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Why Social Marketers Can't Ignore Pinterest Any Longer

Has Pinterest grabbed your attention? Are you building your "Pinfluence"? ;) My guess is most folks out there have a severe lack of time and are unable to dedicate resources to "yet another platform" even if it is "all the rage". And/or, marketers and business owners think the platform is only for women. What do you think?

Btw, I'm semi-active on Pinterest so far -- feel free to hook up ;)
Is your business on Pinterest yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for? After all, it’s only quite possibly the hottest thing going in the social media
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Doing what I can with Pinterest, its addictive nature certainly makes it easy. I love seeing brands visual representations of themselves on Pinterest and though it's a challenge for the brand I manage, I love it.
I'm still trying to get my blog posts to auto tweet from wordpress. I have one blog working fine and the other one not so much. I have to go back to the successful one and figure out what I did right and make it work on the second one. Maybe then I can get started learning Pinterest. Oh yeah, I still have to work 40 hours a week writing copy. Pinterest will have to wait a few more weeks I guess. Sigh.
I've just started on pinterest and I can see why people like it. I'm not using it for work, yet, until I get the hang of it better. Yet I'm pretty sure it will help me get the word out once my book on glamping is ready to launch. My glamping board is already getting popular and I created it just over a week ago.
Yes I think it will help drive traffic. I am just too darn busy to learn it at the moment.
+Rich Fisher The good news is that it's rather intuitive. It's not so much the learning curve as it is the time management of adding another social network to your list.
Using Pinterest has made me think towards making my blog posts more interesting visually. I've been using more pictures on my posts as eye candy that will stand a better chance of getting re-pinned. I've only seen a modest amount of traffic from them, but I still think the links are important.
I've been posting free guitar lessons and questions for years on FB and got almost no response. The other day I started posting funny guitar pics and got 70+ likes, lots of comments and a few shares which blows away any previous results. I was quite resistant to Pinterest but I have to face facts of the simplicity of humanity ;)
Del in Asheville - thanks for the encouragement!
considering i have several guitar lessons domains that i have done nothing with... maybe pinterest is a way to get the word out ! thanks everyone!
I'm still a little shaky on Pinterest. Just because a new platform is out and is currently 'all the rage' should every brand jump on it? Will it fit with their audience? Do they even have enough of their own inventory to push to followers on Pinterest?
True +Niko Nikolaou - I'm going to push my personal brand on there first. Big problem is I need more graphic content (photos/illustrations) because Pint seems built around having that photo. On the other hand, I saw a post this morning about creating graphics with callouts from blog posts to use as 'photos' then posting links to those blog posts, like the WSJ does. So that's going to be my Modus Operandi.
I'm going to find a quote that has a good hook and make a graphic of it in photoshop and use that as a visual to promote that blog post in pinterest. might work?
Another observation - I posted a guitar with a van gogh painting on it and a guitar with a cat shaped sound hole and neither got much response, compared to a beer fridge that looks like a Marshall cabinet and a guitar shaped pool...
The Marshall Beer Fridge pulled huge for me on G+ and FB!
Because I write a lot of posts for my own blogs and a lot of guest posts -- all with interesting photos -- I'm using Pinterest to "pin" the photos of the various blog posts under different categories. Thanks to the "pin it" function, it is easier to do this than other online ways of sharing links to blog posts. See examples at
Pintrest hasn't been flooded with spam yet, since like G+ no 3rd party post API allowed.
I've got an account with If This, Then That, but I haven't spent much time with it yet. Just got Klout and Tweetdeck working today.
Only a matter of time I'll wager. I DO like the idea of making graphics from callouts from blog posts. I will try doing that soon (I hope). Now back to work. (Argh)
The robot makers are already selling tools to auto pin, follow and unfollow on pintrest. He is a well known developer so you can assume they work.

I'm not condoning spam, just pointing out reality that they are just another site that will more than likely be a fad. If goal is purely for exposure and SEO luv, then pursue as part of a link diversity strategy (Eggs vs. Baskets). hop-hop.
I would just be using it to cast a wider net for spreading the word on posts and articles most def.
It's a great platform, because people react strongly to pictures. I'm just getting started adapting my presentations and writing for Pinterest and am amazed at the new life given some material. Feel free to hook up with me, too.
I added my business on Pinterest awhile ago, it was so easy I didn't see any reason not to. I haven't done much there in awhile though.....Hmm time to play there for a bit.
I will admit that a few of the cases mentioned here prove that for some industries and people it presents a great new platform.
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