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Well , time for me to run off and be an "Adult" again .. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone :D  #Ineedthesummeroff  
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Jesse H
Poor girl. Time for for me to be a kid 
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Mari Thomas

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damn.. send me one :D
Parallella64 is alive!!! Passed test suite. Only 0.99A @5V with all 66 cores running.
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+Mari Thomas They may need developers.......
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Mari Thomas

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The actor and his 'West Wing' alter ego have a clear message for Congress and President Obama.
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He's afraid his son's "celebrity immunity" is going to wear off.
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Mari Thomas

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Buffalo Bills cheerleaders are suing for better wages. The cheerleaders say the Buffalo Bills paid them nothing for working at NFL games, and at mandatory public appearances. Two other NFL teams faces similar law suits.
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Well, the NFL is hurting for money, you know. Paying those ladies a half way decent wage could cost a team a QB or something.

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Mari Thomas

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+Adam Reed
i grabbed what was available i am actually sort of multitasking .. But +Tina Vigilante  might have something on hand.. we can make an attempt at a real discussion when i am a bit more free :D
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meh.. i disagree .. peoples minds can change ... but i'll read it anyway
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I'll find the science when I get home. I read some research recently that supports pessimists are less likely to change their minds....about anything.....and it's hardwired. Some people are genetically predisposed to pessimism. 
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Mari Thomas

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eggs hidden... mom is out of the way :D
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+Jesse H
it always is :D
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Mari Thomas

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Liberal investor Tom Steyer is seeking to differentiate himself from billionaires Charles and David Koch, arguing that those conservative benefactors put their money into politics for personal gain.
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grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. what is it with Dells and battery charging/charger issues?
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+Aaron Stemple
every bit of knowledge helps.. i like angles :D
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Mari Thomas

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hmmmm I miss travel.. Someone introduced me to travel a few years ago and i have been in love with it ever since :D
Cheap flights are easiest to find on Tuesdays, according to conventional wisdom. But according to a new report, the best time to buy cheap flights is actually later in the week, and you'll maximize savings by traveling on certain days. 
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nothing much :P
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interested in programming, networks, security, and web design.. I love new toys :D Kinda Liberal and always up for a good debate :D
So happy and positive it might annoy the hell out of you :D.

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Over 21, Not looking for a relationship :D, and very happy :D
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