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Social Media In The C-Suite - Executives who want to understand what social media really means need to jump in. via +Forbes - Excellent post and Infographic too! Do you think some corporations and executives are slow to "get" social media and integrate in their marketing plans?

(ht +Steve Olenski)
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Thanks for the sharing. I highly doubt that anything coming from +Forbes is even good. They have had so many bad articles about technology in the last 6 months with all those bad contributors that seem not to know what the heck they are talking about.
But I'll just take a peek because you recommend it +Mari Smith
That would mean they would have to be trustworthy, interesting and engaging.

+Richard Branson is trusted because he's cool and charismatic and he's doing incredible things. It's also his company. He is Virgin. He's like Tony Stark.

Lee Raymond and other corporate mercenaries? not so much...

I think it's far too dangerous and have to agree with Alex. Forbes has become People or Us for those winning the race against the Jones'. It's not information like the Economist. I think it's just pro-corporate propaganda aimed at the middle and upper-middle class.
Thanks Mari, have shared this article. It is very interesting watching Companies step into Social Media.
this is a nice article :-)
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