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Hands up who here would like to go from ZERO to $1 Billion in 17 months?! heheee!

Whilst I think this Instagram acquisition is over-priced, it's a smart move for Facebook to beef up its mobile platform... sorely needed, IMHO. ;) I've had to stop using the Facebook mobile app on my iPhone much these days it's SO s.l.o.w. and freezes, and we can't reshare content... yet. Anyway, Facegram will likely improve the photo element for starters. :)
Instagram's journey from zero-value startup to $1 billion Facebook acquisition, as told through Instagram photos.
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I have no problem with this at 500 or 600 Million... I dont like what it does to other startups at 1 Billion. The big score (17 months ago) was 200 Million... the price just went up.
I agree on FB....I really like Google+
The benefits of using SaaS, PaaS, etc such as Amazon web services, with just a few developers to massively scale
Great for the pockets of some. I tried and was not impressed, looks like I may not be in the in crowd? I am blown away with Smug Mug's Camera Awesome APP full share functionality to boot. You have to love companies that make it easy for users to use competition. I am pretty sure many will look at Smug Mug as well. They are Enchanting:)
Looks like Instagram's price doubled just as they were becoming available on Android. Interesting.
I think this was a bit of a crazy move. They are seeing a lot of backlash from this as well because MANY of the users are upset that Instagram would sell their info like that...over 20 million users. I can see why they would be a little upset, but one thing I would be happy about is the fact that now some MAD development money is behind the app to make it even better than it is now...
Well, the neighborhood was going anyway since Instagram was going to Android so might as well sell out the FB.
I'm happy for the 2 guys who created Instagram, +Mike Krieger and +Kevin Systrom. Their success is probably beyond their wildest dreams. I need to upgrade my goals. ;-)
I don't have a problem with the valuation based on the price per user. Granted the purchase price is high to most but the numbers work
={:|-= (this is me with my hands up :)
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