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7 Brand Elements You Need in a Social Media – Content Marketing World -- +Heidi Cohen is one of my favorite writers. Her content and blog totally rock. Here's a great 7-point checklist for your branding.
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Thank you Mari for sharing this post. It came at just the right time for me. Heidi Cohen just inspired me. Thanks, Donna
Great article - how everyone is paying attention. All of these brand concepts apply to any business of any size... (And that means you!)

Thanks Mari - great stuff!
Cheers Mari, as +Lennie Appelquist says, this concept applies to SME's as well as household brands. They need to get personal!
you never fail to put up a great write-up
this is a nice article. thanks for shairng this one.
thanks for this. will share this one, as well.
nice article ;-) helps the starters learn more.
nice article ;-) thanks for this!
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