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Social Media, Pinterest and Branding Success - Here's a fun video courtesy of my buddy +David Brier of This is too funny: Businesses for Instantly Less Stupid Social Media Exposure (BLISSme) ;)

The main point is that all social platforms are CHANNELS, through which we do our marketing and branding.

P.S. Eh, does this young dude remind you of the Harry Potter actor? :) Gotta love the British accent. Actually, his passion reminds me of +Gary Vaynerchuk ...just a wee bit!! :)
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LOL! That was great. Harry Potter on Social Media. I'll be sharing this one.
That's hilarious - loved the bottom line at the end. So true.
Thanks for sharing this and yes he looks like Potter, but his voice sounds like David Tennant (at least to me).
No, he's no Daniel Radcliffe, but the message is great - If a business had nothing to say before social media they can say it faster WITH all these social media channels!!!! Excellent!
On the other hand, the existence of these social media channels may cause businesses to rethink what they have to say and hopefully put out something valuable. The past doesn't necessarily dictate the future. Maybe having this opportunity will inspire businesses to think differently.
+Jeff Gibbard ahh very well said, yes!! LOVED your post on this too. I just read and left you a wee comment on both your Disqus and Facebook comments (way cool!). I agree re the overly simplifying aspect. My take with the main message of the vid is that businesses and brands expect money to come falling out the sky when they use social sites... but, first, it's important to have a solid business model, a clear message, systems in place to manage social, and a strategy for how to integrate social into the rest of the marketing and business.
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