Social Media Success Summit 2012 -- mega online conference runs May 1st through 24th. Special 50% dealio on tickets now. Awesome speaker lineup. Killer content you can apply right away. Learn how to properly market and build your business through Facebook, +Twitter, +Google, +YouTube, +LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more!! (Hm, interesting that Facebook and Pinterest are the only two platforms without a Google+ page?! heh!)

I'm stoked to contribute to +Michael Stelzner's annual event for the fourth year in a row!! Happy to share the virtual stage with my buddies in the industry: +Jay Baer, +Brian Solis, +Chris Brogan, +Jeremiah Owyang, +Jason Falls, +Frank Eliason, +Scott Monty, +C.C. Chapman, +Paul Colligan, +Justin Levy, +Rich Brooks, +Nichole Kelly, +Dave Kerpen, +Jesse Stay, +Mark Schaefer, +Amy Porterfield, +Phyllis Khare, +Andrea Vahl, +James Wedmore, +Kipp Bodnar, +Rick Calvert -- fantastic group of skilled teachers here. And I love that I can tag all you fab folks and my post doesn't land on your own profile wall too... unlike that other site where you have to be careful about @ tags. ha!! I mean, I love @ tags there, just gotta be more mindful about how the posts show up.

Okeedokes, folks, if you're serious about social success in 2012, this is the conference to check out! :) (aff link).
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