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Wowee!!!! Guess what? The top two fastest growing Facebook Fan Pages in the month of February were +Google and +Google Chrome. GO Google, how cool is that?!

Check out the full list by the awesome peeps at +Ignite Social Media.
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That's awesome news! Hopefully it's because people are truly interest, as opposed to liking the popular to position themselves. Thanks for the share!
And related to G+, I've been saying, give Google time and they will attract more over to G+. When they hit about 150 mil users, everyone will take notice. The question still remains, how will they attract non-business, non-tech, non-social media, non-photographer, etc. type users?? They answer that and it will explode. Go Google!
That's because I just started seriously using Google+ and just installed Chrome last night. I'm digging G+ because the noise over on Facebook was wearing me down.
Does anyone else think it's funny that people are using Facebook to find out information about Google+? :)
No problem. :) I LOVE TED and I would really like to see them a bit more active on G+!
+Brad Trnavsky lol, I know, right? Facebook does not have an active presence on +Google+. I think it's symbolic that the reverse is true. :)
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