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"Denying tens of thousands of people the right to water ought to be criminal, doing it while living in a publicly funded, city-owned mansion is just despicable.”
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Wow!! i am floored .. by some strange force of internet/social media magic i am now in 70k circles  O.O ... kinda scary .. but thanks so much everyone ( I would like to thank every spam and bot that made this moment possible :D) .. I guess i should try to be interesting now :D.. lol #allinfun  :D
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Someone's popular
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That's what you get for driving while being Black.
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Gathering all the kidlets today and re-organizing the house for the school year .. Today will be a really really busy day :D
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My day is good girl woke up this morning fix bacon and then Jump on here IKEA is having a sale I'm getting stuff for my apartment in College park MD Susan Said Hi She is on her way over here her sister vita birthday is today and she is at the grave site tell your kids I said hi 
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Happy birthday :D
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Your right. I say we ask to see his birth certificate lol
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Wow.. the more i meet new people and listen to the problems they have trying to get ahead in life.. The more i discover how damaging our punitive, petty, litigious society really is :/ .. We shoot ourselves (our society)  in the foot and then blame our feet for hurting, bleeding and not being able to carry its self or  us around ..   #justrandomthoughts  
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And then, the person/family ends up on public assistance just to stay alive; and if they find a way to need less assistance the amount they are getting is cut by more than their other sources of income, leaving 3 options:

A) Hope they can survive on their new lower net income
B) Give up on actually improving their life and rely on welfare forever
C) Commit fraud, lying about their increased income so that they are receiving more help than they need, taking available funds from families who actually need more, risking everything on the hope that they can actually escape the welfare trap before their fraud is discovered.
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It's always about the money. Even when it's about something else, it's about the money too.

There is money to be made by keeping people poor and uneducated.

Don't get me started over how "we" are all fighting over bullsh*t that we were fighting about 10 years ago AND we'll still be fighting over 10 years from now. Meanwhile life becomes a real life version of Elysium for more and more people.

The Haves become a smaller group sitting at the Big Table with the whole damn pie and the Have Nots are so busy fighting over crumbs they don't realize they're eating off the floor.
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quote: One conclusion would be that the racially inflected manner of seeing actions well within the norm of everyday life as potential starting points to an escalating situation of supposed threats that warrant deadly force, and that the fact that more unarmed blacks are killed than any other race and their killers often exonerated because juries accept their definition of “threat,” both point to the ways race affects our senses of how the world works.  But that is not the way justice is supposed to work at all.
U.S. cops kill vastly more people per capita than any other police in the world. What's going on?
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its been brewing for some time now.. and its sad.. it should not be happening in a democracy.. allowing money in our politics really screwed us over.. 
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+Darius Constantine I imagine there are a few reasons "why".

One could be that they've accumulated so much wealth and power that they've effectively have removed themselves from our society. They now live in a wonderland of their creation where they've developed a belief  that they can control every aspect of their existence and are immune to outside influence. 

Secondly, if the system works for you then nothing could possibly be wrong with it and if you surround yourself with like minded folk it's that much easier to point and say that people who aren't as successful weren't bread for success, it's just genetics. Once you've started to see others as object instead of human beings you can easily do whatever your dark imagination can come up with. In this instance, they probably can't conceive of how the small minded little folk could possibly organize a revolt. 

Third, Even if they were to run a study, I imagine that they are so convinced that they are in the right that it would be almost impossible to not suffer from a self fulfilling prophecy. They could interpret the data in a number of ways to get to the answer that they wan't and that is, the system works.

In the end, I truly believe that the oligarchs suffer from a form of mental disorder similar to hording. Instead of cats or news papers, it's capital. The outcome is the same though. They have become a burden on our society. It's unlikely that they'll come to this conclusion on their own and an intervention is in order, will that come in the form of revolution? Who knows. One thing is certain, the status quo can not continue. Change is going to happen, the question now is, will it be led by guns or by laws?
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