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Tick tock, tick tock!! Remember, Daylight Saving Time (DST) starts in the wee hours and clocks SPRING FORWARD one hour!!! (Except Hawaii and Arizona).

Will you be staying up 'til 2:00am to change all your clocks, DVRs, microwave, etc.? LOL! Kidding.

Back in the day, we did have to go around the house changing all the manual clocks, resetting the ancient video players and microwave ovens, kitchen timers, watches, and any other gadget with a clock!! Nowadays, everything is pretty much automated.

Here's a handy guide for checking DST observation around the world:

And I love this Indian quote below. Too funny!
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I have Mi'kmaq Indian blood. Love those Indians. TIME CHANGE is this weekend!
I just love how once we get on DST there's a TON of people who complain about DST as we go onto regular time, people who have no clue DST is what we have in the summer, not the winter.
That image says it all. The sun/earth orbit does not care what time you say it is. The amount of daylight does not change other than the orbital effects. Calling it "8:00 am" or "9:00 am" makes no difference.
One of the many things I love about Arizona -- we don't do DST. :-)
Growing up in Manitoba and knowing the dairy industry, I might say, "Cows Know All". BTW, +Mari Smith, did you know that east of Medicine Hat, Alberta and just north of the Trans Canada is a humungus sand dune that is the perfect shape of an Inca native? It can be seen using Google Earth (approx. 50 deg N. Lat. and 110 deg. W. Long.)
I'm part Indian and I believe this quote is awesome amazing even. And yes, only the government would believe that.
Obviously there was a communication breakdown. I would love to hear what the Native American THINKS is the reason for DST.
thanx for the share-your right on about the government!
haha that is awsome

And btw why are people still calling Native Americans, Indians? can be abit confusing when someone talks about Indians with no referance to what continent. :P
haha dont understand it that much but i still think its funny
I always thought the DST system was very stupid, for more or less the same reasons as the "Old Indian".
IF that were the reason for DST, it would be even funnier. I guess they don't teach the real reason in grade school anymore?
instead of waking up to light shining in my room at 7:00, it'll be 6:00 (#$%%&#$^#&^&^^&$^&(*)^@#!%!) there goes sleeping in!
How funny. Thanks for sharing this!
Daylight savings time does not make the day longer. It just positions the work day to when there is more light. This quote is just a little ignorant.
If in doubt if you get the extra hour or lose it, have an extra hour in bed. Feeling refreshed for the day will give you a huge advantage to argue the point with everyone who's woken up 2 hours before you.
Spring FORWARD!! You get up an hour EARLIER.. not later. In other words today at 6am it is 6am... tomorrow if you don't set your clocks forward.. at 6am it is 7am and you are late for whatever thing you would be late for... I hate Spring daylight savings! It's antiquated and useless... get rid of it. Pick a time and stick with it!
Jeff H.
please, an old indian saying?
the united states adopted it in 1918.
When you think about it-really a mute point. Life is too short to argue over such trivial things.
Jay G
in front , and secretly everybody is doing so;)
this is wisdom of ancient still could affectionate us and give clue in our life
Jeff H.
of course they were. i just don't believe it's a actual quote. most of us know the reasons behind the time change and adding a hour to the day is not one of them.
It was for the most part in America for WW I to save on lamp oil and coal... of which we don't use anymore... so trash DST... and possibly it wasn't an old Indian saying, but it still gets the point across beautifully. Besides we do use the term longer day, shorter night to describe it, so it does have it's relevance.
Jeff H.
you're correct about it being a money decision, but not everyone uses that term.
I didn't say everyone, but it is more common than not, at least where I've lived.
Jeff H.
yes, i just doubt an american indian ever said such a thing. wouldn't it have been easier if everyone just changed their work hours. they could just come into work a hour later and leave a hour later until autumn.
+Arthur Cronos Didn't read the Wiki source but let me guess... 2 hours in order for that guy to run around with enough daylight to catch butterflies? +Jeff Hove yes, that would be easy... wouldn't it be EASIER if we didn't have to change the clocks at all??? Arizona and Hawaii don't... Just sayin', It's antiquated and useless.
Maybe that's why Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time...
+Arthur Cronos apologies, it wasn't the same fellow who had ideas about daylight savings. My guy actually wanted it to be set ahead 2 hours so he had extra butterfly catching hours... seriously. But yours, yeah that would be a pain. But keep in mind that these were the days that you manually wound and set your watch daily, so it wouldn't have been that big of a deal for a daily setting then. Not that I agree with a change at all... But I think that it would have been easier as a slow grade of change as opposed to a jolting hour in one night. Let alone the butterfly enthusiast's 2 hours. Hhaaahaaa
I interact with Europe a lot in my work, so it's good for me to have a lot of overlap in work hours. The problem is that the EU and the US do not start and stop "summer time" on the same days. It's a disaster in Outlook calendars, our videoconferencing system, the time displayed on the IP Phones, and so forth. We waste a huge amount of resources doing time zone conversions, especially scheduling future meetings, because there are 4 distinct combinations of time zone differences a year just between Central time in the US and CET in Europe: They're on summer time and we're not, we're on it and they're not, we're both on summer, we're both not on DST. I love how China does it. That country may span 6 "time zones", but they just have China Time. The time in Beijing is the time in all of China. It's the same offset all year. Done. Adjust your work hours if you don't like it, don't make me mess with all these clocks. Don't get me started on the Southern Hemisphere. My clients in Peru and Chile are falling back around the time we spring forward and vice versa. My perfect world involves everyone on UTC, and publishing their work hours, so I don't have to make any assumptions or calculations. </rant>
Yeah this is interesting. I guess doing it would make it convenient for daylight savings. Thanks for sharing, Ali @ WordPress Hosting
Along with a trip to CA ending just as DLS time began, I am having a little period of adjustment. Lost 2 hours in the last week, as UT is an hour ahead. My poor body doesn't know what to think.
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