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"The New Rules of Relationship Marketing [VIDEO]" -- so stoked to see my interview up on +Mashable today. Thank you +Bryan Elliott of +Behind the Brand - you so rock!!

Smith’s new book, The New Relationship Marketing, explores how the discipline has changed and why personalizing your brand is so important. As Smith likes to say, there’s no longer B2B or B2C — the new rules are about P2P, or people to people.

Check out the video interview and be sure to download your FREE sample chapter of my latest book (30-page PDF, no opt in needed!), if you haven't already, at
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Excellent interview Mari. Thanks for sharing.
Between IC and EFG I've been spending a lot of time with you +Mari Smith ! Happy to see one more opportunity, thanks!
Wow - another great interview!

Yet again, you came across very well Mari :)

That example of Alaska Air was absolutely incredible! Shows you that it pays off going that extra mile (pun intended:) - because I bet you've used that as an good example more than once.
LOVE. Thank you for staking the claim, Mari. So brilliant.
P2P - I love it! You're a great example of the ultimate people 2 people marketing method! Way to go Mari!
Yes, I agree, P2P is important now.
Was that the most flawless interview you've ever witnessed? +Mari Smith, you are hypnotically persuasive! I downloaded your book mid-way through your spellbinding presentation, and i'm about to start reading it this afternoon on my Mac Kindle reader!

A couple of years ago, i wrote that PR was dead, supplanted by IR — individual relations; and you're P2P acronym says it even better. The amazing advances in technology and social media software are empowering us to get closer and closer as individuals with people who share our passionate interests and collaborate on methods to identify and solve problems around those interests.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, wisdom, and insights in the book!
After speed reading this vital new book, i could not agree more with Guy Kawasaki when he says, "...master enchanter Mari Smith walks you through all the nuances of blending high-tech with high-touch in a simple, easy-to-understand format that will yield measurable results for your business."
Hey Mari thanks for the information , even thought it was a short video you packed a lot of good information in the Video... Love the story about Alaska air, I will check out the book and let you know my thoughts Thanks Graham
You've packed so many useful tips in the book, +Mari Smith, and i thought i knew a lot about what was going on in social media, haha. I guess i do know a lot — but you know much, much more and have taken the time to share the information in such an organized and useful way, your readers are the ones who are truly honored and full of deep gratitude!
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