Woa - Facebook has introduced a simple and easy way for users to confidentially report any comments/activity that could be from someone contemplating suicide. Turns out that Facebook and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline have been partners since 2006, but this new service is surely an amazing new way to bring the potential support right to where people spend huge amounts of time... Facebook.com, and where they may post messages crying out for help.

You may recall the tragic loss of our social media friend Trey Pennington a few months back. It's so sad to think of "what if's" ... and suicide is such a heavy topic that not too many folks care to talk about. Likely most of us think it'll never happen to people we know... but it does.

I think this move by Facebook and Lifeline is very positive. And it shows just how much Facebook is becoming an integral part of our ecosystem and communications evolution. How about you?
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