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Are Facebook "Promoted Posts" less effective than ads? Certainly seems that way! Or at least, "it depends." ;)

Great post with case studies by +Jake Ludington 
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According to my knowledge & experience ads & promoted posts doesn't work, the one and only strategy which I learned from your book and posts that is "Engage".
I've thought FB would be good for promoting my upcoming book, but based on my casual observation of my 124 "friends", I wonder.

They include a few people I "knew" (some by name only) in elementary, junior high, and/or high school, with the majority coming later in life, mostly business acquaintances.

From the look of it, maybe 10% account for 90% of all posts, most of that having to do with what they ate for dinner, their politics, or whichever team just won/loss whatever sporting event is of interest to them.  In short, a pretty boring group, which includes me since I am part of the 90% who say very little.

To me G+ seems more grown up if not less personal.  I don't encounter many people I knew in some other life; most everyone I follow I "met" here on G+.  I wouldn't mind connecting with more real friends but few I know are here.  They're all on FB LOLing each other.  

Many FB'ers say they know about G+ but don't come here 1) because everyone they care about is already on FB, and 2) because what they see here is too serious.  (Hearing that makes me want to LOL, which I can't do, hating that phrase as I do.)

So, promoted posts or ads?  I'll have to learn more about who each would reach before deciding.  
I've promoted several posts and have seen little impact in social metrics. Seems like a product that is still a work-in-progress...
I've tried ads and promoted posts and the results are always the same... waste of money. It's nice to see your insights "reach" skyrocket but disappointing that it has almost no effect... I'm convinced that people are not on FB to shop or be marketed to. We ignore ads the same way we go to the refrigerator during commercials on TV.
What was that saying... Social media is a bunch of marketers marketing to other marketers?
+Michael Currey I'm agreed with you, I've done the same but results was very poor, there are many people who'll recommend you to read some books about mastering Facebook Ads but there is nothing learn, I've done several experiments but nothing happened.  
I'm working on facebook marketing over the few year. It's not really have a good result.
Hi, I am newby on facebook marketing and thought I was doing something wrong. There are many clicks but no results.
I think you should check your ads well. Facebook works well for me.
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