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Woohooo!! +Guy Kawasaki and I are here in the studio, getting ready to go live - come join us at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT -- discussing the HOTTEST Social Media Business Trends :) #7smtrends
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Glad you put those arrows in there to let me know who was who :)
Love that special effect with the falling light.
Me too, the falling light was "flosum" guys didn't miss a beat! See you on Social Midas! AND...thanks for the book I won...doing a happy dance
That was great, Mari! Thanks for the invite! I wish I could attend Social Midas! I was Kovu_ in the Twitter feed. I asked about social media certification and what you thought it should focus on, but that's probably too big of a question for such a short session. Thanks again!
Awesome webinar and Guy colorful language. I am joking, it was fun. Congratulations to Donna Merrill on your winning.
Watch your head! Just kidding! Great webinar!!!
One seriously cool show yesterday! WTG ! I listened to the replay last night as I worked. Guy is super laid back and fun loving. Truly has his own way with words as you mentioned...hehe
Mari, great webinar yesterday, you and Guy should consider doing that more often...thanks for the great content!
Finally caught up and saw it! Nice job both of you! Do either of you get any sleep?
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