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This is one of the BEST videos +Gary Vaynerchuk has ever put out. It's raw. It's real. It's extremely motivating. If you ever had a fraction of a doubt about creating huge success for yourself, you won't after investing just 9 wee minutes soaking up Gary's message. (Ehm, warning - not for the feint of heart. And, of course, usual GaryVee stylee... plenty F-bombs. But, he doesn't give a flying F if peeps don't like that. hahaa. Seriously, Just. Watch. The. Video.)
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That was like a cocaine high edition of How to win friends and influence people.
Ok... one gets through the video... barely without swearing... and at the end I just go, "Whatever, dude..."
+Mari Smith Extremely motivating?!?! You're trying (and failing) to be funny, right? It is, at best, full of banality.
Like, Like, Like.... I've been writing about this same friggin mindset for the last year of so.
No regrets! I'm on my 3rd business...each completely different but I have lessons and skills that helped the other. I'm almost 57 yo! No regrets! If Col. Sanders can start a very successful business at 65 ... don't let age get in your way of trying something new!
I kept waiting for a flight attendent to interrupt: "Excuse me, sir, could you stop whatever you're doing, because people are trying to sleep."
+Mari Smith, thanks for sharing, but I'm curious... why do you find this so exceptional? I get the message, but I don't get how it offers anything new. Am I missing something?
I'm with Andrew on this one - all I could think of was "dear god, please don't let me be sat next to him on my next red-eye" !
I don't mind wasting my time on this guy. really like him, but he does look like Darth Vadar.
I appreciate how Gary V demystifies the phenomenon of loss aversion and how being a stand-out is hard work. I imagine that other passengers were either too intimidated to tell him to "shhh...keep it down." or quietly listening to the clarity of his awesome rant. Yeah!
Watched this already +Mari Smith and now watched it again. +Gary Vaynerchuk sweeps the cynical chattering classes aside with the painful truth: "Not everyone has it in their DNA" Strewth, wish I could land in one of your conferences Mari. All that extroverted woot! When do you visit here? The sunny South Pacific awaits you.
I love Gary. Awesome mind (and personality). An inspiration for us all...
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