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The 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is out today!!! This is my friend +Michael Stelzner's fourth annual report and it's always packed with fascinating stats and graphs. Guess what the #1 question three years in a row is? How do I measure social media marketing effectiveness? Hm, very interesting!!

Mike is the founder of +Social Media Examiner - one of the top blogs out there featuring one quality social media article per day. Check out the upcoming Social Media Success Summit at:
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Downloaded it and will read through it and see what I can find applicable to my martial arts business!
Nice, very thorough and comprehensive. Thanks for the share !
Thanks for sharing this resource and giving me the heads up
Thanks Mari for letting us know about this!
Thanks for the heads up! Will go and read rightnow!
Can I ask you +Michael Stelzner, since in the report you say YouTube is going to be figuring in much more heavily in most marketers future marketing plans... How do you see Hangouts On Air being a major part of that new YouTube expansion?

I am creating almost all my content thru HOAs in the last 3 months using HOAs, and I appear as a panelist on others shows at least 2 to  3 times a week, as I will on +J.C. Kendall's weekly Friday morning show later today. Even dumped GoTo Meeting in favor of HOAs for public webinars. (ed dale did the same on his launch earlier this week)

So I wondered if in your much broader reach with other top marketers do you see the same mindset as mine above?

Thanks for the great share +Mari Smith!
+Chris Lang Thanks for pinging me, dude. We have decided to pospone todays show until next Thursday, so we can announce and feature some bigger news. We still have Sarah Hill for Friday next week as well, and I've saved a spot for you then. 
+Chris Lang I think HangOuts On Air is very promising.  However it has a long way to go to knock out GoToWebinar and the like.   My biggest gripe is the lack of interaction.  And it is kinda odd that you can only share the YouTube component off of YouTube and the Google+ side of it seems to only be the conduit.  I think if Google can figure out things there it could be huge.  Perhaps I smell an article in the making for Social Media Examiner Chris (hint hint)...
Love to do so +Michael Stelzner, I have been waiting in the wings with your editors for a G+ analytics article, hopefully Google I/O will unveil that.

How about a Google I/O article for marketers? I covered I/O last year for Howie Schwartz and it was very successful.

We will be taking notes on the streaming all 3 days here from our GTV.
What really sways my IM buddies is that you can embed the HOA on your site +Michael Stelzner, the big IM guys get real excited when I tell them that.
+Michael Stelzner Would you mind expanding on that "lack of interaction?" I'm not sure I catch your meaning on that. 
+Chris Lang +J.C. Kendall Having only run some experiments, and deferring to those of you in the trenches on this...  I have found that (a) it is very hard to invite people to participate in GOA outside of Google+.  You have to give people the YouTube link.  (b) When we are inside an active GOA we don't see how many people are participating and for some reason only see questions from the panelists.  It "appears" to me as if the host needs to watch both YouTube and Google+ for comments.  This is why I say it seems not ready for prime time.  And one of the big challenges is the challenges sharing outside of Google+.  So inform me guys, do I have it all wrong?
+Michael Stelzner Embed the HOA on your site, pre-push / alert the show. Let people know it is going to be at said time, said place well before your show.

Also I do a weekly show, 7 PM EST each week. And you can always find it at replacing my squeeze page as we go live each Wednesday at 7 PM EST.

Then I pull the player, leaving the squeeze page to replace it. Works like magic for building lists too :]

You can do the same with a blog post, have it ready to go, embed the player, publish it so it's at the top of the domain on the blog, then when it is over, it turns into a YouTube player and streams the replay if you do not edit or take down the YouTube recording.

As an Internet Marketer I want my peeps to go to my site, not to the home of bright shiny objects called YouTube and G+. I am a narcissist, I want your full attention LOL.

When I showed how that can be done then my big IM guys started paying attention. Like I said, Ed Dale dumped GoTo for his big launch the last two weeks. Does that sound like a SME article to you +Michael Stelzner ?
+Chris Lang I think an article on how Google+ HOA can replace your webinar software with examples would be very interesting indeed
The best part of this article will be proof, Ed Dale used HOAs to launch his $2000 new product. So it's not just Chris Lang the G+ fanboy saying the works, but a top IM guy doing so. Let me see if I can get a quote from Ed saying how well this worked for him now that his launch if over +Michael Stelzner :]
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