler pan and line the inside bottom with aluminum foil to catch drippings. (This works with a normal oven or your toaster oven, if it can broil).

Put meat on the broiler grill, and cook as instructed. Best served immediately.

Note: Earlier I recommended to use seasoning powder, not seasoning or seasoning salt. The reason behind this is that seasoning salt is a 3-to-1 ratio of powder to salt.

So you can literally make your own seasoning salt, with what you already have available. (Minion has sworn off Taco Bell because "it tastes funny" after having tried my meat seasoning. And she loves Taco Bell.) And it has none of the silicates or preservatives that cause people issues.

Powder is pure seasoning. So garlic powder is straight garlic powder. Paprika is straight paprika. Badia makes the best, and it's super cheap. But read the labels.

It may help improve your health. Good eats!
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cracking down on the kids ability to follow through today :/ ... sigh... one of the hardest but most important things for anyone to learn. Buying the food... but forgetting to put in the freezer means wasted money .. lol.. #mistakesareexpensive  
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+Mari Thomas I don't think it's being creative, I think it's being Southern. :-)

If the bananas get too brown, I make banana bread. If the fruit gets too ripe (but not moldy! Moldy gets tossed) I'll make pie.

I've switched to buying romaine lettuce hearts because they last much longer than iceberg. Tastes better and is more crunchy.
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Meanwhile, in the senate...
The Massachusetts Democrat mocked Republicans for leaving courts empty for Donald Trump to fill.
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+Raymond Riley You wrote, "Their party is doomed and stands for nothing but greed now."
Unfortunately, that may make them more successful.
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I always say fail often
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Because i cant unsee it :D.. Happy Sunday :D
Some people have no respect for technology.
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When the GF's computer died, I took it apart to see if there was anything I could do. There were spider nests (plural, not typo) on the motherboard.
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Hmm for later reading...
Congress does not learn and repeats history, in this case the CDA
can't learn that the Internet is a tool, used by the just and unjust

So here in the Senate appropriations bill for the +U.S. Department of State for 2017, we find the paragraph that could conceivably de-fund The Tor Project if the process of reconciling bills doesn't strike it:

Circumvention technology alone does not further Internet freedom abroad, and the Committee acknowledges the difficulties in monitoring and conducting oversight of the use of such technology.

For this reason, the Committee requires that spend plans submitted by the Department of State and BBG pursuant to section 7078(c) of the act include a description of safeguards to ensure that circumvention technologies are not used for illicit purposes, such as coordinating terrorist activities or online sexual exploitation of children.

Is this contradictory much?

We acknowledge the difficulty monitoring and overseeing such things, so give us a description of safeguards to make sure they absolutely are not used for illicit circumstances.

Well folks, frankly, this can't be done.

If a journalist can hide out, or an activist can hide out, such that they are a criminal in the eyes of the state police in the host country? Then a child pornographer or a terrorist can also hide out.

The difference is, that the pornographer or terrorist would not hesitate to buy botnet or other circumvention services from malware infected computers from, say, the Russian mob. Where a journalist, human rights worker, or other legitimate person would hesitate and rightly so -- because they might well get sold out to the higher bidder, which might be the people they are working to evade.

Either the Senators are idiots or they're setting a trap. So, given those options, I never underestimate an adversary. I much prefer to assume at least one person on the committee set this up.

This means there's some lobbying and education to do to persuade everyone involved that it's better for them to save face, by saying, "Oh, we didn't understand!" and back down, rather than to say to the forces of Internet freedom (Tor and other similar projects), "Oh, then you're SOL, aren't you?"

You just don't get it, Congress. Give it up.

It's been a bit over ten years since I filed Tor's nonprofit status. Do I have to go down to DC with my walker and speak to Congress myself?

This is the cognitive error we faced the year of the Computer Decency Act, 1996 all over again. We are going back two decades.

The Internet is a medium. The tools on the Internet are tools that are used by the just and the unjust. We do not slit open every bit of postal mail to see what is inside it either, and we help fund that. We require a warrant for most communications to be split open for content. Encryption is freely available to most persons, and the State Department is not the only funder of solutions, but they are the best funder of solutions for journalist safety and so on.

Congress can let solutions that are less safe take over, that are less well tested with more bugs and possible zero-days or golden keys to be discovered to our dismay, or we can face the realities of this landscape and accept what risks we take when we must hide in plain sight -- that if anyone can hide, everyone can.

Tired of repeating this every few weeks... for... is it ten or twenty years now?

Trivia of the day: Senate and senile have the same etymological root.

See page 22 of pdf
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Holy shit!! O.O
Military forces shut two bridges over the Bosporus in Istanbul, and fighter jets were seen flying over Istanbul and Ankara, the capital.
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I have been wondering for years when it would happen...
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i hope there`s at least a few people on here
that care enough to sign this.
Complicated and risky derivatives fueled the financial crisis, and still pose a threat to our economy and American taxpayers. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Mark Warner are trying to do something about it, and need our help.
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Vehicle reportedly mounted kerb and struck people celebrating Bastille Day in the southern French city of Nice, local media sources say
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This is just sick. Blame the daesh for this.
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Pfffffft.. chump change..
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Did they ever work :/
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